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Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Vsido 3
« on: December 22, 2013, 04:50:51 AM »
- folders. oh... ok.
- udevil. I couldn't mount ntfs, searched, found this. Look at second entry:
So I fixed my udevil.conf - and could mount.

Feedback & Suggestions / Vsido 3
« on: December 21, 2013, 02:24:43 PM »
Nitpicking PwL reporting to VastOne:
- udevils conf you have in 12.17 64bit iso is buggy - and fix is also available somewhere in Ignorantgurus place. In essence, Spacefm refuses to open several things: like usb, ntfs  and something... Can aslo be fixed in udevil.conf, by deleting all suchlikes 'fmask=0133' - and all is fixed and opening up.
- As of V3 ... there is very little to say, I don't see almost any difference with V2 - if we talk of FB. So, no whiny review in Roundsl is coming. Just for you to know - several reduntant folders and conf files appear in user folder (OB, i3 et cetera). Looks... errrmm ... unruly :)
But - I am going to deconstruct Vsidos' FB, as a training for fixing my Slackware one. Joy and fun it will be!
Also, I am sure I can't resist tearing down Vsidos' desktop and rebuilding it in my way. Oh, I already started... But I promise - if FB survives my probes, it stays.
Happy Christmas to all, but biggest ones to VastOne.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: feedback it is...
« on: August 05, 2013, 05:22:42 AM »
Here is menu attached, and for fun I added also themerc I use in Vsido (and everywhere else, with different colors). Original was Seven.
VastOne, you are probably missing some icons, they weren't in original LLex... I am not entirely sure which ones :)

Minimalism? Well, matter of taste. I quite like some bling - as long as it's not animating and compizzing.

Conky / Re: Conky Support, Codes and Screenshots
« on: August 03, 2013, 06:54:01 AM »
Minimal two-line Conky, bottom right 30%, sits after leftside 70% Tint

Deleted a line by accident, VastOne corrected that and posted whole thing again. See next post.

Tint2 Support and Scripts / Re: Tint2 Configs and scots
« on: August 03, 2013, 06:42:10 AM »
Tint2: Bottom left 70%, goes together with bottom right 30% two-line minimal conky.
Code: [Select]
# TINT2 CONFIG FILE for OB, left bottom 70% then Conky 30%

# Background definitions
# Taskbar
# ID 1 for Panel
rounded = 6
border_width = 0
background_color = #ffffff 0
#border_color = #000000 70

# Task active
# ID 2
rounded = 4
border_width = 1
background_color = #ffffff 20
border_color = #A16130 60

# Tasks inactive
# ID 3
rounded = 4
border_width = 1
background_color = #ffffff 10
border_color = #A16130 30

# Launcher and Systray
# ID 9
rounded = 6
border_width = 1
# background_color = #284E76 50
background_color = #000000 80
border_color = #A16130 60

# wm_menu = 1
panel_items = LTS
panel_monitor = all
panel_position = bottom left horizontal 
panel_size = 70% 30
panel_margin = 0 0
panel_padding = 0 0
font_shadow = 0
panel_background_id = 0
panel_layer = bottom

taskbar_mode = single_desktop
#taskbar_name = 1
taskbar_padding = 15 2 4
taskbar_background_id = 1

task_icon = 1
task_text = 1
# task_width = 60
task_maximum_size = 120
task_centered = 0
task_padding = 3 2
task_font = sans 7
task_font_color = #ffffff 75
task_active_font_color = #ffffff 100
task_background_id = 3
task_active_background_id = 2

systray = 1
systray_padding = 8 2 3
systray_sort = ascending
systray_background_id = 9
systray_icon_size = 20
# systray_icon_size = 0

# Launchers
launcher_icon_theme = LinuxLex-8
launcher_padding = 11 2 7
launcher_background_id = 9
launcher_icon_size = 26
launcher_apps_dir = ~/.config/tint2/.tint2oblaunchers/

mouse_middle = none
mouse_right = none
mouse_scroll_up = toggle
mouse_scroll_down = iconify

