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I've Got a Life / wow... the sun!
March 13, 2015, 04:05:38 PM
:)  first day in many months i've been able to step outside without three extra layers, hats, scarf and pain. 

glorious.   dont get many days like that here.

i mentioned this in an irc chan, with a friend elsewhere in the world reveling in the appearance of clouds in hope of rain.

the contrast amused me.
anyone else getting that?

QuoteUnable to connect server port 6667 [Name or service not known]

all my irc clients are giving me that, on any of the half dozen ports freenode does.  even ones from different computers, even computers physically located in other countries.   over 12 hours its been like this.  briefly had issues connecting to too, but i seem to be back on it.

oh, seems i can get on ... so long as i get past the clickjacking warning noscript now gives me for that (~dodgey bastid webhost company).

just been informed is getting ddos'd.   gurr. 

thnx to velsi on #VSIDO for  this link:
[2014-02- 7 09:23:43] <velsi>
[2014-02- 7 09:23:44] <v-ger> Title: QuakeNet IRC Network- Article - PRESS RELEASE: IRC NETWORKS UNDER SYSTEMATIC ATTACK FROM GOVERNMENTS (at
Artwork & Screenshots / February 2014 Screenshots
January 31, 2014, 10:58:58 PM
time for a fresh monthly screenshots thread.  u know the drill.  ;)

(as requested by pandachips, a scrot of my minimal-looking firefox ... not too minimal with that wasted line on tabmixplus (or whatever tab extension's caused that).

main features that contribute to the minimalism of firefox:
classic compact, classic compact options, tick checkbox to use small icons (right click on the bar somewhere that lets you select "customize" from the context menu), set the max tab width to smaller (may need to install an addon rather than just use about:config), use custom compact options (accesable from its preferences in about:addons) to further minimalise n clean up.  compact menu helps too. also using stylish with the following css applied to all sites: * {
   background-color: rgba(50, 33, 22, 0.8) !important; color: #EECCAA !important;
there are other darkening addons. 

not rly minimal, but i like having an always active stop button, for which there's an addon for too.
also using vimfx.  ;)  not likely to ever go back to vimperator or pentadactyl, as they try too hard to be too much.  ^_^
... and i'll spare you the bore about the other dozen+ addons i use. 

.ps ~
my minimal gtk theme likely also helps. "tarkless" [edit: adding link to raw text of fresh gnome-look upload: ]  ... continuing development on my minimal gtk themes.   ... yet to suss enough to make a gtk3 one, but i'm definately getting closer every poke in that direction i take. i hope it kets me have the pixel perfect level of control i want, without being pointlessly over verbose in unavoidable syntactical constructs... as i fear it may be.
I've Got a Life / Gardening n stuff
January 29, 2014, 07:01:10 PM
just bought some ginkgo biloba seeds off ebay.  already have one growing in my window (wow, it'll be 10 years old this year), and it keeps my circulation working.
nearly went daft buying other stuff too, but just put a couple on my watch list, to remind me...  stevia seeds, and angelica seeds, for two tooth-friendly, neuron-friendly sweetners.

i'm no real gardner by any stretch of the imagination... my small patch grows mostly... wild grass and weeds, especially lots of nettles.  there are a couple of pear trees burried in there somewhere though.

anyone else do any gardening when they're not geeking around on the computer?
I've Got a Life / Digit's Astrology Tent
January 26, 2014, 11:56:55 PM
first up, a little disclaimerish background intro to this...

Quote~~~~~~~~imagine wibbly dream/flashback sequence fade here ~~~~~~~~
the year was 2005, and i was a dry-minded science-ist... just barely venturing forth to the freakier realms beyond the familiar fringes of science that i so loved (like quantum mechanics n stuff).  increasingly, i'd noticed observations from others, they claimed as insights from knowledge of astrology.  i thought this was bunk.  i was sure of it.  i set out to disprove it by actually knowing what i was talking about.  so i started to study astrology, always with the intent of using the knowledge to pull the rug from under those whom had been duped by it.  ... well, long-story-short, a month or so in, it dawned on me that there was indeed "something to it".  ... and since then, i've looked into, to varying degrees, over a dozen astrological systems, and have also explored to a small extent what the flippin heck is going on!  what could cause this stuff!?  ~  some of it is seasonal, some of it really does seem to be "in the stars"... or at least... in the torsion, gravitational, magnetic, orgonic, whateveric, quantum feilds from the large masses as they move n spin.  torsion is a particularly strong candidate.

