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Using fluxbox from debain jessie stable...version 1.3.5 I think. Xterm does not do it, I've installed sakura and it works fine as well. I have an almost identical setup on a VM (different machine. The behavior doesn't happen there. Tried copying my .fluxbox directory over but didn't solve the problem. A possible key difference: The VM is running on a Mac. My main install with the problem is running on a diy PC... on the PC I have installed nvidia drivers (340.65 through non-free apt-get). Perhaps the conflict?


WM Designs and Discussions / another xfce4-terminal / fluxbox question
« on: August 08, 2015, 04:54:52 PM »

I'm running fluxbox on debian 8. I've installed Mire_V2 as a theme. Nice, thin title bars. In my .fluxbox/menu I have an entry:

     [exec] (Terminal) {/usr/bin/xfce4-terminal}

When I login and fluxbox launches, the first time I open a terminal, it locks into the upper-left corner, with no title bar, and no way to move/drag the window. If I open another terminal, same thing, right on top of the original. Right-changing appearance preferences won't fix it. All other apps (iceweasel, thunar, xterm, etc.) open just fine, with title bar, etc, and work. If I restart fluxbox ([restart] from a menu entry), xfce-terminal now works fine.

I've tried everyting. Telling it to remember decorations when functioning correctly, setting an entry in .fluxbox/apps (which it won't recognize on first launch, either, but will when I restart fluxbox)

I'm stumped...any help?


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