Listening live audio streams in VSIDO


It is not a good idea to directly listen live radio stream in your browser, because it uses lots of resources and slows things down.
The best apps I find was "streamtuner2", it is a small download, has nice GUI , and has a vast selection of live broadcasting to choose from.
In Preferences the installed audio/video player needs to be entered to make it work.
For some reason "smplayer" buffers up to 20 % before plays, so I am using "audacious" instead, which plays immediately.
Maybe "streamtuner2" and  "audacious" could be added into next release, (and remove "smplayer" ?)
Hope this helps someone to enjoy their online listening experience.


@ jenom: Had to take a test drive of streamtuner2, personal choice for audio player is audacious but keep smplayer for video. Streamtuner2 provides a plethora of listening genre. Overall I believe it is a welcomed addition to music listening, do also use Pithos and cmus primarily for archived music libraries on my pc.


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