however... this thread is not for that stuff...

i thought i'd just have some fun, and present myself (albiet entirely unfitting) as the local astrologer here in the vsido community.   lol  (if you could only see how absurd that is from in my head, where the good ol science-ist me still lives).


shop's open.

ask for:

  • personality profiles based on a date of birth (please have time of day included too!  it really helps),
  • compatability in relationships (relationships of any kind),
  • or for your horoscope, or to know if a time might be favourable for a certain activity (this will be the most inacurate guff-ridden stuff, most likely, lol)

my services are free, and come as is, with zero garuntee of accuracy, consistency or factuality. lol.  more just for curiosity and entertainment purposes.  ^_^ 

i have maaaaaaany interests, and this one, i just think offers us some fun... but please dont go thinking of me as an actual astrologer.  just a layman who came into it from what i presume is a rare entry (trying to debunk).  as much as this thread is intended for me to accept your requests for "readings" or other questions, i'll gladly chime in with the battle against closed minds who are also science-ist and have dismissed it without actually applying the various rigours of scientific method (or even a layman's close aproximation thereof, lol).

chances are, anything you ask for, i'll just bumble along to some website and do a quote and link.  ;) 

even if you think you know astrology, it may be interesting to get some input from me... i went rather wide with my investigation... diverse systems.  :)

i dare you.  ask me an astrology question... or for one of the three items on the shop list above.  :)
I've Got a Life / reducing pebkac - vitamins n stuff.
January 13, 2014, 01:03:20 PM
for a long time, i've been a big advocate of looking after the most important component in your system... you.

already very keen on the:
high doses of vitamin d3 (choelicalciferol ~ or however it gets spelled)
(i take 2-4 125microgram softgels of it a day, to make up for me being so far north, and so indoorsy, and so often nocturnal, which is 10,000 - 20,000 i.u, if you like that sort of seemingly arbritrary measurement of "international units"...  dont let r.d.a of vitamin D scare you off taking this much D3, since the rda relates to D2, which is rather more toxic... but if you do think you need high levels of vitamin d (which if you live farther north than the meditaranean, you almost certainly do) you might want to build up to the 5000 iu first... i got horrendous headaches when i jumped in with both feet from no supplementation to 5000 iu.... though that coulda been caused by other factors. but again, dont freak out at the massive increase compared to the RDA for vitamin D...  you make about 30,000 a day for each day of 15 minutes full body sun exposure, after 3 days of acclimatising to it.  and if you live this far north, that never ever happens. heh.)
and more recently of:
double RDA of vitamin B12
(and a b vitamin complex ocassionally, as well as my regular 2700% rda of inositol for my raynauds condition)
.. had my first dose of 5-htp last night, and i feeeeel great.

great enough to jump up n do some tai chi n yoga after breakfast.
(musical parody is an artform, right?  ~ i'm sure this is the right section)

i've written fresh lyrics to go to the tune of i love you and buddha too:

_i lub gnu, and freedom too_
oh linux, i lub gnu,
and i lub freedom too.
debian hurd, bsd,
distrowatch and rms.

why do some people say,
that there is just one way,
to use your computer, for free.
we all have the liberty.

you are renameable.
you are so knowable.
devs have given us the source.
that is for freedom of course. (or: that's what freedom's for of course~ phonetically flows better, but intellectually fitting?) (freedom's what that's for of course?)

there is no way to be free  (why do these two lines seem so hard to get the sylables right?)
with proprietary.     (why do these two lines seem so hard to get the sylables right?)
foss is many, lots of choice.
with freedom you have a voice.

alright, alright, alright
i lub gnu, and freedom too.

oh linux, i lub gnu
and i lub freedom too
parabola, trisquel
x windows, bash, haskell

Why do some people say
That there is just one way
t'use your computer, for free.
we all have the liberty.

