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Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Vsido saved my day!
June 25, 2019, 02:46:20 PM
Thanks, guys!
Feedback & Suggestions / Vsido saved my day!
June 24, 2019, 06:18:58 PM
Hi, guys. Besides the VastOne's advices on keeping full system backpups with fsarchiver for recovery purposes, I use rsync daily but not fsarchiver...

Well, a couple of days ago I had to move my computer to other room. Disassembled everything and gently carry all the stuff. Put everything together, booted and... blinking cursor. What the.... 

Tried everything, swapping drives, cables, SATA ports... the disk was apparently dead. Decided to try to recover it just in case it wans't actually dead. Booted my Vsido live ISO (it has fsarchiver on-board!) and was able to mount and read the disk contents, so crossed my fingers and run fsarchiver, erased and reformated the disk, and restored the partitions. Still no joy but again everything was readable, the partitions mounted and worked correctly, so the apparent culprits would be grub and the efi things. time to chroot.

I didn't either remembered the cool vchroot script by harckerdefo (also a vsido default tool) . A great rediscovering! Long story short, I managed to put everything onto a bigger brand new SSD I had around and restoring the grub/efi stuff, plus installing via chroot a fresh Void Linux system on the older SSD. Both systems are now up and running perfectly well. All done from Vsido!

Yes guys, Vsido is a darn great recovery live system with all the needed tools already included. Thanks a billion for your brilliant work, VastOne.

P.S. Don't be lazy and run fsarchiver from a Vsido live ISO regularly whatever the systems you use on your machines. I'll do it from now on. Promise!
Hi, Boss! Good to read you're ok and kicking.

Glad to see Vsido will be rocking once again. I feel your pain about how Debian is evolving. One of the reasons that made me hop to Void some time ago (It seems that Void is a somewhat popular choice amongst Vsido lovers these days).
I've Got a Life / Re: Merry Christmas 2018
December 26, 2018, 05:19:48 AM
Happy holidays, folks!
Huh, I feel your pain.

I went through a very similar situation a couple of times in the past. But i didn't noticed a mass of files being deleted too soon (both times, silly me...) I managed to recover gazillions of files but just numbered randomly(?) It was a real pita going through them one by one trying to figure out what's what, remaming and relocating them where they belonged. Of course I never finished it and lost so many things.  Backups are great. We need backups and sync, but beware of of backup and syncing tools. One mistake and they can hurt badly. They're true cousins of rm -rf.
^ +1

Howdy, boss? :)
QuoteGreen and yellow are a such a pain to theme with


I find greens often disrupting the themes more than yellows. I tend to shift yellows towards orangiish or brownish tonalities while I usually make greens quite greyish or just really dark. Depending on particular themes sometimes I push them blueish instead (teal or teal-a-likes use to make nice greens). But yeah, green is pain. LOL. 
I was unaware about the current version I'm using, but I noticed today it's SpaceFM 1.0.6. Hey, wasn't it frozen/abandoned on 1.0.5???

So went to github and guess what... IgnorantGuru is still quietly taking some care of his creature. Released two months ago. but yeah. It's there.  8)
I see. blacklisting is not enough in this case like when playing with nvidia and nouveau.

Yes, xserver-xorg-video-nouveau is still in. There's an /etc/xorg.conf.d/10-keyboard.conf I manually put there for
an specific keyboard. I guess it won't do any harm, but I can remove it just in case.

Thanks a lot, PackRat.

@jedi: Really? Maybe the support for higher end cards is better. My experience with the 960 has never been smooth and drivers upgradrades have been a constant PITA.
This a kind of noob question... I've been using Nvivia cards since... forver. But I'm a total noob about AMD. It's the first time I put my hands on one of these.

The situation is I'm tired of struggling with the Nvidia propietary drivers since I've got the GTX960. Switched to nouveau a couple of months ago and performance is not so great. So I've got an RX560 trying to say goodbye to the Nvidia hardware for once and forget about the drivers mess just using what's in the kernel.

The thing is I don't know how the heck to switch the drivers in sid. The card works right out of the box in my Void install, but for some reason I don't manage to get it working for the sidbox. If I blacklist nouveau, poweroff, switch the GPUs and boot, grub doesn't even show up and the boot process stalls with udev saying something like that "the slot" is already in use and it freezes there forever.

Apparently I already have all the needed packages (firmware, xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu, the mesa stuff, etc...) onboard.

Please, someone able to shed some light?

Thanks a bunch in advance.
I've Got a Life / Re: Aging and things...
March 01, 2018, 04:10:13 AM
Happy birthday (somehow), boss! 14 is a good age indeed.
Yes. It was changed (once again) some time ago. Thankfully this time it's finally coherent amongst the programs in the suite so they can be grouped all together again as in older versions. I hope this change lasts for a good while.
Good to know you're feeling better
Oh, I had no idea you are having health problems! So sorry about that. I hope you get well soon, VastOne.

I thought it was only the isos fatness issues reported above. Silly me. Whatever you decide to do. Get healthy and strong.
So... hiatus, or the end... or anything else?  ::)

How things are going, boss? What are the plans ATM?