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VSIDO latest build 16Aug2017


Greetings Vger! Everybody!

Exceptional build, very smooth install to metal with zero issues.  8)

Reboot to login very fast, like a bat out of hell!
Using Connman for network manager, works quite well.


Wow.. hey Zephyr, thanks man!

Good to see you again!  8)

Thanks for committing yourself to creating and maintaining such an awesome distro. Mean that sincerely!

Stayed up all night playing and configuring VSIDO, enjoyed having a fresh install. Being retired and Friday comes along with that a weekend should not mean that much but it still does! ???

Yea, visit here at least once a day to view who's posted and what's up. Do a drive-by post occasionally, and comb the archives for answers!  ;D

Thanks again!

There's just no place like home...


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