alright, alright, alright
i lub gnu, and freedom too.

oh linux, i lub gnu
(I lub GNU|Linux)
and i lub freedom too
sabayon, puppy, nixos
musix, and pclinuxos

why do some people say
(i lub GNU|Linux)
That there is just one way
to use computers for free.
we all have the liberty.

you are renameable.
you are so knowable.
devs have given us the source.
that is for freedom of course.(or that's what freedom's for of course~ phonetic-flow better, but intelectuall?)

with proprietary.           (why do these two lines seem so hard to get the sylables right?)
there is no way to be free  (why do these two lines seem so hard to get the sylables right?)
foss is many, lots of choice.
with freedom you have a voice.

alright, alright, alright
(i lub GNU|Linux)
oh linux, i lub gnu
alright, alright, alright
(i lub GNU|Linux)
oh linux, i lub gnu

and freedom too, and freedom too, and freedom too
(i lub GNU|Linux)

and freedom too, and freedom too, and freedom too
(i lub GNU|Linux)

and freedom too, and freedom too, and freedom too
(i lub GNU|Linux)

and freedom too, and freedom too, oh yeah.

~~~alternative sections~~~
Quotedragora, slackware, salix
many distros for your fix
Quotegentoo, exherbo, funtoo
there are many more for you

i wanted to fit in various other mentions too.  glad i got the hurd in early.

releasing under the gnu gpl (cos i'm lazy n release everything under that), if that's ok with mason jennings.

please help clean it up if you think you have solutions.  :)

lets take it to the gnu project and fsf, let them know they dont have to be stuck with that "hackers you'll be free" song as their only song  anymore.  ;)
How To's / system and network monitors in terminal
January 11, 2014, 12:04:56 PM
(was tempted to call this thread, "how to live without conky"... but i suppose there's no harm (and some benefit) in having these whilst continuing to use conky, if you cant break that addiction.  ~could maybe even have some of these piped through your conky)

so, lets just give a very brief intro to these...
(and as always, if you know of others, please share)

network and bandwidth monitors:
(there's at least two others i've known of in the past, but am failing at the moment to recall)

process and system resources monitors:

*atop is special, having network capabilities too.
*nmon is special, having system resource capabilities too.
** some others are like this in some respects too.

needs to be run as root.
lots of capabilities/modes.
using it's first mode from the list you're greeted with after launching and pressing any key, if you have lots and lots of different connections, this might generally not be so useful as an at-a-glance tool, but it still has many merits, and if you want to whittle things down, find out what ip are connecting to your box, this is one of the best.
the second mode is a simpler bandwidth monitor, much like many of the rest in this roundup.
i'll leave you to explore the other features.

needs to be run as root.
another great ip connections monitor.  handy to see which ip connection is chewing up the bandwidth.  several other features too, i'm sure.

needs to be run as root.
alas, not available in debian repo. (so i suppose i wont bother with further elaboration for this community).

i dont know where to begin describing this one to you.  when i think of it, i think of it as "network monitor" and generally just press n upon starting it... but i guess that n stands for ncurses, since most of the options to press upon launch will monitor other non-network things.  really quite cool.  rather elegant n pretty, in a clean minimal way too (esp if run in a terminal capable of high colour ~ i dont remember setting any of my 16 colour to that shade). 
~ suggestion... open lots of them in a terminal split up with dvtm, tmux, or screen(with horizontal splits plugin), and arrange to your own preference.  :)   ... maybe even put them in a tilda instance, or yeahconsole, or gnome-terminal, or yakuake, or some keybound toggle-view capability of your window manager (like scratchpads in xmonad)...  sry, rambling

you dont want to have to be looking at your bandwidth monitor all the time, so it's nice to have a graph, to see where the spikes have just been.   also, take a quick look at it's short man page, particularly the inputs and outputs... see? handy.

oops, i keep forgetting the -ng.  it's bwm-ng.  beautiful, simple, just what you want in a bandwidth monitor.  :)  again, check out the man page... this has other tricks up it's sleeve... see, not just for network bandwidth. :)  check out, for example. "bwm-ng -i disk"

