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Hi, I would like to suggest a lighter color link which would provide better contrast against the dark background. Before I joined Vsido, I came to this site several times and left right away each time because I couldn't read the topics on the main page and subforums.


I'm not saying orange is the way to go, but maybe a lighter color blue. Also, it might be good to lose the link decoration (underlining).

Well...just a thought. Thanks!  8)

WM Designs and Discussions / my nightmare that was Fvwm
« on: July 31, 2015, 07:57:34 PM »
Man...I had such great hopes for Fvwm...pager that rocked, everything super customizable. I spent two weeks awash in a sea of documentation and config files. The tip-off should of been that this was big in the Linux world circa 2002. I didn't really mind the motif was kind of old-school. I got the colors all set up nice. One thing super great was I could finally set my file manager window titles right "/usr/share/doc - File Manager" instead of just "doc", which I hate.

I really did like a lot about Fvwm. It has some great ideas. But, while researching it, I found some comment to the effect that "although I love Fvwm, I decided to switch to Fluxbox so that I don't spend all my time configuring my wm and get some real work done" and damn, was that head on!

Coming up next: "my nightmare that was writing a Gtk theme"

Introductions / Debian + FLUXBOX = my Crunchbang replacement!
« on: July 29, 2015, 03:12:00 AM »
Hello all! I met Ozitraveller on Crunchbang and saw him posting here so I thought I would sign up. I just downloaded his Star Linux to checkout: I have Fluxbox installed on my Debian box, but I'm always on the lookout for something to borrow. In fact, I just downloaded Mint, Xubuntu, OpenSUSE, Chromixium, FreeBSD and DragonFly. Pretty much, I think my Debian is better than all the Linux distros, but I do like FreeBSD.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello. You guys have a mean registration took me a few tries (birds of prey do fly)...Oh, also I posted links to two HOWTOs I wrote elsewhere but I think they are too complicated or something, since no one ever comments on them.

I posted these on other boards, but I wanted to provide a link here:

Changing terminal titles for man, less and vi

Using MediaWiki for browser access to /usr/share/doc

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