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I am seriously considering pulling the plug on all of this soon.. It is not something I expected to come about but it has

Debian and the entire gcc fiasco is a nightmare gcc 7.0 just hit and now on the ISO's there are versions 4.8,4.9,5.0,6.0 and 7.0 taking up 642.5 MiB of real time space and adding a whopping 120 MiB to the ISO's

I am tired of this.. there is no rhyme or reason and frustratingly no explanations anywhere... it is like the old days of Debian and gnome where you had to keep shit around forever for retrograde bullshit apps

I will keep watching this and hope for changes soon but it does not look good.. perhaps this maybe the time to shift to the lite version only and say the hell with it

I am tired of this

I ended up just removing gcc-7 (never asked for it to install) and everything is back to normal sizes..

It took 8 hours today to update, build and test 6 ISO's

Believe it or not, I am exhausted.. it is quite taxing when there is such a delay on updates and kernels

Bitch Mode Over

Best to hold off on GCC-7 until it becomes stable and the new default compiler for debian. Don't forget Sid gets temperamental at times :)

GCC-4.8 should become deprecated real soon so you might be able to ditch that one too if no packages in the ISO depend on it.

So... hiatus, or the end... or anything else?  ::)

How things are going, boss? What are the plans ATM?

Hiatus for now.


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