in the first second after running this, it may give you an error that looks like it's not going to run... but then, up it springs, with numbers galore!  information overload!  right?  :)  lots to explore.  :)   no seriously... lots.  ^_^  even a 'quick' scroll through its man page suggests there's a lot going on.

the classic precursor inspiration to htop.  if you're used to htop, this one might seem far less interactive to begin with, but keep investigating, it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

if you've not heard of htop, i wonder what rock you've been under.  ... was the rock called windows?  welcome to the free world.  ;)   this one needs no introduction or explanation, surely.  there's a reason so many distros bundle it ootb.

just for swap and ram (and buffers and cache), you might not think of free as much of a system monitor like the others, since it doesnt update, right?   try this:free -s 2(see "man free")

ok, i admit, i dont know much about simple mon yet.  it almost looks like the "ed" of system monitors... but i bet it can be put to excellent use in the right hands, with the right pipes.

now... please tell me... what did i miss out?
what other monitors are there out there that you can run in a terminal?
what other pertinent features and capabilities did i neglect to highlight in any of these?

Scripts / vsido console app launcher menu: clapps
January 10, 2014, 05:31:59 PM
Quote from: VastOne on January 08, 2014, 05:38:30 PM
Regarding a console menu, y'all that want it ... build it and I will implement it...

here's a start... just something quick n simple to get the ball rolling... this was my notion of what it could be like... albeit with a considerably shorter, n more slap-dash list and ordering of options to choose from.

i have called it "clapps"
as in "command line apps"... i know it's not really all strictly "command line" apps, n more "terminal user interface" apps... but i couldnt pass up the name "clapps"

#! /bin/bash

clappsmenu() {
#top menu of clapps, first question
echo "what do you want to run?
1) aptitude     #tui package manager
2) archey       #nicely shows what you're running
3) screenfetch  #also nicely shows the same
4) inxi -wx     #your timezone's weather
5) inxi -F      #everything you ever wanted to know about your computer
6) ncdu         #where the big stuff is clogging up your storage     
7) htop         #what's running, n what's it doing, n how much it chewing
8) other

enter number preference of preference:"

                echo "Choice was $CLAPPSCHOOSE"
                echo "Choice was $CLAPPSCHOOSE, now making it so."
                echo "Choice was $CLAPPSCHOOSE so that is what you get"
                echo "Choice was $CLAPPSCHOOSE so that is what you get"
                inxi -wx
                echo "Choice was $CLAPPSCHOOSE so that is what you get"
                inxi -F
                echo "Choice was $CLAPPSCHOOSE so that is what you get"
                echo "Choice was $CLAPPSCHOOSE so that is what you get"
                echo "Choice was $CLAPPSCHOOSE so that is what you get"
                echo "idkwtf goes here...  something, surely."
                sleep 1
                echo "come help write more, here:"
                sleep 1
                echo ""
                echo "Valid Choices are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8"
                exit 1


so, please, do feel free to pitch in and populate/re-order it, spruce it up with whatever nice clean bells n whistles will make it better. :)
VSIDO Discussions / vsido repository
January 02, 2014, 07:44:06 AM
i think this discussion (and repo) is overdue.  so i'm starting it (the discussion at least).

we should get a vsido repo, or two.

... there, it's started.
making graphical user interfaces will likely scrare the pants of anyone who's attempting to get there from a nubile ground zero.   dont be.   zenity and yad are kinda revolutionising that stuff, expecially if you've already had the good sense to start getting some shell scripting savvy.  :)

here's my initial foray (much thanks to statmonkey's scripts, which reading them made this all the more simple).

#this is digit's first poke at zenity, dont expect much beyond hello world, ok.
zenity --question --title="zenjit rudimentary" --text="alo cosmos?" --ok-label="gosh,  yes!"

ok, there you go.  rudimentary ball rolling!
yeah, i know it doesnt really do anything yet... that will come next.

besides reading other people's zenity and yad scriptings, the man pages and help output is really useful too.  :)

added another line after that, in case that^ alone doesnt make it clear where to go from there.zenity --question --text="there we go then" --ok-label="...k"so you see... it's simple, just like script writing.
