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Title: tty tricks
Post by: Digit on October 04, 2013, 01:49:08 PM
got some tips to augment tty?
(to be clear, i mean tty, not terminal/bash (http://vsido.org/index.php?topic=544.0;topicseen)/console in general)

how about this basic starter... use console-setup to change your tty font (and other stuff).
dont be upset if you cant run console setup.  it's not quite like that (not in my experience anyway, despite the misleading glimpse at man console-setup).
instead, edit /etc/default/console-setup
simple enough.

for example, mine now contains:
Code: [Select]
(my fave console font yet... looks much nicer in cvlc (ascii vlc))

see also the package consoletools.  :)

here's another method for listing the available fonts (so you can now what name to enter there... since these are not the same fonts as in Xwindows), that provides fairly readable output:
Code: [Select]
(cd /usr/share/consolefonts && find . -type f -name '*.psf.gz'; ) |
    sed 's/.\/\(.*\).psf.gz/\1/' |
    sort |
Title: Re: tty tricks
Post by: statmonkey on October 04, 2013, 08:22:32 PM
Interesting.  I really haven't done much with tty for a very long time.  Not sure why.  I'll have to test this out.  Will this make the fonts in the boot screens consistent?  I had that annoyance fixed once and forgot how I did it.
Title: Re: tty tricks
Post by: Digit on October 04, 2013, 09:33:51 PM
one would have to look to the likes of grub fonts (and even kernel fonts?) to get that consistent look while booting.   ... i didnt think it was important since most peeps will have a <15 second boot.   ;)

i do kinda wanna come with the background images in tty and other customisations stuff...   tty can be seriously pimp.   but it tends to take a lot of doing, if your distro hasnt already set that stuff up for you.    ... i mean like you need to tweak your kernel (or get an already tweaked kernel) for that stuff... and all my old links on it are dead.   :/    ... i hope pimped tty doesnt go the way of the do-do.

ps, regarding my post above, about tty fonts:
<VastOne> fuck fonts
<valroadie> LOL
<VastOne> they are for pussies
teehee.  that was from a different context, but this thread was fresh in my mind, n wanted to tie the two together. lol
Title: Re: tty tricks
Post by: statmonkey on October 05, 2013, 04:40:55 AM
I found what I remembered from a wiki by the inimitable Jelloir - http://wiki.bitbinary.com/index.php/Debian_Sid_Desktop#Improve_Boot_Visuals (http://wiki.bitbinary.com/index.php/Debian_Sid_Desktop#Improve_Boot_Visuals)
Improve Boot Visuals

By Default the Debian boot sequence is a little dull. Sure you can add things like usplash but I would rather stick with the console output instead of using packages to "make things purdy".

First I install the Terminus Font and reconfigure the console-setup package to make use of it.

apt-get install console-terminus console-setup
dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

Answer the debconf questions, the first 2 are typically default.

Encoding to use on the console: (hit Enter)
Character set to support: (hit Enter)
Font for the console: Terminus
Font size: 12x6 (or choose your desired size)

Your console font should now be using Terminus at the desired size. Reboot to see the new font upon boot.