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New alias for recording using rec


I use this method of recording from terminal quite a bit.  Before I go on a run or a bike ride I will record a shuffle of my stations from Pithos and enjoy the hell out of the music

I have created the following alias to make it easy to kick off recording easily

--- Code: ---alias rek='cd $HOME/music && rec -C 320 "Pithos - Radio 3 hours.mp3"'
--- End code ---

Note that you can put whatever you want instead of Pithos - Radio 3 hours.mp3, this just my method... Once I am done recording, I go to that directory, change the name to whatever I want it to be and then run puddletag to tag it and I am off and running or riding

Just add that line to your ~/.bash_aliases file and you are good to go ... you will need to re source your bash environment for it to work: in terminal simply run

for VSIDO users

--- Code: ---re
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---source ~/.bashrc
--- End code ---

I use rek as the alias because rec is already a command, you can name the alias anything you want


Love good useful aliases. Thanks for this one, boss.


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