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December 2017 Screenshot Thread

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fluxbox + tmux

System information is polybar -

Please remember to use thumbnails  ;D

dwm -

OMG, only 2 scrots this month?  Whats up people?  :D

Not advisable to use the --install-suggests option for Plasma...   :o

Anybody remember this one?  Yes that is a currently in progress game!  Finally got around to getting a VM setup that works...

Playing around with Plasma again.  They're getting better.  (nope the above scrots are all Fluxbox, the one and only)

Classic games never go out of style.

Nice to see you back in action.

fluxbox -

i3 -

hello jedi
about Anybody remember this one? well it says civilization there, but it somewhat resembles a version of Tank that a friend plays. seen something similar on their xp screen.  thought that when i saw it, then noticed the tank emblems and thought maybe not. 
best wishes to all .. the wrapping up celebrations of 2017 .. and the unwrapping goodies and surprises too. 


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