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Thanks everyone.  File downloaded and tucked away safely.  Promise to try not to delete this one.  ;)

Marking as solved...
General Support / Re: Looking for an old iso
April 12, 2013, 01:52:33 AM
Thanks for the offer Jedi!  Don't want you to have to endure an irritating long upload though. :(

Let's wait and see if VastOne chimes in with a link.

And it looks like he did.
General Support / Looking for an old iso
April 12, 2013, 01:34:19 AM
Does VastOne maintain an archive of the past iso's?

During a massive finger malfunction, my copy of "vsido_v1-2-Siduction_towo_3.7.1_Kernel.iso" was inadvertently deleted.  :-[

Would love to have another copy.
Humblest apologies in advance for the off-topic post.

I was admiring Sector11's new avatar and thought he might enjoy the following link.  I used to live near there and took the tour many times.  Always found it very interesting.
Quote from: VastOne on March 29, 2013, 04:04:52 PM
I need to have some of you who are having download issues run some type of a sniffer to see what is going on.  It is random and very difficult to trace from my end

It makes no sense...

You asked for it....

I ran tcpdump, filtering on mine and the download hosts ip addresses.  Plopped the output into wireshark and it does look like some kind of timeout is occurring.  Sniffed four download attempts.  Each failed somewhere between 70 and 90 mb.  Right before failing, the download host sends a "FIN,PSH,ACK" packet.  Also noticed the download host sending quite a few "Dup ACK" packets at random intervals.

I have saved the capture file from the last attempt (~90mb), if you want it VastOne.  If you do want it, just let me know how best to send it to you.
General Support / Odd Desktop Resolution Behavior
March 26, 2013, 04:30:41 AM
Finally got around to installing vsido_v1-2_3.8-3_Kernel.  Didn't really need to, as my "older" VSIDO install is working perfectly.  But that spare partition was just begging to have something installed on it.  Direct download failed at just over 200mb, but wget nabbed the iso like a boss.  Install was problem free and boring as usual (boring being a high complement in this context).  B43 did not work ootb, but the usual fwcutter dance cured that handily.

The only oddity that occurred was that when I logged into desktop for the first time, the resolution had decided to set itself to "1024x768".  Thought maybe it was just a matter of FluxBox being cranky.  So logged out, then logged into Xfce.  Same thing there.  No biggie of course, set the resolution to 1440 and all was well.  Didn't remember this happening on the older version, so thought I would pop in and report it.

Now off to load my apps and smxi up some towo goodness!

Awesome distro as always VastOne.  Can't thank you enough!
Aw shucks, I'm honored you find it useful.   :)
Here is a modified vsido-exit which should work on both FluxBox and OpenBox (and possibly other wm's, I don't have others installed with which to test).  Nothing fancy, just issues "killall" for whatever wm that wmctrl say is running.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import pygtk
import gtk
import os
import getpass

class cb_exit:
def disable_buttons(self):

def cancel_action(self,btn):

def logout_action(self,btn):
for line in os.popen("wmctrl -m"):
parts = line.split()
if parts[0] == "Name:":
wmName = parts[1].lower()
self.status.set_label("Exiting " + wmName + ", please standby...")
os.system("killall " + wmName)

def suspend_action(self,btn):
self.status.set_label("Suspending, please standby...")
os.system("dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=\"org.freedesktop.UPower\" /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend")

def reboot_action(self,btn):
self.status.set_label("Rebooting, please standby...")
os.system("dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=\"org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit\" /org/freedesktop/ConsoleKit/Manager org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.Restart")

def shutdown_action(self,btn):
self.status.set_label("Shutting down, please standby...")
os.system("dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=\"org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit\" /org/freedesktop/ConsoleKit/Manager org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.Stop")

def create_window(self):
self.window = gtk.Window()
title = "Log out " + getpass.getuser() + "? Choose an option:"
self.window.set_size_request(500, 80)
self.window.connect("delete_event", gtk.main_quit)
windowicon = self.window.render_icon(gtk.STOCK_QUIT, gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU)

#Create HBox for buttons
self.button_box = gtk.HBox()

#Cancel button
self.cancel = gtk.Button(stock = gtk.STOCK_CANCEL)
self.cancel.connect("clicked", self.cancel_action)

#Logout button
self.logout = gtk.Button("_Log out")
self.logout.connect("clicked", self.logout_action)

#Suspend button
self.suspend = gtk.Button("_Suspend")
self.suspend.connect("clicked", self.suspend_action)

