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Introductions / Long ago compiling Conky on a board far away.....
« on: January 21, 2013, 07:08:41 AM »
Some of you well remember me.   I had a 100% Linux Box running 'buntu and then LinuxMint and found #! was best for the laptop.  I was a conky addict...

Sometime almost a year ago, I did the unthinkable and installed Win 7 on the Desktop, and found it very difficult to exist as I could not sudo/cli in M$.  I needed some Win 7 experience for what I thought was going to be a long term support job at work.  Win7 is stable and on the laptop I am happy.   The desktop did not fully digest Win 7 and it appears I may need to consider a new box.  Little did I know that I would lose the job..... I now work 25 hours a week and fear for the future.  Enough of my woes.

I appreciated the work many* did on creating Conky/TINT and the most excellent work of VastOne on G-player and what is now Gmusicplayer.   The live disc I post this on is a fine piece of work.

The question remains as follows-

Is the 64 Bit AMD kernel the best for my Intel chip?   Did I dl the wrong iso?

* I dare not mention names to miss anyone but Sector11, MrPeachy, VastOne, Jedi and others come to mind first as those I appreciated.  if your ego is bent not seeing your name here, get over it.

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