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On the second mod to get the format of how the emails are displayed, I have played with it and found the correct code for it...

--- Code: ---print "". @arr ."\nNew Email(s)";
--- End code ---

There is was an issue of it sending the New Emails to the next line though that I still have to work out


Worked it out and updated the script above

--- Code: ---print "". @arr ." New Email(s) \n";
--- End code ---


--- Quote from: hakerdefo on November 19, 2016, 07:34:55 PM ---
Now by default this script will show the last three (3) unread mails. If you want to change this number, edit the following line in the script (line number 13),

--- Code: ---my $n = 3;

--- End code ---

--- End quote ---

Question: Does line 14 also have to change if you change 13?

Never did get a grasp on colorizing the single output of the ". @arr ." argument so I fixed it in the conky line, though it changes the color of the entire script... which is fine

--- Code: ---${color 7D8C93}                ${time %I:%M%P}
${color 7D8C93}         ${voffset 5}${time %a %b %d %Y}
${if_up eth0} ${color 7D8C93}${offset -18} ${voffset 6} VastOne  - ${color white} ${execi 25 perl ~/check-gmail.pl your_gmail_login your_gmail_password}${endif}
--- End code ---


Great work there VastOne!
I can confirm that the script borks with only one new mail in the inbox. The problem lies with 'XML::Simple' module so I'm currently working on replacing it with another module. And a gmail-checker written in bash is almost complete as well. A few personal things are not allowing time to complete them. Coming soon is all I can say right now.

..and of course as fate would have it, a new update to python fixes the original script.. We now have tons of options

The thing I love about this forum is when a problem and explanation is offered, several solutions rise

Great group of people here, thank you all!


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