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Introductions / Proper Introducing ...
« on: February 21, 2013, 07:46:00 PM »
Hey, guys ... you might recognize me from the #!Crunchbang or LinuxMint Forums.

I have been a Linux user for several years.  Started with Fedora way back when. Moved to 'buntu for about 2 days, then found LinuxMint. A short while later discovered Crunchbang (Ubuntu-based).  Now, I only use Debian or Debian-based Distros.

I used the Xfce DE almost since my 1st day with Linux. Now, I primarily use either Openbox or Fluxbox WMs.

I am a Moderator for a couple of Forums - LinuxMint Forum, LostintheBox (Fluxbox) Forum and
Also, an official Debian-Maintainer for the Fluxbox WM package.  Check out my work at

Since, Wheezy/Waldorf went into the 'freeze' I switched my sources.list to reflect the Sid repros, just to play around.
I am discovering that I rather like Sid (unstable).  After Wheezy/Waldorf goes stable, I might just keep this install of Sid on-hand and have another partition with a 'stable+backports' Debian on it (for work).

I just downloaded the lated ISO for VSIDO -- going to play around a bit.  Looks promising.  ;D

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