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nothing much comes to mind on first use,
maybe, offer a way to set up a hint for the master pass so that if you type in the wrong master pass you are given a memory hint. At the moment, say I set up a lot of manual passwords and I forget my master pass one day, how do I ever get access to all my passwords?
to be on the safe side I added a simple hint function so that I get an extra choice when I start the program
08 Show hint for master manual pass
I think this will rarely be used but put it there just in case.
Thanks for the github link, will download it now.
where is this script? version 2 I mean
Zenity & Yad / Re: youtube-dl wrapper
May 06, 2017, 10:21:45 AM
hey Misko why not post your colour chooser yad script here?
the one you posted on bunsen labs, I am using it and it works great.  :)
I like goto (
Its just a bash script really that also puts an alias in your .bashrc
I like that i'ts easy to make shortcuts to dirs but even without it's seems to know all the dirs that are there. So if I type goto .scripts, it goes into my .scripts folder in my home folder without me first making a shortcut.
sorry to hear this, thank god I am vegetarian and avoid all bacon contact, maybe it was a bad day or someone had applied too much mustard to the bacon.
A lot of good tips, tried it out but the thing that keeps me from using Spectrwm is I can't get a bar to show me if there are any apps running on that workspace , the bar at the top could have 4 workspaces with an app open on one and I wouldn't know which. I dont use the default bar as I wanted one with clickable workspaces.
Here is my bar conf at the moment. (uses dzen2)

date=$(date "+%a %b %d %I:%M")
echo -n "$date"

while true ; do
    echo "^fg(white)  ^ca(1,xdotool key super+1)1^ca() | ^ca(1,xdotool key super+2)Web^ca() | ^ca(1,xdotool key super+3)3^ca() | ^ca(1,xdotool key super+4)4^ca() | ^ca(1,xdotool key super+5)5^ca() |     ^fg(green) $(Time)" | dzen2 -p -w 1150 -bg $BG
    sleep 5
They dont get stored anywhere, the script makes a code from the username for that site and the user name stays the same, so when you type in your username it will always give you the same code(ie password) for that username. I dont understand fully  myself but it takes your master pass which also stays the same and somehow that interacts with your username in some clever way I don't know about!
ok tried it out.
Worked well for me and was easy to understand.
But what if I forget my master password (or in my case I used a phrase).
Would there by a way to have it offer you a stored hint? so when first creating your password it would also ask you for a "reminder hint" and the reminder, but not the pass would be stored somewhere?
Scripts / Re: Poor Man's Youtube Downloader
June 14, 2016, 08:33:03 AM
Thanks Snap, I will use your version too and make a bash function from it.
I was using a changed version of hackerdefo's pmytd script, just with an extra "Default-Download" choice.
Scripts / Re: Poor Man's Youtube Downloader
June 12, 2016, 07:23:07 AM
Hey that's fine whenever,
here is a thread about a script that uses yad for the gui you could get idea from?
Scripts / Re: Poor Man's Youtube Downloader
June 11, 2016, 05:49:03 PM
sounds great will save me the bother , lol as I was going to adapt it to work with zenity or yad
Scripts / Re: Poor Man's Youtube Downloader
June 11, 2016, 01:58:38 PM
Nice script, I did think that you might not want to wait for the extra step of choosing quality(format) every time so I put an an extra menu item called default format so that It just downloads at format choice 18 for me without having to wait and choose, maybe you could add something like that in your script.
What do you use for taking video of your screen?
I tried a few scripts lately but Simplescreenrecorder is the only thing that works for me, the scripts did work but only for video  no sound.
Zenity & Yad / Re: zenity wm chooser
February 18, 2016, 03:14:58 PM
oh, I mentioned you could type some letters in  - in my second post, should have been in my first post lol