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WM Designs and Discussions / Re: FluxBox Slit
« on: November 07, 2013, 01:14:41 PM »
Ok Thanks. I tried adding this to the keys file:

Mod4 d 6:Lower
Mod4 d 7 :MacroCmd {Raise} {Focus}

It didn`t do anything as far as I could see.

WM Designs and Discussions / Re: FluxBox Slit
« on: November 07, 2013, 12:20:03 AM »
OK. Now I`m almost  there. but not quite. Conky can stay up when all windows are minmized(ShowDesktop) if window-type is dock and it`s in the slit..., but it also stays up with "override" without using the slit... So Conky is fine, that`s solved. But when we come to the lxpanel I`m starting to wonder if I`m looking to do the impossible. If I use your addition to the .fluxbox/apps-file and set it to desktop or dock it behaves as I want it to do, with the exeption of not being able to raise it when a browser-window covers it. To be able to do this, the panel has to be on top, but then it disappears when I go to the desktop...

So my question is, do any of you manage to raise the panel above a fullscreen-window, when the panel is on a lower layer and is hidden. It sounds impossible to me, but it`s this behaviour I need.... or else I have to take a totally different route to achive my goal. To make it clear, I want to achive that the lxpanel functions as a autohide-dock, without being minimized by "ShowDesktop.
This works in the openbox-session....

Edit. Found a new way to do it so that the same executable works for ToggleShowDesktop in the xfce and the openbox-sessions".
It doesn`t work for fluxbox. But I don`t give up:)

Edit2, lol. I think we call it the night. My question to myself now is why I should try to fix this in fluxbox, when the xfce4-session is perfect and feels just as snappy as the fluxbox-session. At least on my quad-core and 8 GB RAM. It is very tempting to use xfce instead, but I guess the answer must be that I have to fix it because otherwise I would feel defeated by fb:)

WM Designs and Discussions / Re: FluxBox Slit
« on: November 06, 2013, 02:34:03 AM »
Nice that you got it as you wanted it too. I have another project, and are stopped by the fact that Fluxbox doesn`t treat lxpanel as a dock, even if I`ve set it to do just that. The slit doesn`t pick it up, regardless how I position it. But the slit works fine with Conky. Anyway, the slit couldn`t have solved it for me, because I can`t put both lxpanel and conky in it at the same time. So I got to find another solution. Turns out it isn`t as easy as I`ve thought. I`ve googled a lot and been at arch and many other forums, but it doesn`t seem that anyone has a solution for me. I know I can do it in openbox with tint2. The tint2-taskbar remains visible when you use "ToggleShowDesktop", so perhaps I could try a lxpanel in openbox to see if openbox respects the lxpanel as a dock, or alternatively try tint2-panel in fluxbox. It wouldn`t solve it for me, but it would reveal who is to blame, fluxbox or lxpanel :)

OK, I will not mess up my fluxbox-session, so I`m going to test lxpanel in openbox.... At least I know my way around there. So off I go :D

Edit. That was a quick test. Works fine in openbox. Super+d iconifies the windows and shows a clean desktop, but it keeps both the conky and lxpanel up. Not the answer I hoped for, but at least that limits my research to fluxbox. Well, that`ll have to be tomorrow. Hopefully I get a bit more free time to use on linux tomorrow. Nightynight, I`m signing off to sleep a little  :D

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: VSIDO II feedback...
« on: November 06, 2013, 01:20:23 AM »

short answer, yes.

fluxbox -> slit
openbox -> dock
pekwm -> harbour

All are special areas where dockable applications will reside and be anchored in place as well as viewable on all desktops. The slit cannot be moved freely and is not influenced by any manipulation to windows.

