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VSIDO Installation Help / Re: problems installing
« on: February 19, 2014, 01:45:40 PM »
I think Jedi should be very careful "calling me out as a liar", just because he`s probably not been able to install Vsido to a gpt-disk himself.  I have done it, and it`s no problem at all. I did it the first time a long time ago by a workaround where I "fooled" the installer, and I`ve done it now, by fixing the installer, so that I don`t need to workaround it anymore. But, remember, I said to a gpt-disk, I didn`t say that I installed it to efi-boot. As there is no need to efi-boot just because there is a excisting efi-partition. A gpt-disk has the capability to bios-boot, and if Jedi isn`t aware of that, he should educate himself. EFI depends on GPT, but GPT doesn`t depend on EFI.

Superwow is confirming my claim that the non-swap installer completes the installation to a gpt-disk, but it wouldn`t boot for him. Well, that could be because he doesn`t have a bios-boot partition. This partition isn`t possible to create during the install, but I`ve got this partition from other installs that lets me create it. Read about the partition here:

As to why the swap-installer fails on the initial hdd-detection is as I said before, because fdisk doesn`t support gpt. The installer needs to use blkid instead. But simply replacing "fdisk -l" with "blkid" will give a uotput that leads to swap not being properly automounted in FSTAB. As the output will be "sda x:" instead of just "sda x" Therfore a little modifying of this line in the swap installer is needed:
Code: [Select]
#find the swap partition
TARGETSWAP=`fdisk -l | grep swap | awk '{print $1}' | cut -d "/" -f3`

should be changed to:

Code: [Select]
#find the swap partition
TARGETSWAP=`blkid | grep swap | awk '{print $1}' | cut -d ":" -f1 | cut -d "/" -f3`

Finally. I never lie. And I don`t appreciate Jedi "calling me out as a liar" or make outrageous claims about me throlling, just because I disagree with him. I`m 100% correct, and I have no issues installing VSIDO to a gpt-disk. Jedi is a little to full of himself, and that`s ok when he can back it up by knowledge or skills, but sorry to say that it`s not the case in this topic, and I guess that`s what bugs him. Someone knowing more about something than he does.

Here is another Debian-distro that installs on GPT. Both the swap and non-swap installer works fine with GPT. How I know? I`ve created and tested the ISO myself, and if I make it work right ootb and Jedi doesn`t, then he clearly has to do something wrong. Because I`m no linux-guru and if I can make it work, then anyone that`s at a medium skill-level should be able to do the same. It`s a Crunchbang/Sid-mod. 64-bit. Try it.

VSIDO Installation Help / Re: problems installing
« on: February 13, 2014, 01:50:43 AM »
Quote from: jedi
Again, your log files tell the story.  Both disks are GPT partitioned, and /dev/sda does indeed have an EFI boot partition on it.  You will NOT be able to get Grub2 (or SuperGrub) to install to that particular partition.

Absoluetly correct!

If you want VSIDO installed you will need to switch from GPT to MBR with gparted. This will wipe your Windows 7 install out but you can then install windows 7 on the disk as MBR and then install vsido and grub2 should boot just fine.

If you dont have a a windows 7 disk you can just torrent one. Nothing illegal about it as long as you use your license that you (or your company) paid for which is on the bottom of the laptop. If you do wipe your windows 7 install and reconfigure for MBR just make sure you install windows before vsido because the the Windows boot loader will override grub.

Not true. I have no issues installing VSIDO on gpt-disks. The solution is quite simple. Use the installer-version that is WITHOUT swap. The swap-installer fails because of this:
Code: [Select]
#find the swap partition
TARGETSWAP=`fdisk -l | grep swap | awk '{print $1}' | cut -d "/" -f3`

On a gpt-system, the output will be this:
Code: [Select]
ew@Ubuntu-G580:~$ sudo fdisk -l | grep swap | awk '{print $1}' | cut -d "/" -f3
[sudo] password for ew:

WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sda'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted.


But by replacing "fdisk -l" with "blkid" the above command will give this output:
Code: [Select]
ew@Ubuntu-G580:~$ sudo blkid  | grep swap | awk '{print $1}' | cut -d "/" -f3

As you see, it now detects sda7 as my swap partition...

But this is just a sidenote. Also, it`s no problem writing grub to a disk with a efi-partition. The same disk can be bootable both in efi-mode and bios/legacy-mode at the same time, and you can actually have one distro/os handling the efi-boot, and another distro handling the bios-boot. Very useful. You can efi-boot Windows, and legacy-boot Linux. Then set legacy as the first/primary boot-option,. That way you will boot linux by default, while you can interrupt boot with F12 or wahtever gives you the boot-prioritary and select the Windows-bootloader when you want to boot that.

