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Hi I'm new here, and it's been a while since I've done much with anything linux, and I'd rather ask than crash my entire system!.  I'm currently dual booting windows 10 with Linux mint 18, and had no problems installing it, other than needing to add Linux to the Windows boot menu via command prompt.  However with this install unless I change the BIOS to CSM/Legacy Boot, which of course won't allow Windows to boot, I can't install VSIDO.  I have a 1TB hd currently formatted with 100mb(EFI)System Partition (boot),  466GB NTFS windows 10, 449GB Linux, and 14GB Swap partitions.  I'd like to just install the VSIDO over the Mint. If I need to I can repartition from windows, or I could do it manually from install, if i could get the usb to boot to UEFI!  Will it not boot this way or am I doing something wrong???