Thanks. The slit solved the conky issue for me. Now it sticks and is visible regardless what I do with all other windows. Awesome, that solved step 1 for me. I havemn`t gotten as far with my project as I hoped, because I`ve been busy all evening with big DIY-projects in the house. The wifey is the boss you know. I`ve been doing it for a month now, but finally I see the end of this tiresome task of pretending to be a handyman :D

I also got another issue, somehow my default xsession had changed to openbox even if I didn`t change anything. I`m not all that into the session-stuff, so it took me a while to solve it, and I`ve also had some wifi issues I needed to fix. Besides that I have changed the font-size in fluxbox and in gtkrc, and being new in FB I didn`t know what controlled what, but I figured it out in the end. And the last thing I did was to adjust the default conky to my system, and what I would like to see in it.

So now the system is pretty much configured as I like it, besides the wallpaper, but I think it`s so cool that I can not make myself change it. Anyway, if  I don`t discover any more small issues that distract me from the project I had planned to do, then I guess I can continue with it. But I`m very easily distracted. Everything has to be perfect. Even the things I don`t use or normally notice. If there is a small issue, I got to fix it. I`m a tiny bit OCD, LOL.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: VSIDO II feedback...
« on: November 05, 2013, 02:27:28 AM »
Vastone, sure, I can do that. But it isn`t anything big and revolutionary yet, as I`m all new to fb. Anyway, I`ll get back to you when it`s done. Probably tomorrow, because I have no doubt that I will manage to make this work as I intended, with the tips you gave me. We`ll see what I come up with...., and I`ll take the fb-related issues in the fb-topic.

Packrat, thanks. Will look into it.  Is slit the equivalent to the dock in ob?

Anyway, it`s 3 AM here, so I`ll probably hit the sack and continue tomorrow. Otherwise it will become a allnighter, and I`m getting to old for those... LOL

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: VSIDO II feedback...
« on: November 05, 2013, 01:34:00 AM »
^ Wow... great review and input ew, thank you!

You will be really happy in just a couple of days... A few are testing it now, but I have removed from the installer the need for a swap partition... there will still be a 'need swap' installer for those who want it, but the main installer will only need /root and if you want a separate /home it will do that

I appreciate your support!

Thanks!  8)  ;D

Ok. That will be very nice, even if I`ve worked around it so far, because I can swapoff after I`ve installed it, and comment out swap in fstab and use the partition for something else. But it will of course be a cleaner prosess when this isn`t needed anymore...

A quick question while I have you here  :D I`m working with the fluxbox keys, and figured out how to make a custom desktop-file using "xdotool key Super+d" and add the button to the launcher-bar. In the keys file I used
Code: [Select]
# Show Desktop
Mod4 d :ShowDesktop

This works. It shows the desktop empty. But it shows the desktop below all layers. No dock, no systray, and no conky. Do you know a way to do this, but keep the lx-panel, systray and conky visible... I`m sure I will figure out a way to do this somehow, but if there are a easy way, then that`s of course best. I guess I could test if "own_window_type desktop" instead of "normal" would solve it for Conky, but at the present time I have no idea how to make the dock and the systray visible. But I will find a way, even if I have to make the way myself:)

Feedback & Suggestions / VSIDO II feedback...
« on: November 05, 2013, 12:08:05 AM »
I installed VSIDO raptor two days ago. The install itself went fine. The installer didn`t recognize my gpt-disk as ususal, but my way of fooling the installer worked this time too. But after running the Welcome-script and the first reboot, it became unbootable. Kernel Panick and warning about init and "conf/conf.d/resume" with unexpected tokens in line 1, and kernel not syncing etc..etc.. I don`t know what caused this. Perhaps that I removed the usb-dummy that I used to fool the installer, without swapping off. When I did that, I got an I/O-error... but didn`t take much notice of it.