some tips for websearching

the first and foremost websearching tip (at least for firefox
(based browsers)), is to get this added:
yes, that is a search results output for mycroft, on mycroft.  click on
that top result, and it should offer to add mycroft to your list of
drop-down search engines.

why is this at the top of my list?  because it is the one that will add
ease and expedience to adding (almost) any other more search engines you
may want in the future.
immensely helpful.
[edit] some search engines, on some versions/configurations of
firefox, when visiting their search page, will present an "add" option
to the bottom of the search bar's drop-down list.[/edit]

[edit] also of interest to expedite use of thses here, perhaps you
might want to make use of:

now, on with the rest of the show.

here's a shortlist of some foss/privacy search engines you may want to


you could put those terms into a mycroft search, and you would likely
find some versions you could add.  :)

a little bit more about some of them though...

if you've not heard of this yet, one wonders where you have been.  lots
of nice features, particularly the "bangs".

this is a strong fave of mine.  you can run your own node of it, or find
someone else's node to use.  it is very customiseable and has loads of
advanced features, more than i will go into here.
see here for a list of the more official nodes: 
of seeks nodes
[edit ~ pesky
broken redirect~ meh, that link shud work, n let u find a nice node to
you may find many more not listed.  this list may also give you some
ideas about the extent of the customiseability of seeks, from looking at
the features mentioned for each node. 
... that should likely get you interested in starting your own, if
you're so nerdalisciously inclined.  it's not quite drop-in plug-n-play,
given the range of considerations and potential configurations.  i did
have seeks running on a friend's debian-based server (briefly... but
then it stopped working when someone else changed something n i failed
to get it back)
, so if i can do it, you can do it.
(my fave off-list node went down, so i'm now using, as it has a
reasonably close fit to the features i want, and is quite fast.)

like seeks, this is another free software project, that you can install
and run yourself.
here's a demo server of it:  demo

and some info about why that demo is just a demo, n not the whole idea:
about yacy search portal

the big name engines without having your ip logged.

i dont know much about this one yet, but seems to be a similar deal to

like privatelee, i dont know much about this one yet, but these words do
inspire confidence and admiration:
"powered by 2.5 million peers
web search // full privacy // no spam"
doesnt seem to do well with my tinfoil hat addons though.  probably
great for those without requestpolicy n the like tho.   i'm guessing.

idk anything about these guys really, but for some reason its on my list
too.  more variety n choice never hurt.  ;)

and again, remember mycroft.  it may have many more gems, known and
unknown.   try typing in "urban dictionary" or "uncyclopedia" into a
mycroft search.

anyone know any other good search engines?

scroogle may be gone, but as i hope this list shows, all hope is not
lost.  :)

* Digit adds more interesting finds later...  yet another
indexer.  it can find things that google won't show you. "google = nsa censorship. 
gibiru = uncensored anonymous search." grep the web.  "The first
specialized Search Engine for Software Engineers & IT Professionals
..." black google.  afaict,
this is not
privacy/security oriented.  added here anyway specialized VPN
that lets you search privately.
metagear proxies searches to multiple
search providers.
unbubble environmental, private,
searx "metasearch engine, aggregating the
results of other search engines while not storing information about its
qrobe it. private search, merge of google and bing results. Gigablast is now available as an open source search engine on  robust, scalable search solution in C/C++ in development and used commercially since 2000.
online-utility grep Grep Online - Searches for Lines Matching a Pattern
Artwork & Screenshots / remastersys celebration ghee
November 19, 2013, 06:04:22 PM
so i heard there was a dev build of a vsido using live-build instead of remastersys.  i was curious, but sad.

then heard vsido was sure to stick with remastersys forevaaaaar,   and i was overjoyed.

so in celebration, i dedicated this batch of ghee to it.  ^_^

