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Scripts / I got tired of pulling tons of photos off my wife's camera
« on: April 17, 2013, 12:12:38 PM »
See below for version 3 of the script.
The heavy lifting was done by schragge at the Ubuntu Forum's Programming sub-forum.

So - I wrote a VERY simple script to pull everything off.
It puts the images in a folder labeled with the date.
It resizes the images for posting on my website.
(I live in Sweden, but am from the US, my wife is from Japan - so we have a website devoted to our kids.  Both sets of Grandparents love it.)
It puts the videos in a folder I use to store clips until I can edit them.
It removes all the thumbnail (.THM) files from the camera.

Anyway,  here it is:

Code: [Select]
### Unload_camera ###
### By Grouchy Gaijin ###
### Tweaked by Sector_11 ###
### This is really simple.  You only need to install GraphicsMagick to resize the images and then adjust
###the paths of the folders. ###
### Make the script executable chmod +x Unload_camera and call the script from the camera. ###

echo "Are you SURE you are in the right folder??"
##### Because I am a dumbass and sometimes run this from the wrong folder. #####
echo "ALL files in the clips folder will be deleted."
#### Because I always forget to delete them after I post a video #####
read -p "If so, press the [Enter] key continue..."

# now is the folder where the script will put your photos #
# I have the date set in the format of 15-Apr-2013 #
now=$(date +"%d-%b-%Y")

# gm mogrify is the GraphicsMagick command to resize all jpeg files in the source direcory #

gm mogrify -resize 720x720 *.jpg *.JPG

# change the path of mkdir to where ever you want the new direcory to be #
mkdir ~/path/to/$now &&
mv *.JPG ~/path/to/$now
mv *.jpg ~/path/to/$now

# The script will pull any videos off your camera and put them in the assigned direcory #
# My direcory is called clips.  Before moving new videos into the clips direcory, the script will delete # # anything it finds there. #

rm -f /path/to/the/direcory/where/you/store/all/of/your/clips/before/editing/*

# The script also removes any video thumbnail files from the camera #
# I added .MOV and .mov in case you pull from a drive with Mac files on it (iPhone, cough cough) #
rm *.THM
mv *.MPG /path/to/destination/folder/
mv *.MOV /path/to/destination/folder/
mv *.mov /path/to/destination/folder/

General Support / Long urls in mutt
« on: March 30, 2013, 12:29:19 PM »
Hi Guys,

I figured that since Mutt is included in VSIDO someone might have an answer about a problem I've noticed with Mutt.
I am using Mutt-patched from the Ubuntu repository (Yes, I am one of the unwashed.)
Anyway, it works really well except that if a url extends to multiple lines, Mutt can't figure it out and clicking leads to a page not found error.

I tried copying the url, but when I highlight the lines with the url I end up copying a bunch of other stuff that is not in the url (like part of the list of folders in the Mutt side panel, for example).

Does anyone know a way to deal with long urls aside from opening up Thunderbird?

Thanks for any advice, I really appreciate it.

How To's / Multi lingual spell checking in mutt
« on: February 05, 2013, 09:44:44 PM »
I started using mutt a few days ago and found that I missed the ability of spell checking in both Swedish and English.
There are several ways to solve this problem, so you might know one that is better / easier than the solution I use.

1. You could just set an editor like abiword to be the mail editor in mutt.  In the .muttrc file add
Code: [Select]
set editor="abiword"I didn't want to do this, because after all, mutt runs in the terminal and using abiword (or whatever gui text editor) seems to violate the spirit of the thing.  ;)

2. You could use vim as the editor.  I had already managed to get vim to spell check Swedish and English, so that would be the obvious choice, right?  (Shhhh I don't like vim at all - I keep forgetting the key combinations to do things, not to mention to hit the escape key before I try to move to a misspelled word.)

3. I wanted to use nano.  Why, because it is easy and runs in the terminal.

The problem is that nano comes with a terrible spell check that only tells you which words it doesn't know.  If I knew how to spell them, would they be wrong?  Aspell on the other hand, offers useful suggestions.  I wanted to use Aspell.

The problem is that Aspell didn't like loading the en_US and sv_SE dictionaries together.  I tried making a custom dictionary and that worked OK, except not in mutt.  In mutt, I'd get a spell check abnormal failure.

Then I found this bash script that let's me choose which dictionary I want to load after I invoke the spell check command.

Code: [Select]
read -p "Aspell: Select language: (US) SV" -s -n 1
case $REPLY in 
2|[Sv]) opts=( -l sv_SE.UTF-8 ) ;;
*) opts=( -l en_US.UTF-8 ) ;;
exec aspell ${opts[@]} -e -c $1

Next I edited the nanorc file which on my system is at
Code: [Select]
/etc/nanorcI changed the set speller setting to point to the script
Code: [Select]
set speller "/path/to/the/script/alpine_aspell"
Now when I hit the spell check command in nano (which my mutt uses) I get a choice: Press 1 for English or 2 for Swedish - and I'm good to go.

This worked for me.  I hope you find it useful.

Introductions / Hej from Sweden
« on: January 20, 2013, 08:54:25 PM »
Hi Guys,

Sector_11 turned me onto this forum as the place to go for Conky talk.
I live in Sweden, but am not Swedish.  The name GrouchyGaijin comes from my personality - my wife and kids have been known to tell me that I'm being grouchy.  Gaijin (外人 if you read Kanji) basically means outsider or non-Japanese.  Since my wife is from Japan and I'm not - well then - I'm a gaijin.   :D

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