VSIDO latest build 16Aug2017


Greetings Vger! Everybody!

Exceptional build, very smooth install to metal with zero issues.  8)

Reboot to login very fast, like a bat out of hell!
Using Connman for network manager, works quite well.


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Wow.. hey Zephyr, thanks man!

Good to see you again!  8)
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Thanks for committing yourself to creating and maintaining such an awesome distro. Mean that sincerely!

Stayed up all night playing and configuring VSIDO, enjoyed having a fresh install. Being retired and Friday comes along with that a weekend should not mean that much but it still does! ???

Yea, visit here at least once a day to view who's posted and what's up. Do a drive-by post occasionally, and comb the archives for answers!  ;D

Thanks again!

CROWZ / STAR / Devuan / refracta / VSIDO


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