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Hello all,
Thought I drop by to say hello.

While I am not new to trying out different Linux distros, I have yet to find a place to call home.

With the plethora of subjects to learn to use Linux well, it can be overwhelming, I mean you can only type in basic commands for so long.

I have often thought that most Linux communities should have a Mentoring/Tutoring program for new users. That would serve to put them on the correct learning path. However I can see how the time commitment issue for the volunteers, of such a thing would be a discouraging factor.

Well... I rambled on long enough.

Welcome to Vsido.

Enjoy the distro and the forum.

Hello Lex and welcome to VSIDO and our humble little Community

Whatever you need, we can usually get an answer to


Thank you,

for the warm welcome. As the need arises, I will most diffidently take you up on the offer of help. As it stands for the last 24 hrs of use, seems to be very stable. But if it does hit the fan, what does one typically do? boot from disk?  use the installation option, on the log in screen? or avoid using the distro for a few days?

edit... Is it this a rolling distro? if not, what frequency should one do sudo apt update  &&  apt install upgrade?

Once installed, VSIDO will remain stable ... the risks come in when doing apt-get dist-upgrades as SID changes daily. There are built in tools that will help report issues with packages and bug reports and the most important thing you can do is observe any of these and listen... when in doubt, come back here and we can discuss any of them

I do an apt-get dist-upgrade daily and try to keep up with the absolute latest that SID offers.. we all have a great many tales of success after success... In the event of something that we see is broken or borked, we will also report here on the forum and advise on what should be done...

Your first dist-upgrade will be a big one and it is usually not that way.. I apologize for this.. I have had to cease any development on the ISO's and have not released a new one in a while due to an issue with the 4.5 kernel not allowing a live-cd to boot. I anticipate it will be resolved with the 4.6 kernel release and new ISO's will return to being released every two weeks

So settle in, have fun, break VSIDO if you can ... as you see, it does not take long at all to install it... so break it and reinstall.. a great way to learn in itself



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