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Title: reducing pebkac - vitamins n stuff.
Post by: Digit on January 13, 2014, 01:03:20 PM
for a long time, i've been a big advocate of looking after the most important component in your system... you.

already very keen on the:
 high doses of vitamin d3 (choelicalciferol ~ or however it gets spelled)
(i take 2-4 125microgram softgels of it a day, to make up for me being so far north, and so indoorsy, and so often nocturnal, which is 10,000 - 20,000 i.u, if you like that sort of seemingly arbritrary measurement of "international units"...  dont let r.d.a of vitamin D scare you off taking this much D3, since the rda relates to D2, which is rather more toxic... but if you do think you need high levels of vitamin d (which if you live farther north than the meditaranean, you almost certainly do) you might want to build up to the 5000 iu first... i got horrendous headaches when i jumped in with both feet from no supplementation to 5000 iu.... though that coulda been caused by other factors. but again, dont freak out at the massive increase compared to the RDA for vitamin D...  you make about 30,000 a day for each day of 15 minutes full body sun exposure, after 3 days of acclimatising to it.  and if you live this far north, that never ever happens. heh.)
and more recently of:
double RDA of vitamin B12
(and a b vitamin complex ocassionally, as well as my regular 2700% rda of inositol for my raynauds condition)
.. had my first dose of 5-htp last night, and i feeeeel great.

great enough to jump up n do some tai chi n yoga after breakfast.
Title: Re: reducing pebkac - vitamins n stuff.
Post by: PackRat on January 13, 2014, 03:45:34 PM
^ Cool. I've become much more nutrition/vitamin aware since my heart attack (clinically dead for 24 seconds!).

Posting though to add a big +1 for tai chi and yoga. I suffered from lower back pain for years then received a book about tai chi at an office Christmas party - gave it a shot and been pain free for 12 years now. Awesome stuff.
Title: Re: reducing pebkac - vitamins n stuff.
Post by: Digit on January 14, 2014, 04:53:10 AM
yeah, nothing beats tai-chi for remedying energy flow problems.  each of my bodies are a intricate network of rivers, sometimes the flows get constricted or blocked, or flow at a pace too quick or too slow.  tai-chi helps that loads.

qi-gong (the mother of tai-chi, some call it), yoga, meditation, reiki, massage, all these help on some level, but a good solid tai chi session, is much more viscerally effective for the flow.
Title: Re: reducing pebkac - vitamins n stuff.
Post by: jeffreyC on February 22, 2014, 08:07:07 PM
Don't let the AMA/Big pharma scare you off from vitamin D.
Also RDA is not the amount to keep you healthy, but minimal survival dosage.
Remember that doctors and pharmaceutical companies make money from you being sick, so the less healthy they can keep you the more money they make.
Title: Re: reducing pebkac - vitamins n stuff.
Post by: Digit on March 13, 2015, 07:32:26 PM

just switched from cyanocobalamin source of vitamin b12 to methylcobalamin.  so much better.  five thuuuooooooosand mikes a day.  :)

nice to know i'm not adding to the cyanide in my system now too.   i already likely have fairly high levels from all the home made almond milk i drink most days.  n not to mention all that extra from the huge ammounts of cinnamon i have... n yeah, >99% of that cinnamon is cassia, not ceylon.  ... i should make the switch there too, like i've done with the methyl-b12 and d3.   ... and like i did with the magnesium too.  magnesium orotate rather than, whatever it was before that.

bio-availability, yo!  ;)

got a crazy regimen for keeping candida under control now.  loadsa coconut oil, grapeseed extract, rosemary cloves, n other stuff.

... now if only i could master the art of not going absolutely wild n gung-ho manic workaholic the moment i recoup an iota of energy after forcing myself into some r&r.