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Title: GMB Git Updates fixes Google album cover searches
Post by: VastOne on January 11, 2014, 06:56:19 PM
For the last month, changes in Googles simple image search scripts had been broken and no longer usable in GMusicBrowser

Quentis Sculo (GMB dev) has now fixed that and added additional image search engines.  They are now ready in the git version of GMB, which is what is the default in VSIDO

To get the latest git version simply do this in terminal:

Code: [Select]
rm -rf ~/gmusicbrowser
Code: [Select]
get git-core


sudo apt-get install git-core

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git clone http://github.com/squentin/gmusicbrowser.git

The first rm of ~/gmusicbrowser is needed to clear what is already there so that git can recreate it

The second is to make sure git-core tools are installed

The third is to get the latest git version of GMB

The next versions of the ISO will have this installed already