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this old ticket (not mine) describes the issue

this patch reputedly addresses/fixes the issue
and bears a commit message stating
"A vertically rotated text should be checked against the height of the button, not the width of it.

Fixes #1119 ("Toolbar cannot display full text of workspace/​clock/​windowtitle.")
and, in the release announcement for v1.3.7
Minor Bugfixes:
 • Working vertical rotated Tabs and Toolbar
toolbar.iconbar If True, will rotate text on the tab so it is readable on vertically- placed tabs. Once again, use the Configuration/Tab Placement menu.

yowza! Maybe it doozn't dooz what I thunk it dooz?
I've been unable to achieve the desired result.

Meanwhile, this submitted patch is sitting, unused (and likely bitrotted) since 2009:

This patch adds:
- Menu item "Always horizontal icons" (bool).
- Menu item "Icon size" (int).
- Menu item "Text padding" (int).

It allows to align the windows list horizontally while tollbar aligned vertically.

BTW, here's a bugfix pull request from 2015, sitting unmerged b/c the dev doesn't approve of the title wording. WTF?

Before I attempt to merge that "Always horizontal icons" patch, I'm posting this to ask: "am I overlooking something? The functionality aready exists?"

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