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Once again, using Fluxbox.

Long story short: I had to re-install my Fluxbox partition after I decreased my swap partition. I spent most of last night and today tweaking the Fluxbox menu (switching icons to Faenza and adding/deleting entries). I did restart Flux multiple times during this.

Then I played with the tint2 panels, and went with a basic setup. While trying to set up a weather Conky and get it to autostart, I logged out of the session, and when I tried to log back in, it takes me back to lightdm login. I can't get back into Fluxbox.  :o  :'(

I'm writing this from the Openbox session. Set the desktop up like what I had done in Fluxbox, and I can log in and out at will.

So, is this a Fluxbox problem or a lightdm problem? 

Any one know how I can get back into Flux?
Introductions / been here, done that
March 04, 2013, 12:03:15 AM
Greetings from the shadows. I've been using VSIDO since the first release, but have just lurked about these forums, enjoying the OS and drinking in all of the wonderful conky scripts.

I've using Linux as my only OS of choice for a year and a half now, learning the ins and outs and trying to get all of my hardware to work :)  I began with Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Mint and the likes, tried Crunchbang and #! SID, toyed with Sabayon and others. Lots of distro-hopping as you can guess.

Currently I'm booting Manjaro and Debian Sid after building my first new box.

VSIDO was nearly perfect out of the box (it didn't like my original machines realtek driver, but it was an easy one to solve). In fact, I have 2 VSIDO installs, one Xfce and on set for Fluxbox as a backup for when the freeze is over ;)

Just wanted to say "hi" and let VastOne know that he did good   :)

-- Jeff