# Panel Autohide
autohide = 0
autohide_show_timeout = 0.0
autohide_hide_timeout = 0.0
autohide_height = 30
strut_policy = none

Scripts / show-hide-desktop tray icon script
« on: August 03, 2013, 06:07:49 AM »
Found it somewhere in #! forum. It's python. Stuck it into my OBa autostart. Not that I use it very much but it's presence pleases me...
Code: [Select]
#!/usr/bin/env python

# Show desktop system tray launcher for use with Openbox & tint2 (or other panels)

import gtk
import os

class StatusIcon:
    def __init__(self):
        self.statusicon = gtk.StatusIcon()
        self.statusicon.set_tooltip("Show Desktop")
        self.statusicon.connect("activate", self.left_click_event)
        self.statusicon.connect("popup-menu", self.right_click_event)
    def right_click_event(self, icon, button, time):
        menu = gtk.Menu()
        about = gtk.ImageMenuItem(gtk.STOCK_ABOUT)
        quit = gtk.ImageMenuItem(gtk.STOCK_QUIT)
        about.connect("activate", self.show_about_dialog)
        quit.connect("activate", gtk.main_quit)
        menu.popup(None, None, gtk.status_icon_position_menu, button, time, self.statusicon)
    def left_click_event(self, event):
        os.system('xdotool key super+d')
    def show_about_dialog(self, widget):
        about_dialog = gtk.AboutDialog()

        about_dialog.set_program_name("Tint2 Show Desktop Icon")
        about_dialog.set_comments('A simple system tray icon so that you can show the desktop and iconify all open windows.\n\nDesigned specifically for tint2 and Openbox.\n\nYou will need the keybinding Super+D set up to ToggleShowDesktop in your Openbox rc.xml, but this is the default.')
        about_dialog.set_authors(["richjack, 2010 \nReleased under GPL v2 or later"])


Feedback & Suggestions / Re: feedback it is...
« on: August 03, 2013, 05:58:27 AM »
I definitely hold people who really read and also replay in high regard. So - thanx for detailed answers.
- yes - it's for dot files. I want to see everything...
- Unified look: I wanted to say that I found through trial-and-error that your way is the right one. Keep it unified.
- I will put 'showdesktop' up to /scripts. also my tints and conkys.
- Sure. But this takes a bit time - I have been careless and the result is some different Linuxlex folders. I will merge them and ... what is the best way to make them available? Bloody folder is over 50M...
- What do you mean? People don't want icons in OB menu, or technical reasons?
- FF: took 64bit from Mozilla servers, installed to /opt. With sudo firefox, it even upgrades stright from it's menu. I am using Iceweasel in my wheezy OB, in stable form it's complitely OK.
- Live-tools: No harm, really. Sometimes it irks me when 'find' finds a meter-long list, and half of it sits in /live. Also, when I tried to 'remove' live-tools I got error (something about overwriting a file, but 'can not') and I ended up with half-installed package...
- Yeah, I also use Xscreensaver infrequently but ... the original really is horrible.
- I suspected that. And I did found them in up-corner too... And you are very probably right - there is no substitute good enough.
Ok, I go and see if I can upload something.

Feedback & Suggestions / feedback it is...
« on: August 01, 2013, 04:23:33 PM »
VastOne asked - carelessly and obviously of misdirected politeness - of my Vsido impressions... So, here is somewhat chaotic feedback:

I poke and tweak. So, every distro I had has been mercilessly disfigured. Vsido - probably less of them all.
Here come changes I did make, or I didn't make. It's not meant to be 'the right way', of course, but simply - how I like it. If someone finds here something usable - good.

