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Figured we could use just a generic cool tool discussion

I'll start...

curlftpfs based on curl and fuse I was rebuilding some test areas and wanted completely clean V-Box environments to remove cruft (in V-Box) from cloning and start new

Situation: 1.2 gig fsarchive (of host boot system) on a usb and attached to a USB tplink ftp router... I am booted into a livecd and no way to access outside of the v-box session (usb meh in v-box UGLY) ... so I tried on a whim from SpaceFM to go to the ftp: //10.0.1.x on the router.  SpaceFM came back saying it could not find curlftpfs ... I installed it, tried again and was able to fsarchive restore a 1.2 gig file to the new settings on V-Box and am now good to go ... all three new drives were blank and I did not want to install VSIDO on one just to fsarchive it anyway

I also needed to chroot into the new system to reinstall grub back to sda

Rebooted to the new Host drive and now I am good to go

curlftpfs will be a part of VSIDO
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rofi - run dialog, window switcher

Been tinkering around with rofi as dmenu replacement. Functions as run dialog, window switcher (screenshots), ssh launcher, and/or desktop file run dialog. Can be configured for all 4 with CTRL-TAB cycling through the options:

Run dialog provides a history list for commonly launched applications and works like dmenu if you start typing the name of the application.

Also supports transparency -

Very nice application.
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