pmpm - Making Password Management Easy & Secure (V2)


Hi there a,
Thanks for the suggestion  8)
It can be implemented but the hint will have to be stored un-encrypted. Anyone will have access to it. Won't it be a security risk?
What do you think?

You Can't Always Git What You Want


Hi there zephyr,
Looking forward to your review-suggestions-ideas!

You Can't Always Git What You Want


Only suggestion would be the ability to edit or update particular info. Selected 02 for manual manage selection 02, then again 02 view passwds from database. Changing or updating data would enhance security.
PMPM - Making Password Management Easy & Secure

01 Manage Passwords Automagically
02 Manage Passwords Manually
03 Manage ATM (Debit) Card PIN
04 Generate A Random Password
05 Check Password Quality
06 PMPM Help
07 Quit PMPM

Enter your choice:

Please Select Your Desired Action:

01 Add Password To The Database
02 View Passwords From Database
03 Go To Main Menu

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Suggest adding the ability to update / edit existing security question or delete existing information. 

Have always been leery of single point exploitation of a secure password manager, on the other hand could be quite helpful in particular circumstances.

Hope you find this feedback useful, helpful. Thanks for offering a possible solution for storing passwd data!

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