(and when i was banging my head off how to get my slackware install to acknowledge i even had a sd card reader let alone get the picture off it to upload, i burnt it, so now it's even more fitting, by being all dark.  doh.  lol)

aw, didnt realise imagebin would time-out my pic.
Scripts / block wildcarded urls in /etc/hosts
November 07, 2013, 01:54:08 AM
preface:  if you're unfamiliar with blocking url through /etc/hosts then i suggest you do a quick websearch for "someonewhocares" and "hosts" (n that should get you there).

nice, huh?   i'm sure there's other ways, but this is the first i found.   i was looking in the output of nettop / jnettop, and kept seeing some curious stuff spamming my connection, for no good reason i could fathom, so i looked up how to augment my /etc/hosts file so i could effectively block a range with a wildcard... like * instead of trying to chase down and and and... etc.

i havnt actually implemented that yet, (cos i'm a timid cautious scardey when it comes to meddling with my connection incase i break it), but i'm sure it's great.  ;)

next stop... learning iptables.  ^_^

p.s. investigate dnsmasq & dnsmasq.conf
while it's good to have a clear single set of rules that everyone can see and adhere to, it's also good to get the gist of netiquette from multiple variations, and to that end, here's some more irc suggestions of netiquette;)

once you ask in a channel, you never exit till you hear back.

why ask to ask, when you can ask?

never ask more questions than you have to.

Explanation begins at home.

Expeditions of knowledgen begin at home.

never allow trolls to stand in the way of irc.

keep your eyes open.

once you get help, thank them, and it is easier to get help next time.

community plus netiquette equals help.

irc is eternal.

when the messenger comes to take over the chan, kickban the messenger.

a good chan is easier to behave in than the truth.

time, like ops, is a highly limited commodity.

always inspect the script before launching.

knowledge is knowledge, but female nicks are distracting.

help is help.

a paste is a paste is a paste, but only on irc if it's short, otherwise pastebin.

a geek without irc, is no geek at all.

never place friendship above irc.

never place irc above friendship.

a wise man can hear help on the wind.

nothing is more important than irc, except for netiquette.

ask, and you might look a fool for 5 minutes.  remain silent, and you will be a fool forever.

if that's what's written, then that's what's written.

always add a smilie when making fun of a geeks mother.

it never hurts to suck up to the ops.

trolls are good [practice] for irc [ops].

troll-killers are good for irc.

dont feed the trolls!

the cake is a lie.

the pie dont lie.

cookies crumble.  (but not the squishy ones)

confess your action fail before others mock you

add expansion chans or the chan will die a death of noise.

dont add expansion chans or the chan will die a death of silence.

never trust a man with a better cloak than your own

the bigger the troll, the more satasfying the kickban

admit when the websearch-fu is not with you

proclamations of nubileness accompanying questions, can expedite help exponentially.

proclamations of noobiness accompanying questions, can expedite help exponentially.

good irc-ers are as rare as we make them.   treasure them.

there's no substituting for netiquette.

free advice can be leet.

free advice can hoze your box.

the riskier the script the greater the humiliation and progress.

knowledge equals profit.

your home chan is where heart is, but the others have broader knowledge.

every once in a while, let a troll get away with it.  it stimulates opportunities to handle them maturely.

female sounding nicks and irc dont mix.

expand and extrapolate, or miscomunicate.

every op has their breaking point.

drive-by chatters go away, but the good guys stick around forever.

sleep can interfere with irc.

dignity and a witty come-back, will make the ops clap.

treat those grateful for your help like equals.

never have sex with the ops sister.

you cant use irc if you're dead.

your mother is a hamster, and your father smells of elderberries.  ;D

servers serv, ops protect.

whisper your way to netiquette.  [DONT SHOUT!!!]

a geek is only worth the sum of his irc posts.

read all, trust none.

it would be nice to somehow know new users before they come in the door.

once newcomers are in, whois, to be sure.

new chatters are like nettle soup. they can be nommy, but if too raw they sting back.

sometimes the only thing more dangerous than a question is an answer.

the logs are the rungs on the ladder of success. Don't hesitate to step on them.

