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VSIDO Installation Help / Re: locked in a l,oop
« on: May 01, 2020, 09:55:29 PM »
Search that error message; it appears to be common after an update, and systemd related.

The solution appears to be to downgrade like you've done.

I didn't have time to read through a lot of the threads though. You may find something where you can complete the upgrade.

VSIDO News & Announcements / Re: Long live VSIDO
« on: February 29, 2020, 09:53:43 PM »
Have a good one.

I've Got a Life / Re: New Year 2020!
« on: February 28, 2020, 04:31:20 PM »
Soon to be March.  :D

General Support / Re: Aldo
« on: February 28, 2020, 03:02:59 PM »
Good that's it's working.

Learning Morse code; Ham radio related endeavor?

General Support / Re: Aldo
« on: February 27, 2020, 09:22:03 PM »
Aldo is in the sid repositories. You should use apt to install it. That will get the dependencies and configure it.

First either uninstall the version you installed or move/rename the binary to something like aldo.old

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: 2020 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 28, 2020, 05:13:20 PM »

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: 2020 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 23, 2020, 12:53:43 AM »
Testing a new window manager - dwm ported to xcb with some patches built in:

Direct Link to Image

Direct Link to Image

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: 2020 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 20, 2020, 11:22:00 PM »
No use my showing my sid sway.  Ancient Atom 1 gb netbook on a fair 6 y.o SDHC, loose power connection on computer - final days - no customization. But for doing a couple of things via vpn (say getting music streams into the usOFa)  wow.  Sway Does not feel experimental at all.   

Sway is coming along nicely; it's my understanding the developer will also be coding a floating/stacking window manager as well in the near future.

back on topic -

WM Designs and Discussions / Re: Fluxbox Styles
« on: January 20, 2020, 11:19:29 PM »
Rainy and cold (for here anyway) so time for some new themes:

Code: [Select]
! fluxbox style - kava
! created by PackRat
! creation date - 01-20-2020
! This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
! it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
! the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
! (at your option) any later version.

! This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
! but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
! GNU General Public License for more details see <>.

! Font Options

*.font: IBM Plex Sans-11:Regular
toolbar.workspace.font: Office Code Pro-11:Regular
toolbar.clock.font: Office Code Pro-11:Regular
!toolbar.iconbar.focused.font: DejaVu Sans-11:Bold
!toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.font: <font>
!window.font: <font>
!menu.frame.font: <font>
!menu.hilite.font: Noto Sans-11:Bold
!menu.title.font: <font>

! Toolbar options

toolbar.height: 24
toolbar.shaped: false
toolbar.bevelWidth: 0
toolbar.justify: center
toolbar: flat gradient vertical
toolbar.color: #25231F
toolbar.colorTo: #25231F
toolbar.borderWidth: 1
toolbar.borderColor: #171615

toolbar.clock: flat gradient vertical
toolbar.clock.borderColor: #171717
toolbar.clock.borderWidth: 0
toolbar.clock.justify: Center
toolbar.clock.color: #25231F
toolbar.clock.colorTo: #25231F
toolbar.clock.textColor: #D4D4D4

toolbar.workspace: flat gradient vertical
toolbar.workspace.justify: Center
toolbar.workspace.borderColor: #171717
toolbar.workspace.borderWidth: 0
toolbar.workspace.color: #25231F
toolbar.workspace.colorTo: #25231F
toolbar.workspace.textColor: #D4D4D4

toolbar.systray: parentrelative
toolbar.button: parentrelative
toolbar.button.PicColor: #D4D4D4
toolbar.button.scale: 0.50

toolbar.iconbar.empty: flat gradient vertical
toolbar.iconbar.empty.color: #25231F
toolbar.iconbar.empty.colorTo: #25231F
toolbar.iconbar.borderColor: #171615
toolbar.iconbar.borderWidth: 1

toolbar.iconbar.unfocused: flat gradient vertical
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.justify: Center
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.color: #25231F
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.colorTo: #25231F
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.borderWidth: 1
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.borderColor: #171615
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.textColor: #D4D4D4

toolbar.iconbar.focused: flat gradient vertical
toolbar.iconbar.focused.justify: Center
toolbar.iconbar.focused.color: #33302B
toolbar.iconbar.focused.colorTo: #33302B
toolbar.iconbar.focused.borderColor: #171615
toolbar.iconbar.focused.borderWidth: 1
toolbar.iconbar.focused.textColor: #D4D4D4

