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just joined, was member on crunchbang forum.
is it just me or are some of the sign up questions strange!
Q: Can birds of prey fly
the correct? answer is NO!!!  So  hawks can't fly, do they chase down their prey on roller blades?

Welcome to VSIDO forums..

I'll take a look at that, it is random questions and that one is bizarre

The question is supposed to be Birds of Paradise


Wlcome a.

The question is strange.
I didn't know it was regarding a TV series. :)
Birds Of Prey
Seems like Batgirl can't fly after all.  :D

Hello a.  Welcome to VSIDO!   ;D

Thanks for the welcome!  yeah just thought I would mention the register problem as I didn't know what was wrong and almost just gave up, so I wonder how many non native english speakers would have bigger problems and just give up.


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