never continue irc'ing on an empty stomach.

you cant free a wintard from windoze.

if you want to be productive, be creative.

knowledge lasts longer than nsfw.

never be afraid to mislabel a script.

never allow doubt to be overlooked when running a script.

no good deed ever goes unappreciated.

Unofficial Rules

when Digit leaves, it's all over.

dizzie is not always right, but he is never wrong

dont bother going to #ubuntu

nobody expects the spanish inquisition

~ the unwritten rule ~
when no appropriate rule applies, make one up.
Artwork & Screenshots / a very simple gtk theme
October 06, 2013, 01:11:15 PM

made look nice vsido-wise.  :)

(inspired by seeing dizzie's stand-out plain grey)
as promised.

a script that will take a screenshot, upload it, with a thumbnail, and put the bbcode in your clipboard, ready to paste into your forum post with a simple middle click (or, shift insert i think should work too). 

i call it "xrt"

~note to self, get that echo  of the bbcode tee'd so peeps can re-copy it from terminal... presuming they ran it in terminal.

please note that as-is, this needs you to edit in your own dir locations, and for you to have write access to a server to upload it to... er, or cloudspace or whatever other fangledness, so long as you can have that location be mounted to a dir on your local fs.   or whatever other expanded hackings you do to this.  ;)

at a minimum, you likely just need to 
#! /bin/bash
#please read and configure this script for your own use

#set your local screenshot directory location
#e.g. LOCSCROT=~/images/screenshots

#set your uploads directory location, where you have your public scrots dir mounted in your local filesystem
#e.g. UP=/media/myserver/scrots

#set your sharable public url of where you uploaded.
#e.g. DOWN=  #which, btw, is an awesome url for a foss scrots site.

#well its bound to be a .png, right?  best leave this alone.
#e.g SUFFIX=".png"

#cos, u dont wanna over-write, right? n u wanna look back n know when, right?
#e.g.TIMESTAMP=$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M)
TIMESTAMP=$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M)

#image name (before the date)
#e.g. PIC="screenshot"

##optional additional after the date
##not yet implemented ~ but feel free to manually meddle

#so now you have the parts, you can rearange the names of your full image, and thumbnail here:
#so now the full image will be called:
#and a thumbnail of it will be called:

echo -n "taking screenshot"
scrot -e 'mv $f tmp.png'

echo " screenshot"
mv tmp.png $LOCSCROT/$FULL

echo "creating thumbnail on server"
convert             \
   $LOCSCROT/$FULL        \
  -format "png" \
  -resize 400x300     \
  -background white \
  -gravity center   \
  -extent 400X300     \

echo "uploading fullsize image to server"

#cp /home/digit/images/screenshots/xrt.png $UP/xrt-full.png
#cp /home/digit/images/screenshots/xrt.png $UP/xrt-$(date +%Ym%d%M%S).png

echo "making bbcode available, ready to paste (just middle click)"

#this then provides you with the bb code in your clipboard
echo "[url=$DOWN/$FULL][img]$DOWN/$THUMB[/img][/url]" | xclip

echo "ok to go"

er... i better just check that one more time...

looks good.

Scripts / tty tricks
October 04, 2013, 01:49:08 PM
got some tips to augment tty?
(to be clear, i mean tty, not terminal/bash/console in general)

how about this basic starter... use console-setup to change your tty font (and other stuff).
dont be upset if you cant run console setup.  it's not quite like that (not in my experience anyway, despite the misleading glimpse at man console-setup).
instead, edit /etc/default/console-setup
simple enough.

for example, mine now contains:FONTFACE="cp850"
(my fave console font yet... looks much nicer in cvlc (ascii vlc))

see also the package consoletools.  :)

here's another method for listing the available fonts (so you can now what name to enter there... since these are not the same fonts as in Xwindows), that provides fairly readable output:(cd /usr/share/consolefonts && find . -type f -name '*.psf.gz'; ) |
    sed 's/.\/\(.*\).psf.gz/\1/' |
    sort |
by popular demand.

viola, a thread into which we can start keeping better track of all these firefox suggestions that keep popping up all over the place.

my suggestion was/is
a multi-profile setup, so that one can have a vanilla browser, and one kitted out with a tin-foil hat (noscript, request policy, adblock, flashblock, better privacy, and ghostery ~ oh, and startpage or duck duck go instead of google, of course)
syntax highlighting in code blocks, in the forum...

... that'd be sweet.   no idea how difficult that'd be to find/implement...