Anyway, I decided to do it all over again. Fooled the installer with the usb-dummy and installed swap to the usb. Install went fine, the welcome script and dist-upgrade also went fine. But this time I swapped off before removing the usb-dummy, and then I edited fstab to point swap to the swap-particion on my gpt-disk, which it initially doesn`t recognize. Then I also remembered the init warning from my failed boot, and I installed systemd and edited /etc/default/grub to use it. Well, then I rebooted, and this time it went right up in no time at all. No issues at all, and now I`m enjoying configuring this awesome release. I really really like it, and are especially thrilled about the default session, fluxbox and lxpanel. I hope you stay with fluxbox for a while, because this setup is awesome.

You have done a very good job with this one. It`s awesome, and it feels inventive and different. I haven`t seen anything quite like it. Perhaps because I haven`t used fluxbox that much before, and never together with lxpanel as a dock. Anyway, I really love it. Awesome job!

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: New feedback again...YES, FINALLY...
« on: July 04, 2013, 10:24:41 PM »
Great news ew!  Thank you for your persistence and with the details on how you got it done...

Have fun with VSIDO and playing with it, I hope it was worth the wait...


I sure will have fun with it, and I know it`s worth the wait... I`ve delayed the configuration a little bit because I`ve now finally decided to look around for the best possible solution for my music-needs. Whether it`s Spotify, Google P(l)ay, Amazon, itunes or something else. I`m looking for one solution for everything, that not only will allow me to stream and play offline on my laptop or cell, but also enables me to put the files on a usb-stick or cd, and play them in my car, without being connected to the great big web... Lots of things to think about, because I`m very picky about quality, and will not be satisfied just by being able to play the files, the quality/bitrate also has to be very good..., and of course, the cost is a factor..., so I need to find the one that offers the best overall solution for me.

After I`ve found this solution, then I will start configuring VSIDO, but I don`t think I will change all that much, it`s just a question of minor visual adjustements to please my taste, and of course, I need to use my own theme..., after all, I`ve taken the time to hack together a mix of themes with my own customization, so I need to use it, otherwise I would have wasted many hours of unskilled tweaking where I had to check the effect of every little change, just to find out what each setting did:)

Feedback & Suggestions / New feedback again...YES, FINALLY...
« on: July 04, 2013, 01:26:41 AM »
Hi Vastone :)

I will not bug you any more about the lack of efi/gpt-support within VSIDO or the installer. Finally today while I was determant that this issue shouldn`t stop me from using VSIDO, I decided that I would install it permanently on a USB-Stick. So far so good. I created a MS-DOS system on the stick,with two partitions, I created one ext4-partition and a "dummy" swap-partition of the giant size of 30MB  8)

Well, then in with the VSIDO-CD containing the latest ISO, hit tab to add "acpi_osi=Linux" and then hit enter. It booted just fine, and I started the installer. It detected the two partitions on my usb-stick, as I assumed it would, because they were ms-dos and NOT gpt... Well, I chose the swap-partition on the stick as it`s mandatory, and then the next step was to choose the root-partition and then I got a bright idea. I wouldn`t choose the root-partition that I prepared on the stick, instead I chose a empty ext4-partition on my gpt-disk, thinking that it was worth a shot. My thought was that the efi/gpt issue solely relyed on the installer, and that it would be sufficient to "fool" the installer, and that everything would work if I just could get it to install. Well, it proved to be correct... It installed just fine on my gpt-partition, and I also wrote grub to this partition...

Rebooted into Ubuntu that is my bootloader and master-grub, did a "sudo update-grub", and voila, it detected VSIDO in sda9 on my gpt-disk, and added an entry in efi..., as you see here:

So now I`m a happy camper, and you can be reassured that VSIDO handles efi and gpt just fine. It`s just a question of fooling the installer to think that you are about to install it on a ms-dos disk with a "dummy" swap-partition, and then all of a sudden, it detects the gpt-partitions so that you can choose those for root, home or whatever...

