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Thanks..  I will PM him from here.  I do not have rights to view that link you posted and I refuse to be forced to log into any site for general information

Looks like his projects sites are locked too, can't get to an iso download. Wonder if he is on a hiatus?


--- Quote from: VastOne on September 29, 2016, 02:02:54 PM ---Thank you..  I will contact him.  Have you seen the installer work?  Does he have a working ISO?

--- End quote ---
Here is 32 bit version,

SparkyLinux 4.4-dev20160617 MinimalGUI i686 non-pae

And here is 64 bit version,

SparkyLinux 4.4-dev20160617 MinimalGUI x86_64


Sparky! That's a good project.


--- Quote from: hakerdefo on September 29, 2016, 06:17:29 AM ---PaweĊ‚ Pijanowski aka pavroo has recently managed to integrate calamares as the installer for his Debian testing based project. May be we can contact him for his insights into integrating calamares with Debian based distro. Here is his mail,


--- End quote ---

I sent Pawel the following email


Hello Pawel,

--- Quote ---I am Terry Ganus, aka VastOne, aka the sole dev of the debian distro VSIDO

I have looked at the Calamares installer in the past but found it very lacking in documentation specifically on setting it up for a debian distro

I have installed SparkyLinux in a V-Box session and really like your installer. Great job with your distro and getting the installer working

My question is do you have a guide that you followed to get Calameres working?  and If I have questions, could I come to you for assistance?
--- End quote ---


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