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After scaring away all those who did not like systemd, I am not surprised they did not majority vote to affirm init diversity.  So much so, I'm not even bothering to check to confirm that's how it went, such is the strength of my presumption. 
VSIDO News & Announcements / Re: Long live VSIDO
July 12, 2020, 07:31:02 PM
Very glad, that when I look to fluxbox again (in (and posting this from) a virtualmachine of void hijacked with bedrock adding devuan ceres, artix and gentoo), and do some fluxbox configuration searches, vsido forum posts are among the results, and the most helpful.  Very glad vsido's still going.  :)  Long Live vsido and the vsido community!  :)   (quality over quantity, reduces noise/signal ratio.)  :)
... Though i'd still choose to have it more vcereso ;D
(side note: did have an obarun hijack first, but its s66 stuff's being fancy and unfamiliar scared me away initially... but... seems they are encroaching (and surpassing?) some of systemd's intended solution space.  It may warrant further investigation.  ... and, would you agree, that'd be fascinating, if one day, we get a debian/devuan with obarun's fancy init system?)
I've Got a Life / Re: 2016 can go to hell
February 08, 2017, 06:30:40 AM
aubrey de grey n his longevity escape velocity is all nice n well for the living.  but we have a lot of ace peeps we need to bring back.  where's them transhumanists at with their backup recovery stuffs...  :3

feelin like i want that.  a fresh new unimpaired body wud b good.

2016 was indeed rough for me.  various peaks n mounds of extremes n unpleasantnesses...  n then i looked at some astrology gubbins, n it said 2016 was the good shit, n that 2017 was gonna be rough.   ((o))__((o))  so i came to this thread hoping for some 2017 levity. 

can we make 2017 better?

i might start actually donating to sens foundation.  :)

i love that openrc vsido happened.  "ovsidorc"

so... i wonder... sat here on a devuan.... how much would it take to make it vsidofied?
... and ovsidorc'ified.  ^_^
Scripts / Re: PMRP - Poor Man's Radio Player
February 07, 2016, 06:12:27 PM
gave this a whirl.  unuseable on my bandwidth.  is there a way to get it to only use the low bandwidth streams?

*gone back to my own even-more-poor man's radio player for now.*
I've Got a Life / Re: Time to ride -
February 07, 2016, 03:32:25 PM
my bike, and the parts of an old bike, are loaded up into the back of my van, with intent to take them to the bike shop to get fixed.  been there weeks.   procrastination's only part of the delay.

my bike's engines are atropheing.   *feels his thighs*
physio therapist said he'd never seen such lack of muscle mass.
online-utility grep Grep Online - Searches for Lines Matching a Pattern
still feeling sore from the demise of grepy, is this too good to be true?
added: Gigablast is now available as an open source search engine on  robust, scalable search solution in C/C++ in development and used commercially since 2000.

found via , see the "bing" graphic link in botton left.  ^_^
searx "metasearch engine, aggregating the results of other search engines while not storing information about its users."

(thnx fr33domlover)
QuoteDo you install to metal?  VirtualBox?  A secondary partition, or hard-drive?

i used to do a lot of my testing in virtualbox, for the convenience.  but have since got a machine dedicated for testing on metal.  it has 4 partitions, mostly used cyclically, sometimes one or two getting held onto for a bit longer.   i think currently there are 3 vsido installs on it.   all from cd burned using wodim (or maybe that last one used cdrecord or something else i forget).

joyous return.
looking over at my big main workstation...  i realise, despite several explorations* off to other states of existence, when the shit hit the fan, it's back to the vsido install with it.  i have it doing some "mission critical" data recovery stuff at the moment.  this is the first vsido i installed iirc [edit: anyone care to remind me how long ago that was?  i remember it was a january, but what year was it?  when did vsido start?].  :)   it has been through the wars.  i have given it quite the kicking.  any problems it has, came from me (~ not entirely true... some turbulence experienced with systemd's arrival).

i used stable n then testing branches for years.  n then i started pinning the occassional thing from sid when i needed the latest (or at least newer).  it got to a point where trying to pin what i needed was becoming more nuissance than the problems i was likely to incur by "just going sid".... and just going sid in my experience, as echoes VastOne's, was a refreshing surprise in the absense of the much trumped up pains sid was aleged to be riddled with.

and most of that was kinda just bald sid.  i'd been on sid for a couple years or whatever before vsido showed me there are all those other tools n safeguards n further extremes n whatnots to help manage n mitigate n explore the sidness.   ^_^ 

so, yeah, it's stable enough for sure, for >99% usecase i reckon.   
just play it safe if your office is anything like a nuclear facility, or something the provides everyone with water or electricity, or risks catastrophe if the system chokes ever.  nowhere too big to let fail.  everywhere else, you can have reasonable confidence.   but do try experience that for yourself.  dont just take our word for it.

ps,  arch bit me so many times, and not just small nibbles either.  sid never bit me unless i was mistreating it.  gentoo never bites, but seems to always want to be gumming at you.   exherbo demands to be locked in a mutual perpetual bite.  i've yet to have spent enough time with void to know if it will bite (though i presume it will).  ...  sid really is the friendliest roller.

* those explorations on that machine include: time spent with bedrock, which then had a sid client as the main glut of it, with my configs from vsido copied over (so that was still basically running sid... just it simultaneously had the packages available to run from my arch n slackware n gentoo clients too); time spent in windows for elite dangerous, which then necessitated a radical hardware upgrade, effectively a new computer (case n peripherals were all that stayed same), and the same vsido install has picked up running again on that fine enough. 
Media Room / Re: Just listened to
March 13, 2015, 09:10:12 PM