VSIDO 32bit & 64bit ISO’s updated 2015-June-27 15:52 CST


Hey Jedi  :)

This "hack" didn't work, and systemd doesn't care if udev is being a bitch or not.
Is there a udev replacement out there? :D Or.... should we all just man up and get used to this? I have in Arch and whatnot already. enp3s0 enp5s0 etc here :)
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Quote<snip> .. should we all just man up and get used to this?

most likely this.
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Quote from: PackRat on June 29, 2015, 07:27:56 PM
The message last maybe 10 seconds after logging  in then clears.

Wicd wasn't working at all. I logged in expecting wireless - as usual - and no connectivity. Plugged in a cable and rebooted - nothing, logged out and back in to see if it picked up wired - nothing.

The new version of Ceni found and configured both cards though.

Edit - wicd had the cards listed as wlan0 and enp3s0. I manually changed them to enp2s0 and wlp3s0 and have connectivity via wicd; wired and wireless

Hi everyone,
   I got the latest ISO a few hours ago and went through the install process like I am usually used to. I can confirm, I got the same message/behaviour as PackRat. Since there is already a thread with this ongoing discussion, I wanted to chime in. If you need, I'll check up on the names sometime later and let you know.

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