! Window Options

window.title.height: 20
window.justify: Center
window.borderWidth: 1
window.bevelWidth: 0
window.borderColor: #171615
!window.roundCorners: <{Top|Bottom}{Left|Right}>
! window.frame.focusColor: <color>
! window.frame.unfocusColor: <color>
! <texture type>
! <color>

window.title.focus: flat gradient vertical
window.title.focus.color: #25231F
window.title.focus.colorTo: #25231F

window.title.unfocus: flat gradient vertical
window.title.unfocus.color: #25231F
window.title.unfocus.colorTo: #25231F

window.label.focus: flat gradient vertical
window.label.focus.color: #994F22
window.label.focus.colorTo: #994F22
window.label.focus.textColor: #D4D4D4
window.label.unfocus: flat gradient vertical
window.label.unfocus.color: #25231F
window.label.unfocus.colorTo: #25231F
window.label.unfocus.textColor: #D4D4D4

window.button.focus: flat gradient vertical
window.button.focus.color: #25231F
window.button.focus.colorTo: #25231F
window.button.focus.picColor: #D4D4D4

window.button.pressed: sunken
window.button.pressed.color: #171717
window.button.pressed.colorTo: #171717

window.button.unfocus: flat gradient vertical
window.button.unfocus.color: #25231F
window.button.unfocus.colorTo: #25231F
window.button.unfocus.picColor: #D4D4D4

window.grip.focus: flat gradient vertical
window.grip.focus.color: #994F22
window.grip.focus.colorTo: #994F22

window.grip.unfocus: flat gradient vertical
window.grip.unfocus.color: #25231F
window.grip.unfocus.colorTo: #25231F

window.handle.focus: flat gradient vertical
window.handle.focus.color: #25231F
window.handle.focus.colorTo: #25231F

window.handle.unfocus: flat gradient vertical
window.handle.unfocus.color: #25231F
window.handle.unfocus.colorTo: #25231F
window.handleWidth: 4
! Menu options

menu.itemHeight: 22
menu.bevelWidth: 1
menu.borderColor: #171615
menu.borderWidth: 1
menu.bullet: triangle
menu.bullet.position: right
menu.frame: flat gradient diagonal
menu.frame.color: #25231F
menu.frame.colorTo: #25231F
menu.frame.justify: Left
menu.frame.textColor: #D4D4D4
!menu.roundCorners:    <{Top|Bottom}{Left|Right}>

menu.hilite: flat
menu.hilite.color: #994F22
menu.hilite.colorTo: #994F22
menu.hilite.justify: Left
menu.hilite.textColor: #D4D4D4
menu.frame.disableColor: #9C794E

menu.title: flat gradient vertical
menu.titleHeight: 20
menu.title.color: #994F22
menu.title.colorTo: #994F22
menu.title.textColor: #D4D4D4
menu.title.justify: Center

! Pixmap Decor

!toolbar.clock.pixmap:    <filename>
!toolbar.iconbar.focused.pixmap: icon.png
!toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.pixmap: icon.png
!toolbar.iconbar.empty.pixmap:   <filename>
!toolbar.pixmap:    <filename>
!toolbar.workspace.pixmap:    <filename>

!window.title.focus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.title.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>

!window.button.focus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.button.pressed.pixmap:   <filename>
!window.button.unfocus.pixmap:   <filename>

!window.label.focus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.label.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>

!window.grip.focus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.grip.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.handle.focus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.handle.unfocus.pixmap:   <filename>

!window.close.pixmap: asteric.png
!window.close.pressed.pixmap: asteric-pressed.png
!window.close.unfocus.pixmap: close-dark.png