Personally, I have Ubuntu to handle my efi-boot, and it detects and adds efi-entrys for all other distros that I install. But even if I do this, I still let one of the other grubs be installed to mbr, and use it as a secondary way to boot. A backup if you may, if something happens to the efi-boot.

Edit: One question though. Is the font-size in the code-snippets supposed to be so big. I find it hard to read this way.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: VSIDO 2014_01_13.iso Feedback
« on: January 21, 2014, 01:55:00 AM »
I am pretty sure you can get lxpanel to behave on multiple desktops... I never tried it as I am a one desktop kind of person

I still think lxpanel is better, especially for the beginner... when you can right click and make changes, it is easier than learning tint2

No doubt about it. lxpanel is easier to learn. I have no problems getting lxpanel to behave on multiple desktops, but it does it a little bit different.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: VSIDO 2014_01_13.iso Feedback
« on: January 21, 2014, 12:11:38 AM »
I had already eliminated the F as the culprit...

@PackRat, the F is from patches supplied from the tint2 sources here.. for the life of me I cannot figure out why development has stopped on tint2 and nothing more added... I repackaged tint2 to include these patches... if you want the built code let me know

Yes, and the lack of development in tint2 makes me feel that we probably should use another solution. But I love tint2, so it`s hard to actually  take the step and leave it for something else. I especially like the possibility to split the taskbar between different virtual desktops. To my knowledge this isn`t possible to duplicate with anything else. All other solutions only shows the taskbar for the active desktop... If I`m wrong, I would be very happy to be corrected  :)

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: VSIDO 2014_01_13.iso Feedback
« on: January 20, 2014, 01:27:20 PM »
I added a 10s delay to the systray tint2 and it seems to have resolved the issue

Can make that an easy change...

Thanks for the feedback Rat Man!

Here is mine. Works perfect without delay, and I use panel_layer = normal and strut_policy = follow_size.
(I have enabled FBS, and use a different background definition that merges it with the conky, so it all looks like one bar)
Sorry for not using the code-snippet, but for some reason that made the text huuuge...



# Background definitions
# ID 1
rounded = 0
border_width = 0
background_color = #000000 100
border_color = #000000 0

# wm_menu = 1
panel_items = FBS
panel_monitor = all
panel_position = top right
panel_size = 155 35
panel_margin = 0 0
panel_padding = 0 0
font_shadow = 0
panel_background_id = 1
panel_layer = normal

systray = 1
systray_padding = 8 2 3
systray_sort = ascending
systray_background_id = 1
systray_icon_size = 35

# Launchers
launcher_icon_theme = LinuxLex-8
launcher_padding = 2 2 2
launcher_background_id = 1

#time1_format = %H:%M
#time1_font = sans 8
#time2_format = %A %d %B
#time2_font = sans 6
#clock_font_color = #ffffff 76
#clock_padding = 4 4
#clock_background_id = 1

battery = 1
battery_low_status = 7
battery_low_cmd = notify-send "battery low"
bat1_font = sans 8
bat2_font = sans 6
battery_font_color = #ffffff 76
battery_padding = 1 0
battery_background_id = 1

mouse_middle = none
mouse_right = none
mouse_scroll_up = toggle
mouse_scroll_down = iconify

# Panel Autohide
autohide = 0
autohide_show_timeout = 0.0
autohide_hide_timeout = 0.0
autohide_height = 3
strut_policy = follow_size

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Once again back here...
« on: January 18, 2014, 02:07:40 AM »
^ The FluxBox wiki is very nice...

I got them to update the InTheWild page to include VSIDO

I`ve already found the wiki, and I use Super+m to do this:
Code: [Select]
Mod4 m :ToggleCmd {ShowDesktop} {DeIconify all originquiet}
It works fine, but the behaviour isn`t like I wanted it to be. Because tint2 is treated like a window. So at this time it works well as a "panic/lock button", but it doesn`t really fill the function that I initially wanted it to. But I solved it by a different tint2-setup where I don`t need this behaviour. Problem solved, and I`m getting there with Fluxbox. At this point I can`t see any issue continuing to use Fluxbox, so I`m a very happy camper :D

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: January 2014 Screenshots
« on: January 18, 2014, 01:21:51 AM »
Nothing special. Just my first shot, trying to get it a little more like I want it :)

Yes, I have temporarily disabled compton, as it is just bloat to me  :P

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Once again back here...
« on: January 17, 2014, 01:53:55 PM »
A little more feedback. The non-swap installer works with GPT, while the swap-installer doesn`t. I think I know why, and I will test it with a small edit to the installer-script. If that works, then it will not effect people with msdos-tables. But anyway, if anyone have had issues installing VSIDO to gpt-disks in the past, there is no reason to stray away from Vsido, because the non-swap installer does it perfectly, and you can easily add swap later.

