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packrat, are you custom-compiling your fluxbox? If not, what version (and from what repo) are you running?

I've packaged my custom version into a debfile & intend to post the source + "howto build" instructions to github.
Would you be interested in building + testing it?
(and in collaborating toward further modding the code + FINALLY achieving comprehensive, up-to-date docs)

WM Designs and Discussions / Re: Fluxbox Styles
« on: April 17, 2017, 07:32:01 AM »
Unfortunately, the window border in fluxbox is not limited to the outside edges of the window; the border is also internal to the titlebar, tab, grip, and handle
Unless you're sure you have already exhausted the potential workarounds, I'll try to find one (for the bottom edge of titlebar, at least).

Specifying "raised" for titlebar doesn't help? How about if a pixmap is specified for each of the titlebar elements?

I've never checked within the FbTk components to see whether the border creation op is granular(paint line along side1, along side2, etc) or the op is just "draw an unfilled box". Even if it's the latter, perhaps we can wiggle offset values within the code... intentionally overlap the placement of the titlebar vs windowframe (conditionally, based on borderwidth value)?

Nope, no missing dependencies, and during my trials I specified all --enable-stuff (except debug) build options.
Subsequently, I waded back through the sourceforge request+patch tickets, the alternative branches (and forks) at github, and cherrypicked all the patches which seemed useful -- not just in terms of rotated text -- and never did arrive at being able to render a wide, horizontally stacked taskbar presentation within a left-docked fluxbox panel. Maybe, due to wishful thinking on my part, I just misinterpreted the changelog comment(s).

I still don't understand the meaning of those changelog comments. After the 1.7.3 "fix", what was the intended result? Within a given taskbar container (button), when the panel is vertically oriented, should we expect to see


? ? ?
Anyhow, I moved on, and achieved a "solution" by hacking  fbpanel .
It supports vertical orientation, can be configured to individually exclude tray and clock and...
(other whizmos which are redundant with those provided by fluxbox panel and/or conky)
...and I relaxed its hardcoded 192px maxwidth constraint.

After wrestling with code for many hours, I'm laughing at self because the real-world content of my "nice wide autohiding tasklist" often provides less-than-ideal labelnames like
[ leafpad /home/bartholemew/longassed/path/to/some/Documents/projectX/iwannapony.txt ]
[ Mozilla Firefox ]
[ Find ]
[ rules ]

VSIDO News & Announcements / Re: VSIDO Build Discussions
« on: March 29, 2017, 06:30:53 AM »
that "what is" description is from 2013

Asking for clarification here. From what I've read in the Jan 2017 build topic, I'm wondering if vsido is now starting with a refracta base then using debian sid repository? Is OpenRC still a thing nowadays? Which init is vsido using... systemd, sysv, or openrc?

Thanks for the confirmation that rotation of iconbar buttons is currently impossible. The commit mentioning a "fix" so that complete text is displayed, it considered the current rotation (orientation). I suppose I too-hopefully misread its intent. Ah, BTW, that reported issue remains -- I'm seeing the last character getting truncated from button labels (the dev probably didn't consider, and text, a variety of fonts) and for Boldface fonts, quite a few characters are being truncated/hidden. MAYBE the issue only arises when a certain setting (or combination: left / right / center / relative / justify) is specified.

The patch I mentioned in earlier post, it refers to files that no longer exist (like "FbTk/") so I'll have to hunt for apropriate places to insert the changes.
Apparently the result would be a new button exposed in the Configure}}Toolbar submenu, enabling toggling of "Always horiz button labels".
Hmm, maybe whoever wrote that didn't think it through ~~ toggling on-demand is sort of pointless, b/c in order to fit the horiz textlabels, need to select a theme that specifies wider (taller?) toolbar.

this old ticket (not mine) describes the issue

this patch reputedly addresses/fixes the issue
and bears a commit message stating
"A vertically rotated text should be checked against the height of the button, not the width of it.

Fixes #1119 ("Toolbar cannot display full text of workspace/​clock/​windowtitle.")
and, in the release announcement for v1.3.7
Minor Bugfixes:
 • Working vertical rotated Tabs and Toolbar
toolbar.iconbar If True, will rotate text on the tab so it is readable on vertically- placed tabs. Once again, use the Configuration/Tab Placement menu.

yowza! Maybe it doozn't dooz what I thunk it dooz?
I've been unable to achieve the desired result.

Meanwhile, this submitted patch is sitting, unused (and likely bitrotted) since 2009:

This patch adds:
- Menu item "Always horizontal icons" (bool).
- Menu item "Icon size" (int).
- Menu item "Text padding" (int).

It allows to align the windows list horizontally while tollbar aligned vertically.

BTW, here's a bugfix pull request from 2015, sitting unmerged b/c the dev doesn't approve of the title wording. WTF?

Before I attempt to merge that "Always horizontal icons" patch, I'm posting this to ask: "am I overlooking something? The functionality aready exists?"

WM Designs and Discussions / Re: Using Fvwm as a window manager
« on: April 27, 2016, 05:06:07 AM »
Thanks for the info. I've grown comfortable using fluxbox. I appreciate its tear-off (and stay open) desktop menu, ability to remember position/dimensions per window, ability to customize titlebar buttons. To prevent accidental closure, I sometimes place the 'close' button at left side. What I don't care for is transparency, especially the pseudo-transparency in fluxbox. I'll install Fvwm in the coming months and check it out.

WM Designs and Discussions / Re: Using Fvwm as a window manager
« on: April 20, 2016, 07:29:36 PM »
wondering: is Fvwm the ONLY window manager that enables window titlebar to be displayed at left side (vs at top edge of each program window)?
Also, is that (left-side) a global configuration option, or can you have fvwm set/remember it for specified windows (by window title) ?

VSIDO Changes / Re: VSIDO Changes Area
« on: April 06, 2016, 06:01:16 PM »
"fotoxx" is an interesting program which can handle RAW files.
In debian repository, fotoxx version may not be the latest but you can download deb package directly from author's site.

For my default i'll stay with mirage but fotoxx does have a nice featureset.

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