!window.maximize.pixmap: asteric.png
!window.maximize.pressed.pixmap: asteric-pressed.png
!window.maximize.unfocus.pixmap: max-dark.png

!window.iconify.pixmap: asteric.png
!window.iconify.pressed.pixmap:  asteric-pressed.png
!window.iconify.unfocus.pixmap:  iconify-dark.png

!window.shade.pixmap:     asteric.png
!window.shade.pressed.pixmap: asteric-pressed.png
!window.shade.unfocus.pixmap: shade-dark.png

!window.unshade.pixmap:      asteric.png
!window.unshade.pressed.pixmap: asteric-pressed.png
!window.unshade.unfocus.pixmap: unshade-dark.png

!window.stick.pixmap:     stick-dark.png
!window.stick.pressed.pixmap: stick-dark.png
!window.stick.unfocus.pixmap: stick-dark.png
!window.stuck.pixmap:     stuck-dark.png
!window.stuck.unfocus.pixmap: stuck-dark.png
!window.stuck.pressed.pixmap:    stick-dark.png

!window.lhalf.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.lhalf.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.rhalf.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.rhalf.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>

!menu.frame.pixmap:    <filename>
!menu.hilite.pixmap:    <filename>
!menu.title.pixmap:    <filename>
!menu.selected.pixmap:    <filename>
!menu.submenu.pixmap:    <filename>
!menu.unselected.pixmap:    <filename>

! background options

!background: centered|aspect|tiled|fullscreen|random|solid|gradient <texture>|mod|none|unset
!background.pixmap: <file or directory>
!background.color: <color>
!background.colorTo: <color>
!background.modX: <integer>
!background.modY: <integer>

! slit options

slit: flat gradient vertical
slit.bevelWidth: 0
slit.borderColor: #000000
slit.borderWidth: 0
slit.color: #000000
slit.colorTo: #000000
!slit.pixmap:    <filename>


Artwork & Screenshots / Re: 2020 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 16, 2020, 03:07:15 PM »
dwm with a lot of patches to make the dwm bar function like a typical taskbar:

awesomebar, statusbutton, systemtray, focusonclick, gaplessgrid, uselessgaps, cyclelayouts, bottomstack, centeredmaster patches.

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: 2020 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 01, 2020, 05:24:34 AM »
i3 window manager.
Start the year with some Kate Beckinsale wallpaper:

Artwork & Screenshots / 2020 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 01, 2020, 05:22:13 AM »
This is the place to show off your customized desktop.

Please remember to use thumbnails.

I've Got a Life / Re: New Year 2020!
« on: January 01, 2020, 12:20:42 AM »
Happy New Year.
Still have 4 hr 40 min of 2019 left here.

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: 2019 Screenshot Thread
« on: December 31, 2019, 01:49:39 AM »
Last one for 2019 -

WM Designs and Discussions / Re: Fluxbox Styles
« on: December 20, 2019, 01:40:36 AM »

Code: [Select]
! fluxbox style - hurricane
! created by PackRat
! creation date - 12-19-2019
! This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
! it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
! the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
! (at your option) any later version.

! This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
! but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
! GNU General Public License for more details see <>.

*.font:                          Linux Biolinum O-11:Book
toolbar.workspace.font:          Linux Biolinum O-11:regular
toolbar.clock.font:              Linux Biolinum O-11:regular
!window.font:                    Sans-11:Regular
!menu.frame.font:                Sans-11:Regular
!menu.hilite.font:               Calcutta-11:Bold
!menu.title.font:                Amiko-11:semibold
!toolbar.iconbar.focused.font:    SF Pro Display-11:regular
!toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.font: Sans-11:Regular

