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QuoteMe? I'm not the author. It was apparently borrowed by VastOne from some forum.

This is 10,000 miles from the truth...

Tint2 was a piece of shit no longer developed and I had the idea to make it do what similar apps could do and specifically have it do what Cairo Dock could do

I began a discussion with ToZ here discussing the same lack of launching capabilities that Xfce 4.8 panel was missing... I wanted to:

Simply, if I have firefox open and click the launcher that I have created for firefox again, that it open the existing open FF and not a new one..

ToZ and I rammed our heads on it for a few days and worked the code out. This is so critical in development and I know you appreciate it ... I see you do it all the time   8)

ToZ knows FOSS and appreciates it when his work is credited, as do I

I then applied the launch script to Tint2 to fix it to do the same things for an even tinier and more powerful Dock/Launcher

Further, once I found the debian packager for tint2 he applied further code changes that allowed for additional tint2 capabilities that can be seen in this How To.  Those same changes have been added to the current code and development of tint2.  The entire time tint2 was dead and dormant, some of us kept it going with unique code and scripts

I do not mean to bust your balls snap and this has nothing to do with you, but there is some history that is appreciated in how development happens and not just stolen 'borrowed'...
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.... One more note on the VSIDO launcher and ToZ's code

It has worked flawlessly within all confines in VSIDO from DAY ONE... 

In four years never once has that script been altered

Nor has anyone ever questioned its integrity or value

I call that a kept simple and stupid success
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Sorry, VastOne. It's all my fault not following the link included into the script and assumming you borrowed it from a forum while you actually started the thing and developed the code. My intention was praising and spreading one of my favorite scripts ever. I use it all the time, but I didn't do it quite right. My apologies.


No need for apologies mate, I was only pointing out a history...  8)
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