Author Topic: DO NOT DIST-UPGRADE until further notice  (Read 2292 times)


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DO NOT DIST-UPGRADE until further notice
« on: July 31, 2015, 07:37:55 PM »
Be very very wary of any dist-upgrades currently...

Something is not syncing correctly and 351 MiB of new packages and upgrades are trying to come through on the Build machines I use

I am seeing this on several machines
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Re: SID Strangeness Today
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2015, 01:43:03 AM »
gcc 5 upgrade coming through.

devs at siduction say wait on dist-upgrades for a while starting 31 July.
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Re: SID Strangeness Today
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2015, 02:56:48 AM »
Oh, thanks. I was about asking about it. Upgrades suspended for now.


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Re: DO NOT DIST-UPGRADE until further notice
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2015, 02:23:50 AM »
previous post deleted.

A good idea to suspend your dist-up's for a little while still...
I went through with it, but there are a couple of issues.  I'll try to work them out and get back to you on this...

EDIT: (a little while later...) ok so there is a goodly amount of need for gcc4 (or a lesser version even...) which means that the new update to gcc5 may not be that good for you and your machine at this time.  I'm fine as of right now with all apps i had installed.  I had to grab LibreOffice debs here and then untarred the file and ran 'sudo dpkg -i *.deb' to get it back.  Also had to update the location of the files in the Fluxbox menu.  (libreoffice went from /usr/bin to /usr/local/bin)  I was totally unable to install it through synaptic or using 'apt-get install'.
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