!menu.title.effect: shadow
!menu.title.shadow.color: red


toolbar:                        flat gradient vertical
toolbar.height:                 24
toolbar.shaped:                 false
toolbar.bevelWidth:             0
toolbar.borderColor:            #333336
toolbar.borderWidth:            1
toolbar.color:                  #DEDDD9
toolbar.colorTo:                #DEDDD9

toolbar.clock:                  flat gradient vertical
toolbar.clock.justify:          Center
toolbar.clock.borderColor:      #333336
toolbar.clock.borderWidth:      0
toolbar.clock.color:            #DEDDD9
toolbar.clock.colorTo:          #DEDDD9
toolbar.clock.textColor:        #202021

toolbar.workspace:              flat gradient vertical
toolbar.workspace.justify:      Center
toolbar.workspace.borderColor:  #333336
toolbar.workspace.borderWidth:  0
toolbar.workspace.color:        #DEDDD9
toolbar.workspace.colorTo:      #DEDDD9
toolbar.workspace.textColor:    #202021

toolbar.systray:    parentrelative
toolbar.button:     parentrelative
toolbar.button.PicColor:   #202021
toolbar.button.scale:      0.50

toolbar.iconbar.empty:          flat gradient vertical
toolbar.iconbar.borderColor:    #333336
toolbar.iconbar.borderWidth:    1
toolbar.iconbar.empty.color:    #DEDDD9
toolbar.iconbar.empty.colorTo:  #DEDDD9

toolbar.iconbar.focused:              flat gradient elliptic
toolbar.iconbar.focused.justify:      Center
toolbar.iconbar.focused.borderColor:  #333336
toolbar.iconbar.focused.borderWidth:  1
toolbar.iconbar.focused.color:        #A19B7D
toolbar.iconbar.focused.colorTo:      #A19B7D
toolbar.iconbar.focused.textColor:    #F2F4F7

toolbar.iconbar.unfocused:              flat gradient vertical
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.justify:      Center
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.borderColor:  #333336
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.borderWidth:  1
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.color:       #DEDDD9
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.colorTo:     #DEDDD9
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.textColor:   #807E82


window.title.height:            20
window.justify:                 Center
window.bevelWidth:              0
window.borderColor:             #333336
window.borderWidth:             1

!window.roundCorners:            <{Top|Bottom}{Left|Right}>
!window.frame.focusColor:        parentrelative
!window.frame.unfocusColor:      pafrentrelative
!            <texture type>
!  <color>

window.title.focus:             flat gradient vertical
window.title.focus.color:      #DEDDD9
window.title.focus.colorTo:    #DEDDD9

window.title.unfocus:           flat gradient vertical
window.title.unfocus.color:    #DEDDD9
window.title.unfocus.colorTo:  #DEDDD9

window.label.focus:             flat gradient elliptic
window.label.focus.color:       #A19B7D
window.label.focus.colorTo:     #A19B7D
window.label.focus.textColor:   #F2F4F7

window.label.unfocus:           flat gradient vertical
window.label.unfocus.color:     #DEDDD9
window.label.unfocus.colorTo:   #DEDDD9
window.label.unfocus.textColor: #807E82

window.button.focus:            flat gradient vertical
window.button.focus.color:      #DEDDD9
window.button.focus.colorTo:    #DEDDD9
window.button.focus.picColor:   #202021

window.button.pressed:          sunken bevel2
window.button.pressed.color:    #E5E5E5
window.button.pressed.colorTo:  #E5E5E5

window.button.unfocus:          flat gradient vertical
window.button.unfocus.color:    #DEDDD9
window.button.unfocus.colorTo:  #DEDDD9
window.button.unfocus.picColor: #807E82

window.grip.focus:              flat
window.grip.focus.color:       #A19B7D
window.grip.focus.colorTo:     #A19B7D

window.grip.unfocus:            flat
window.grip.unfocus.color:    #DEDDD9
window.grip.unfocus.colorTo:  #DEDDD9

window.handle.focus:            flat
window.handle.focus.color:    #DEDDD9
window.handle.focus.colorTo:  #DEDDD9

window.handle.unfocus:         flat
window.handle.unfocus.color:   #DEDDD9
window.handle.unfocus.colorTo: #DEDDD9