And another great thing, a new world record is set with this VSIDO-release, because it is the very first time ever that my b43-wifi has worked ootb, without having to use broadcom-sta and wl :D

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Once again back here...
« on: January 17, 2014, 02:26:03 AM »

That`s fine. I haven`t got that far yet. I`m working on appearance and functionality, trying to get the tint2 and the menus, as I want them. But there were so many tint2-configs in the system that I got a bit confused, But now it`s kind of sorted out. Except adjusting which layers the different windows and panels should belong to, in order to give me the result that I want :D The next thing is to figure out how Show/Toggle desktop works in fluxbox :)

VSIDO Discussions / Re: The vsido remastery thread
« on: January 16, 2014, 02:19:23 AM »
With a few modifications, I find Remastersys very good. The only thing that`s missing from a full fledge installer, is the possibility to set more mount points. But for the experienced of us, this is easy to do later in fstab, or with the GUI that you Vsidos`s use.  Creating a snapshot of a working build is the best way to build a distro, and  Remastersys does it just fine. OK, there are no uefi-support, but so far it`s only a few of the big ones that have it.

Now I`ve actually wiped my ssd and converted it to a gpt-disk, to see if the installer works with it now, without using the workarounds that I`ve used before. If it`s not working, then I will put all my effort into changing the installer so that it works.

The only problem with Remastersys for the future, is uefi-support. As it will be a big rewrite, and it`s not only a few small changes in the installer scripts. But if the os4-fork ever will be released, then I feel quite confident that uefi-support will be included.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Once again back here...
« on: January 16, 2014, 12:00:43 AM »
Regarding LinuxLex and any icons... What more would be developed on icon packs?  Additional applications icons? I have not seen any second tier type icon packs developed much beyond the first year.  For most new applications, you can pull in the icon and add it to whatever icon pack you are using so the real development is upon the user IMO.

Yes, you are correct about the icon-themes. But I was looking for this LinuxLex-theme, and this one I haven`t saved in my Dropbox:

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Once again back here...
« on: January 15, 2014, 11:51:51 PM »
Fluxbox isn`t all that much to learn. But the config are a bit different from openbox. In openbox I pretty much did everything in menu.xml and rc.xml. Flux has other config-files, like that apps-file and the keys-file. It isn`t a steap learning curve, but it requires a tiny bit of effort, and the worst thing about being a Crunchbanger, is that #! makes you way to comfortable and lazy.

If you're more comfortable with fewer config files, the fluxbox menu, keys, and apps file can be combined into one file - i.e ConfigFluxbox - just keep the sections discrete and edit the ~/.fluxbox/init file to source that file for the menu, key bindings, and per-app settings.

The menu and apps settings will still auto-update, but you still need to restart fluxbox for changes to the key bindings to work.

I've never tried to add in the overlay, slitlist, or windowmenu file to a master config - don't use those too often.

Thanks. Will look into that as soon as I start to configure the install. Initially I will probably try to do it with the config-files as they are now, and see if I could get used to it. But it nice to know that i can merge the config-files into a master config.

VSIDO Discussions / Re: Gdebi - Does anyone use it
« on: January 15, 2014, 04:00:57 PM »
Nah. I use it very little. I use dpkg to install deb-packages.

For the record, I like xfce4-terminal... It carries none of the baggage of the xfce4 core dependencies and just works.  Having said that, I will dive into roxterm and get aquainted

Nono, you shouldn`t do that. I also love xfce4-terminal  :)

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Once again back here...
« on: January 15, 2014, 02:55:13 PM »
Just throwing this out to both of you... not for any debate or anything..

I would bet just about anything that had you got to know or used FluxBox before OB, you would probably be saying exactly what you are now

Was that confusing?


Obviously. But it is a bit like Debian versus Arch. I know apt, why should I learn pacman -syu and all that foreign language  ;D

Fluxbox isn`t all that much to learn. But the config are a bit different from openbox. In openbox I pretty much did everything in menu.xml and rc.xml. Flux has other config-files, like that apps-file and the keys-file. It isn`t a steap learning curve, but it requires a tiny bit of effort, and the worst thing about being a Crunchbanger, is that #! makes you way to comfortable and lazy.

But it`s not only that I know my way around in openbox, but also that I`ve tried to hack it in any way imaginable, so I know what is possible, and what`s not. With Flux I will have to do all that over again. But don`t worry, I`ve decided to do the effort required  :)

By the way, is LinuxLex discontinued? I can`t seem to find the icon-themes anywhere. I know that they are in VSIDO, but at some point it probably would become a issue, if they aren`t developed anymore. I just end up on this page: , and I can`t seem to find a way to the icons.

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