Well, now I`m logging of VSIDO and my PC for tonight, looking forward to many days configuring the appearance of VSIDO on my efi-booting gpt-disk. Problem solved. At least for me:)

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: A little feedback again:)
« on: June 20, 2013, 05:58:10 PM »
I have worked with Debian Live quite a bit and find it lacking in many ways... For the longest time it simply would not work with SID, and I have not tried it since wheezy went stable

I am satisfied for now with the current installer but will continue to work on finding a replacement

I have spoke with machinebacon about theirs but have not had any luck there either

I guess you are not alone by lacking efi/gpt-support. I went over to Linux Mint to download Olivia with mate, but while I was there, I saw that LM Debian Edition didn`t support efi/gpt either, so I`m not sure whether this answer is in the installer, or some other packages missing. It`s a bit strange that Mint supports gpt/efi for all versions except the Debian-edition, especially since Debian itself supports it...

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: A little feedback again:)
« on: June 18, 2013, 11:45:47 PM »
Hi Vastone,  I`m just checking in to see if there are any development in regards to the installer. I saw in another post, that Phillip was a bit reluctant to share the big secrets. I`ve never built anything before, so I can not assist you there, but as I`ve always thought about building my own iso, and as I find it a bit to easy with linuxbbq and their snapshot-tool, I searched for another solution and came across this page.

Doesn`t it contain most of what I would need to build a custom live/hybrid-iso with the Debian installer included, or even better, to add the Debian installer to the VSIDO iso? I guess probably not, because then you probably would have done it already:) Anyway, is that page a nice place to start learning the basics, or do you have a better tutorial available? Don`t worry, I will never release anything, so I`m no competition, not now, not ever. It would just be fun to make my own iso:)

General Support / Re: VSIDO installation query
« on: May 24, 2013, 09:03:45 PM »
Well, if it says that you have a ms-dos disk, then there is one thing you could try. When the VSIDO installer launches Gparted to edit partitions, then delete the partitions you have created for VSIDO, and  use the new unallocated space to create a new root and a new swap partition for VSIDO. Perhaps the installer will recognize the partitions, if they are being created during the install. Seems like there is a issue recognizing pre-created partitions...

Don`t know if it will work, but it`s worth a try...

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: A little feedback again:)
« on: May 24, 2013, 10:44:35 AM »
Thanks for the feedback ew - as I mainly only install one distro per machine it never worried me whether I used dos or gpt partitioning, I didn't realise that was the source of my problem. I shall have to be more aware of gpt partitioning in future.

Yes, then I`m quite different :) I tend to install 5-6 distros per pc. I always have 2-3 distros in different flavours that get to stay on the pc, and another 2-3 partitions reserved for distrohopping and testing of alfa-releases and things like that.

General Support / Re: VSIDO installation query
« on: May 24, 2013, 12:44:19 AM »
Do you know if your disk uses the gpt-table, or ms-dos? From what you are writing I assume that you have other working distros running on the same disk/pc? Is that correct? Like Crunchbang or some other distro with GParted? I seem to remember you from the #!-forum, so I assume that you have a working #!-install on this pc. If you do, then launch Crunchbang....

Then launch GParted. Select the disk in question(if you got more than one disk). Then look at the menu on the top. Click "View", and then mark "Device Information". Now you should get the Device Information in the left pane of your GParted-window... Look at "Partition Table". If it says "gpt", then you are probably out of luck, because the current installer doesn`t support gpt. If it says "ms-dos", then you should be able to install VSIDO...

If it says "gpt", you would need to delete all partitions and create a ms-dos table... You would loose all your other installs, and have to start from scratch, but it would work for all the distros.... So whether to do it or not, depends on whether you want to start from scratch with all your distros, or if you find it better to wait until the VSIDO-installer supports gpt. If Vastone gets the Debian-installer to work with VSIDO, then you will be able to install VSIDO without touching your other partitions or distros... It`s up to you:)

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: A little feedback again:)
« on: May 24, 2013, 12:16:37 AM »
As a bit of feedback to VastOne.
I would like to be able to install without having to need a swap partition.

That issue will solve itself if we get the Debian-installer to work with VSIDO.

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