window.handleWidth:             4


menu.itemHeight:                24
menu.bevelWidth:                1
menu.borderColor:               #333336
menu.borderWidth:               1
menu.frame.justify:             Left
!menu.bullet:                   <{empty|square|triangle|diamond}>
menu.bullet:                    triangle
menu.bullet.position:           Right
menu.frame:                     flat gradient diagonal
menu.frame.color:               #DEDDD9
menu.frame.colorTo:             #DEDDD9
menu.frame.disableColor:        #6C5058
menu.frame.textColor:           #807E82

menu.hilite:                    flat gradient vertical
menu.hilite.color:              #A19B7D
menu.hilite.colorTo:            #A19B7D
menu.hilite.justify:            left
menu.hilite.textColor:          #F2F4F7

menu.title:                     flat gradient vertical
menu.title.color:               #A19B7D
menu.title.colorTo:             #A19B7D
menu.title.textColor:           #F2F4F7
menu.title.justify:             Center
menu.titleHeight:               20
!menu.roundCorners:              <{Top|Bottom}{Left|Right}>

slit:             flat
slit.bevelWidth:  0
slit.borderColor: #DEDDD9
slit.borderWidth: 0
slit.color:       #DEDDD9
slit.colorTo:     #DEDDD9


!background: centered|aspect|tiled|fullscreen|random|solid|gradient <texture>|mod|none|unset
!background.pixmap: <file or directory>
!background.color: <color>
!background.colorTo: <color>
!background.modX: <integer>
!background.modY: <integer>


!toolbar.pixmap:                 bar02.png
!toolbar.workspace.pixmap:       bar02.png
!toolbar.clock.pixmap:           bar02.png
!toolbar.iconbar.focused.pixmap: focus.png
!toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.pixmap: bar02.png
!toolbar.iconbar.empty.pixmap:   bar02.png

!window.title.focus.pixmap:      <filename>
!window.title.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>

!window.label.focus.pixmap:      focus.png
!window.label.unfocus.pixmap:    bar02.png

!window.button.focus.pixmap:     <filename>
!window.button.pressed.pixmap:   <filename>
!window.button.unfocus.pixmap:   <filename>

!window.grip.focus.pixmap:       <filename>
!window.grip.unfocus.pixmap:     <filename>
!window.handle.focus.pixmap:     <filename>
!window.handle.unfocus.pixmap:   <filename>

!window.close.pixmap:            dot-active.png
!window.close.pressed.pixmap:    dot-pressed.png
!window.close.unfocus.pixmap:    dot-active.png

!window.maximize.pixmap:          dot-active.png
!window.maximize.pressed.pixmap:  dot-pressed.png
!window.maximize.unfocus.pixmap:  dot-active.png

!window.iconify.pixmap:           dot-active.png
!window.iconify.pressed.pixmap:   dot-pressed.png
!window.iconify.unfocus.pixmap:   dot-active.png

!window.shade.pixmap:            dot-active.png
!window.shade.pressed.pixmap:    dot-pressed.png
!window.shade.unfocus.pixmap:    dot-active.png
!window.unshade.pixmap:          dot-active.png
!window.unshade.pressed.pixmap:  dot-pressed.png
!window.unshade.unfocus.pixmap:  dot-active.png

!window.unstick.pixmap:          shade.png
!window.stick.pressed.pixmap:    pressed.png
!window.stick.unfocus.pixmap:    inactive.png
!window.stuck.pixmap:            shade.png
!window.stuck.unfocus.pixmap:    inactive.png
!window.lhalf.pixmap:            <filename>
!window.lhalf.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.rhalf.pixmap:            <filename>
!window.rhalf.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>

!menu.frame.pixmap:              <filename>
!menu.hilite.pixmap:             <filename>
!menu.title.pixmap:              <filename>
!menu.selected.pixmap:           <filename>
!menu.submenu.pixmap:            <filename>
!menu.unselected.pixmap:         <filename>

!slit.pixmap:                    <filename>

!fluxbox-style.txt              08 February 2015               FLUXBOX-STYLE(5)

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