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VSIDO News & Announcements / Re: Long live VSIDO
July 13, 2020, 02:47:53 AM
VastOne and contributors Hello again and Congratulations on the continued run!!
...Sorry for my absence..
...And Yes! Long live VSIDO.

"The Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated".. Samuel Clemens.

I haven't really posted anywhere in at least 4 yrs. I believed that based on the download page,, Vsido had gone dark. I saw the forums still had some posts but that may occur for some distros years after the distro is discontinued. Apparently you continue to put out a Yearly download.

IMHO VastOne this is the most compelling FluxBox build anywhere.. Great Work..
I have continued using Slackware since 1995. Currently, also working with one VSIDO & a Bunsen Labs. I have not installed another VSIDO in yrs. I downloaded one last yr but never did install it as I began to work with some BSDs again. That sums up the last 4 or 5 yrs. (Boring)

Time for me to get back to a nice FluxBox Install.
 Thanks, it is a mutual admiration club. You have attracted some great linux personalities here.
The fact that they have stuck is no surprise.
 and based on how uninteresting that most distros have become I believe I should have been using Vsido as my base work distro all along.
I should have had faith in the VastOne's staying power.
Still a great spin with no mind to critics or Distrowatch.
  Way to go, VO and crew!
WM Designs and Discussions / Re: Distro Hopping
January 19, 2016, 06:52:03 AM
 I don't define systemd shutdown as a shutdown...
It is more a Crash  :D
  which is why it is so fast...  just a bit of kidding..
My primary dislike of systemd as writer of scripts is that sysvinit uses easily editable shell scripts in /etc for config, while systemd uses binary modules..
  If you don't need or like to modify system scripts to meet your needs then a user won't car much about the differences..
  Other then that .. using those binary files and calling them at the cli than systemd works just fine for most purposes.
WM Designs and Discussions / Re: Distro Hopping
January 13, 2016, 07:10:37 AM
 As one who also uses Gentoo.. the developers there have led the way in the past to OpenRC.
If Debian's future OSes make the procedures more difficult to cling to a sysVinit system there is the OpenRC option. I have used systemd with arch and it is at least OK. I just didn't see the need for the move.
Take a look here
There you will read one method for switching a systemd to an OpenRC. While some might not to actually proceed down that road what can learn is of interest.

As to speed.. many of us have already seen this side by side boot video ..Systemd vs OpenRC

 In the end I did not have to create the user. I learned that simply choosing more compatible icons they would appear in the fbpanel and the Desktop. Apparently not all icons will appear in the fbpanel nor the desktop. Never seemed to have that issue with tint2.
 Good idea!!
I did not think to create a new user.
I will do that and post back.

Rather then a reboot... after a reinstall of SpaceFM and a complete shutdown my Desktop Icons reappeared ???
Also when looking at /home/sqlpthon/desktop the icons do not appear in Thunar  just generic icons. When viewing the same directory with SpaceFM I can see the appropriate Icons.. I have tried a number of icon themes and the issue prevails throughout icon themes... currently using Mate-Brave.

Hi Guys
Still a Debian user full time. Also like as always to work in Gentoo and Slackware.
So, as this forum loves Fluxbox and Openbox and has many users of the same I want to lay these questions at your door.

Hopefully, after much research on my part someone will see a solution where I have not.
I had installed Slackware Openbox (salix) ver 14.1 and have had these issues creep in....
That is to say that when I first installed this version has changed since the initial install 3 weeks ago.
I was able to have desktop shortcut Icon by copy paste from /usr/share/applications/ to /home/sqlpython/desktop
... I would then when copied in Spacefm have a new launcher on my desktop...
..... but no more since an update 4 days ago

I was able to edit /home/sqlpython/.config/fbpanel/default.conf (first making a copy) & then adding plugins with icons.
.... but no more since an update 4 days ago

I was able to change wallpapers with Nitrogen but now only with SpaceFm option..

Tried changing Icons, Themes, Wallpapers. Also edited fbpanel configs &/or restored defaults..
Edited gtkrc to show icons = 1 ..
Reinstalled Nitrogen and SpaceFm.. copied need icons to /usr/share/icons/(proper icon thems)

Best results at this time is to change Wallpaper with SpaceFm and to have generic terminal icons for any item added in Fbpanel config plugins..

Googled, searched forums no luck. I had used fbpanel off and on in 2009,2010 & 2011 with success.
Is it time to go back to Tint2 ???
Any Solutions ?
I've Got a Life / Re: Used to cycle
February 01, 2014, 05:45:25 AM
 If the project goes on, I for one would like to read of your progress... interesting..
General Support / Re: fbpanel battery bug
January 14, 2014, 04:36:42 AM
 Good move IMHO ..  8)
We may stray but return full circle to the elegance and full control that is tint2 ..
General Support / Re: fbpanel battery bug
January 14, 2014, 04:31:42 AM
 Thierry Lorthiois says "Use tint2"    ;D

  One benefit of this thread to me is now I know who Nicole Boerner is...  ;)  ..
Thanks PackRat
QuoteI was confronted with this absolutely beautiful post.

Thank You sir for the kind review.
The truth is easy and always plays well.

I continue to visit this forum due to the quality of the people here and because to my eyes VsidO is a really outstanding Distro effort. It can't be said too many times so
"Fine Job VastOne!"   8)
I have been reading these 9 pages with interest and appreciation as the passion is what has made Linux a Giant.

For me this past year, my installs are some systemd and some sysv.
This is my 20th year this year as a Linux user. My 14th year Windows free personally (exception is an install at work along side the Linux Box)..
So, this isn't a knee jerk reaction for me. However after 9 pages of interesting discourse, some clarity, some illumination and lots of personal passion and beliefs we come to ...
To quote:
Russ Alberry has already publicly stated that no matter the decision made he would honor and support it
Change is good, learning is powerful, passion drives them both

The above quotes say it all and I will subscribe to both in my practice..
Media Room / Re: Just listened to
January 01, 2014, 07:13:39 PM
Joplin vocals ... it don't get no finer ..  8)
General Support / Re: Anti-Spam registration Probles
December 29, 2013, 05:56:15 PM
No, I have no basis as I am not registering which is when the user says he encounters the issue.
Just alerting You so you can give it a look.
Normally, I would have just PM'ed you but then thought a thread topic might provide some additional outside input.