- It probably is good idea to have 'unified' desktop look over all sessions. At first I removed tint2 from Xfce... and then put it back. Different Xfce-panel annoyed me.
- Only thing I have on my 'desktop' is bottom ribbon: Tint2 at left, 70% width, LTS. Conky takes last 30% and has short info in 2 lines (including clock). I removed menu from launchers. Right-click is enough. I like tasks hanging there, with names. In systray I have show-hide-desktop script from #! forum, then volumeicon and xxkb.
- I use Linuxlex icons for all my distros - I really like them. But I have swapped some of them - I tend to use dark tones, and (some) originals kinda disappeared into background (terminal...etc).
- By the way, I added icons to Openbox menu - it looks pleasantly blingy.
- When I installed Vsido last time - in May, Synaptic didn't have a quick search bar... means apt-xapian-index. I find it useful and always install it.
- I stick SpaceFM into every distro I have. To every Xfce too. It's superb. I haven't found anything else as good. Candidates?
- By my experience - experimental Iceweasel was a bag of bugs. Replaced it with Firefox.
- I use FsArchiver, and find it to be A Good Thing. But I haven't found use for /live folder sitting in root and/or live-tools + refracta...
- And I pimp those: FbReader - nice lean e-book reader. Qbittorrent is better than Transmission.
- Do we need kernel-remover when there is smxi installed?
- I always add 'ShowHidden=true' to .config/gtk-2.0/gtkfilechooser.ini
- I 'hack' .bashrc, and make terminal a bit colorful, also for root.
- I use .Xdefaults from Xubuntu 12.10 to make crappy Xscreensaver to look a bit better.
- Vsido-exit script is an animal - it works even on Salix which I transplanted with Openbox.
- And I am quite angry with Lightdms' last iterations - some configurability is gone and for some reasons I don't have sessions anymore in greeter menu... Thinking black thoughts of downgrading or Slim.

Really - no other distro escaped with so little. Vsido IS good.

Introductions / Re: PwL Introduction
« on: July 31, 2013, 12:25:17 PM »
thanks jedi.
Just yesterday I had to 'restfs' my Vsido - after particularly destructive research to gnomish upstarts like gvfs and at-spi2-core. So - I might ask something alright... after I can formulate my current interest in some clear form.
And after I - maybe - take up Vastones' careless invitation to share my impressions (of Vsido).

Introductions / Re: PwL Introduction
« on: July 30, 2013, 05:59:17 PM »
Yeah, for me Vsido was just right - I had already reached kinda stable level with Xubuntu - and Vsido was mighty exciting, especially Openbox. I even Openboxed Xubuntu afterwards, and then dropped it from use (Xubuntu, I mean)... as Debian Sid tickled my fancy a lot more.
And if you so nicely ask of my opinion - then one general thing: I personally use Xfce nowadays only very infrequently. But remembering how good crutch it was for me when I wrestled with Openbox beginnings - I think you should keep it in your triple setup. Despite that you all here seem to be enamored to FB :) .
Now, current problem. Yes, I had Liquorix up to last ver., and also 10s and 9s still undeleted, I tried them - but 3.8.13 was the first to behave ok (with this a bit older Nvidia smxi put there).
It definitely is Xorg-upgrade+Nvidia thing.
And too bad that you got it so hard - compared to my puny Compton tricks.
Well, for compensation - I have had some two weeks now occasional freezes with Synaptic. Not that I use it for installing, but mostly for looking package-info. Means, no big harm done. Still, it makes me think of unkind things I would like to do to Synaptic.
Ups - I didn't plan to write a short story...

Introductions / PwL Introduction
« on: July 30, 2013, 11:28:00 AM »
And Hallo to everyone.
Has been lurking here from March - as also using Vsido. Started with Linux somewhere in November '12, and Vsido was my first not-(x)Ubuntu. And I suppose Vsido was one of the best things for me, educationwise. Eminently functional and pleasantly hackable. It still is my distro number one. Though, now closely followed by Slackware.
Thanks VastOne, for super-distro, and lotsa tutorials here and in Crunchbang.
PS! But I find it mildly irritating that registration doesn't  allow to answer 'pigs' question as 'of course they do'.

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