VSIDO is pretty damned good


For 4 years I have had my head down on this project, rarely getting a good glimpse at it from any other view than that of the developer. In a nutshell I cannot really appreciate how good VSIDO is because it always looks the same in my rose colored glasses

Today I got a chance to see the beauty and power of this little distro real time... and I am fucking impressed!!! 

I successfully updated all of Xserver yesterday and lost Kodi and almost all other media (freezing dead) and wanted to build a new partition just for media with the latest ISO. Like most of you I have a separate /home partition and using that and some quick tweaks to fstab I was on a new install of VSIDO and ready to go..

I had to install 3 apps to get to where I needed to be... this is only impressive if you have to rebuild anything. I remember in days gone by doing a reinstall of #! or Ubuntu and then spending all day getting my setup back. Not so with VSIDO, in short it has so many of the basic build tools already installed. I think we have done a really good job keeping the tools at a minimum but also making sure they are valuable...

Long story short, I got to see just how good VSIDO is today and I gotta tell ya, I am impressed
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And we thank you for that, boss. Great job!


yeah, you are right.


keep the good job going.



It has replaced Puppy Linux as my go to rescue distro.

Well done.
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+1 I only keep 2 distros VSIDO and mine! ;)