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Title: Just another one of THOSE Linux conversations
Post by: VastOne on December 31, 2014, 05:07:51 AM
Was on the #smf channel on freenode and had this gem of a conversation (http://hastebin.com/uwutimotuy.xml)
It always cracks me up how simple Windows users with no clues at all have these incredibly stupid and uninformed opinions about what we all take for granted
Title: Re: Just another one of THOSE Linux conversations
Post by: airtime on December 31, 2014, 06:04:54 AM
Hey Vast  , what is a Windows phone?  lol Its funny some people say they never used linux. but they have in reality. Either banking , checking in for a flight. Windows even pulled in a lot of unix commands with Powershell.
Title: Re: Just another one of THOSE Linux conversations
Post by: jedi on January 01, 2015, 06:10:34 AM

What a douche...

Windoze - The fastest collapsing OS in the world.  Linux - The fastest growing OS in the world!  These are the facts, just the facts ma'am...

The sad part about that conversation, is that Crip deserves so much better in terms of someone carrying on his legacy of perfection when it comes to artistry in the SMF Theme arena.  (Crip, you are sorely missed by the community, may you rest in peace!)  A real worry that such a Winblows fanboi is taking over Crip's design work...

I do recall that as of Sept. 2012, there were at a minimum, 1.3 million Linux devices coming online every single day!  A little over 2 years later, and I'm pretty sure that MS and Apple are probably quaking in their boots...

Just for the record, my signature line below was added before Antes conversation with VastOne!  Very apt and fitting if you ask me!
Title: Re: Just another one of THOSE Linux conversations
Post by: VastOne on January 02, 2015, 03:58:20 AM
^ Snickers...  ???  8)

Nicely said mate!
Title: Re: Just another one of THOSE Linux conversations
Post by: superwow on January 02, 2015, 07:49:08 PM
 - VO -

That’s interesting, but not in any way surprising. It is behavior like this that drove me from several other linux distros. Behavior of users did not drive me away from MSW. It was the poor performance and execution that drove me from MSW; and their business model of making an OS with so many backdoors. That is what drove me from MSW to Mac almost 15 years ago. And what drove me from Mac was behavior like this in the Mac community, and a continual redesign of software that ruined my files and system.

So far, the Debian communities I have been a part of have been the most inclusive and had the most camaraderie, and been the most instructive to noobs like me.

Having said that, I find myself currently on a Windows phone. The interface I like. In fact, I like it better than any other phone right now. But aside from the interface, the same old crap and jankiness  I have come to expect from MSW is still there.

It is funny though that the guy was pushing OpenSuse. MS and Suse have a history of extensive collaboration (https://www.moreinterop.com/ & https://www.suse.com/partners/alliance-partners/microsoft/). And that OpenSuse runs many of the MS platforms. I believe you used to could look into the header file of your Hotmail account, or just the page encodings, and see OpenSuse in several places. That in itself is interesting. But OpenSuse is a nice choice. It is one of my favorite Linux distros, truly complete, well designed (good software and good appearance choices), and a pretty decent community. It was actually the first linux distro I got fully installed on my own. Not the first I tried, but the first to actually be complete and install without problems. I used it at home for several years as an alternate to my main Mac setup. And IT guys at my last job sang about how it excelled at energy consumption per computation on their servers, though I don’t know the specifics of that. Prior to coming to VSIDO I considered spinning myself a minimal Openbox OpenSuse remix.

But I think I am comfortably a Debian guy for the moment though. Kudo’s VastOne on putting together a great minimal distro. VSIDO seems like it would be easy to put together. However I admit I have been scratching my head for a couple of weeks trying to build up my current minimal Debian install from scratch. I had some problem (apt corruption or systemd issues, or possibly a humongous case of PEBCAK, or all three which borked my VSIDO). I cannot get VSIDO or other downstream distros to boot from USB after some strange corruption on my last VSIDO install. Lubuntu will boot from USB and GRML will deb bootstrap from that onto a clean drive, though no other distros, debian or otherwise, will boot from USB. It has been extremely fun and I have learnt a lot. Screen is quite fun and w3m and the other terminal browsers are really all you need. But getting a few things like wireless networking to work have been devils! Arrrgg! Getting everything to work as smoothly as VSIDO though is not easy, so, thanks for the front line but entirely minimal distro of VSIDO.

I am not sure what the dude’s agenda on the smf free node site was, but clearly he has not tried VSIDO!