#Reboot button
self.reboot = gtk.Button("_Reboot")
self.reboot.connect("clicked", self.reboot_action)

#Shutdown button
self.shutdown = gtk.Button("_Power off")
self.shutdown.connect("clicked", self.shutdown_action)

#Create HBox for status label
self.label_box = gtk.HBox()
self.status = gtk.Label()

#Create VBox and pack the above HBox's
self.vbox = gtk.VBox()


def __init__(self):

def main():

if __name__ == "__main__":
    go = cb_exit()
Yes I have that one (actually both).  And I temporarily modified the FluxBox menu to use that.  That allowed shut down and reboot to work.  But those both do not have code to logout of FluxBox.  They only do logout of OpenBox.  Lol.  In looking at my previous post, I see that I stated "Exit" instead of "Logout".  Sorry for the confusion.  I will edit that post.
Yep worked fine for me too.  Thanks!

Found a few issues though.

SpaceFM would not launch from the FluxBox menu, due to camel casing the program name.

In this menu stanza:
   [submenu] (Accessories) {}
         [exec] (Application Finder) {xfce4-appfinder}
         [exec] (Medit) {launch medit}
         [exec] (Geany) {launch geany} <>
         [exec] (LXAppearance) {/usr/bin/lxappearance} <>
         [exec] (nitrogen) {/usr/bin/nitrogen} <>
         [exec] (Screenshot) {launch xfce4-screenshooter} <>
         [exec] (SpaceFM) {launch SpaceFM} <>
         [exec] (SpaceFM File Search) {spacefm --find-files %F} <>  
         [exec] (Terminal) {launch xfce4-terminal} <>
         [exec] (Xarchiver) {xarchiver} <>
         [exec] (Htop) {xfce4-terminal -x htop}

This line:
         [exec] (SpaceFM) {launch SpaceFM} <>

should be:
         [exec] (SpaceFM) {launch spacefm} <>

Also noticed that "Logout" did not work for me.  Found that was due to my not having file "/usr/bin/vsido-exit-fb".  I assume that is because I am running a Vsido release prior to the inclusion of FluxBox.  Is there a way to pull that file without loading the new iso?

Even with these minor issues, a very nice script indeed.  Love the FB themes!  Most default FB themes make me want to claw my eyes.  :'(  But these are great.  Vsido just plain ROCKS.  Can't thank you enough for the distro VastOne.  ;D
Very nice VastOne!

And I am curious.  Does this only work with the Debian iso?

I ask because I am still using the last Siduction kernel iso.  Which also means i do not have "your" FluxBox.  But I do have latest FluxBox compiled from tarball.  Which I'm guessing might not play well with your script.  But I haven't tried it, so don't know.
Happy Birthday VastOne!

Very nice tutorial.

You probably already knew this, but just in case you didn't, the "-j" option can be added to the fsarchiver command to enable multi-threading of compression/decompression.  So if a person had a snazzy four core machine, they could add "-j 3" to their fsarchiver commands thereby utilizing three of the four available cores and ultimately speeding things up a bit.  Said person could even specify "-j 4" as long as they weren't planning on doing anything else while fsarchiver was running.  ;)
Hardware Help & Support / Re: Seduced by Siduction...
February 22, 2013, 10:52:43 AM
QuoteNot really an issue, but I noticed that after installing the new towo kernel there was no grub entry for the previous kernel.  Is that resultant from installing with smxi?  Or is it by VastOne design?  Just curious...

^False alarm.  Turns out that if you scroll down to the second grub menu option, named "Advanced Options", all your installed kernels await you in a sub-menu.  So it's a feature!

After continued use of the 3.8 towo kernel, I have encountered no issues except...

VirtualBox guest additions refuse to compile under the 3.8 kernel.  Assuming next release of guest additions will address that.  So until then, if you are running as a Vbox guest, you might want to remain on 3.7 kernel.
VSIDO Discussions / Re: New installs
February 22, 2013, 09:38:06 AM
Oh sweet and merciful FSM!  Don't even joke about Clippy being connected to VSIDO in form or fashion.

When forced to use winders, I will stop at nothing to excise that impertinent little demon from the system.
Hardware Help & Support / Re: Seduced by Siduction...
February 21, 2013, 12:27:27 PM
Smxi did a grub-update and according to the output it was successful.  Won't be on that system for a couple of days, but when next I access it I will perform another grub-update and post the results.

As I mentioned, not really an issue for me (since I took pre-update fsarchive backup  ;) ).  But yes it is curious behavior.