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EDIT - I have modified and split this topic to be for the

VSIDO new linstaller Discussion

Links work; site looks good. My connection speed is way slow the last couple days. I will download the 64-bit and install to metal later - hopefully Sunday.

LVM still part of default install? I can set that up as well and let you know how it went.

I would insert "test" or "beta" into the name of the test iso's though.

^ thanks... On the next versions of the test ISO's the word testing will be in the name

Yes LVM is part of the installers options

Thanks, like resizing the Spock images, this slipped my mind


I forgot to mention ...

If you find the tint2 all wacky when you first boot into a VSIDO testing live-cd,  log out and log back in using a password of live.  This brings you back in clean and tint2 is where it should be

By restarting FluxBox from the right click menu options you can reset tint2 and is a better option

This is due to some recent changes to X11 and should be corrected soon...

Thanks, vastOne. I'll do some tests this weekend.

the download went without a hitch, and the md5 checksum on the 64-bit iso is good.

Edit - live session of 64-bit working, no tint2 issue on this system. All the hardware working OOTB, and network interfaces default to eth0 and wlan0:


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