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I have created new ISO's to test the VirtualBox Guest Additions

If you have and use VirtualBox, please download either of the ISO's to help test them

They only used an additional 2 MiB on the ISO sizes and the benefits for me during the build is tremendous

Filip will should also be happy... :D

Cool. Downloading.

Noticed one thing. It shouldn't be a problem installing on metal, but intalling into Virtualbox with this iso the framebuffer resolution is even smaller than usual. I think it's 800 something by 600 something now, It would be great having  at least the former size 1024x786 (??). The installer GUI and almost anything else is bigger than the framebuffer. Quite annoying.

PS, Well, resolution can be changed after login, but a slightly bigger framebuffer size would be welcome. BTW, changing the resolution on the fly in VirtuaBox used to bork tint2, but it seems the recent fix fixed this issue too. Great!

@snap, thanks for this feedback... I am not seeing this issue on my systems, but that is not unusual that where dev happens, issues seem not to...  ???

How would I go about changing this so that it is larger in VirtualBox?  Checking google there is not much to go on, just wondering if you already know


Manually resizing the VirtualBox session (in LiveCD mode) works for me but I do have to restart fluxbox to get tint2 correct after that resizing


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