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From the conversation toward the end of this thread - pages 4 & 5 mostly -

one should keep in mind that conky is a special type of window - one that displays system information - and as such, can be manipulated by the window manager, In this case fluxbox.

So lets create some conky mayhem keeping in mind these rules will typically apply to other special windows.

In the ~/.fluxbox/apps file create an entry like:

--- Code: ---[group]  (workspace=[current])
[app] (name=TConky.*) (class=TConky.*)
  [Layer] {12}
  [Deco]    {TAB}
--- End code ---

This entry creates the condition where all windows begining with "TConky" in the name and class will be grouped on the current workspace, placed on Layer 12 (the Desktop), and have a TAB only decoration.

Next create some conkyrc files for whatever information you want to display. In each conkyrc use the settings:

--- Code: ---own_window = true,
own_window_type = 'normal',       # desktop will work, override does not
own_window_hints = 'below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager',      # window doesn't necessarily need to be below, but you do want it decorated for the tabs to show
own_window_class = 'TConky<some text string>',
own_window_title = 'TConky<some text string>',
--- End code ---

the name and class can be anything as long as it begins with TConky - i.e. TConkyCPU, TConkyclock .....

Now, when those conkrc files are called by conky, they will all tab together, and clicking on the tab - or using a key binding - will allow you to cycle through the various conky windows:

So now there is way to manage all your conky windows on your desktop by unleashing the power of fluxbox (pekwm also has window grouping so it shoud do this as well.) Some finagling with the window and font size will pretty it up for you.

Of course just substitute whatever special windows you like to run and the same basic rules apply.

Edit - did some more testing, If Deco is set to {BORDER} or {NONE} in the ~/.fluxbox/apps file, the conky windows do group together with the appropriate decor and a key binding will cycle through them - I was worried that wouldn't work becuase of conky window hints (own_window_hints) restrictions. If you have ever used screen or tmux cycling through the conky windows with a key binding is a familiar exercise.

Really interesting. Thanks, PackRat.

Good stuff PackRat.. There is so much I have yet to explore in Fluxbox

As usual..



something a bit more useful - transmission set up with a port monitoring conky:


As ever PackRat proves that his knowledge of anything & everything related to WMs is great!
Can you share the config for port-monitor conky? Many will find it useful.
P.S. Avoid using port in the range of 6881-6999 in torrent clients, Instead choose a port in the range of 49160-65534. Most ISP's monitor-throttle network traffic in the 6881-6999 range.



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