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Feedback & Suggestions / VSIDO 2014_01_13.iso Feedback
« on: January 19, 2014, 04:05:08 PM »
A power failure and an eternity [my internet speed after a certain usage drops down to blazing-amazing 30KBPS] later I finally gave a spin to 32 bit flavor of VSIDO 2014_01_13.iso. And my impression?
Kudos to VastOne  8)
A job well done  8)
A near perfect experience  8)
9 out of 10  8)
Why only 9 I hear you say  ;)
Well only little gripe I had was tint2 housing wicd in the top right corner was clashing with window controls. Close button of any maximize window was inaccessible as clicking there would open wicd menu. This was in live session. Sadly I don't presently have a spare partition so I wasn't able to install this VSIDO image.
VSIDO is for sure going in the right direction.

I've Got a Life / Merry Christmas To All The Members Of VSIDO Family
« on: December 25, 2013, 10:31:08 AM »
Merry Christmas To You All.
Have A Wonderful Festive Season.

Well first-up congrats on a very good sid based distro. I know it's a labor of love fulfilled for VastOne and company.
 A confession, I'm neither a VSIDO nor a CrunchBang user but I learned a lot from reading those great discussions in CrunchBang forums.
Yesterday I gave a spin  to the 32 bit version of VSIDO. And I couldn't help notice one thing. While it's good but I think there are areas that can be improved. For example some application icons were missing in the live XFCE session, A couple of applications didn't run in Openbox session, I was unable to restart the machine from display manager login screen etc. etc..
These are by no means critical bugs but I felt that it would be better if VSIDO devs concentrate on providing only one DE-WM instead of four. This way they will have to worry about a few things less, They will be able to concentrate and work on one and only one thing and the result will be a much more polished VSIDO. Ad the resulting ISO image will also be lighter.
Wishing you guys all the luck for the future. Keep the VISIDO rolling.

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