I must be the world's unluckiest guy in the world using smxi


I know smxi works wonders for most people, nevertheless, It never worked for me before in different computers. I always had to install my drivers in a dirty way. I thought it was due to my 10 years old GPU. But finally I've got a brand new replacement. A GFX 960. I thought this time it will make it... but it didn't. And not only failed. It also fully borked my main system. Crapped out udev beyond being fixable. I couldn't repair it but at the same time fully corrupted the MBR. I managed to install three different isos twice each, but the MBR was fucked up and none booted. Their GRUBs went wrong all the six times. They all run fine if launched from the "rescue" GRUB I have in my second HD just in case. The installs went right excepting the GRUB into the MBR. I formatted the HD but it didn't succeed. The partitions went "right" and they work as expected, but not the MBR. gpart didn't managed to repair it. The scan says the drive has six Windows partitions!!! I'll have to zero it. Will try to write zeroes with dd first. If this doesn't work either, I'll have to do a full low level formatting. Will never run smxi again for the rest of my life.

And at the same time, so long SolydK. You've being killed, buddy. It has been a nice year together. Switching to antix whenever I mange to fix the MBR. Will go with the antix core iso and will try to build and mimic Vsido as much as i can, but on stable this time.


Hi there Snap,
In GParted. First delete all partitions. Next under 'Device' tab there is an option 'Create Partition Table', use it to create a new table. 'mbr' is a safe choice but if you know what you are doing you can use 'gpt'. Next create new partitions as per needs and hit apply.
And you can safely go with Antix core. I have a wheezy install based on Antix core and I can't remember a single glitch in all this time.
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