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Title: VSIDO ll Velociraptor
Post by: lwfitz on September 17, 2013, 10:15:23 PM
I have been plagued with bad download after bad download due to one.com/lwfitz incompatibility but thanks to VastOne (once again) I was able to download from a special super secret location and finally got to do some testing.

I DD'ed to my handy dandy usb but was teased with a blinking cursor and a black screen. So, I dug deep withing the depths of my desk (actually they were right next to me)  and I grabbed a dvd to burn the image to, and that did the trick............ So I thought!

I selected to boot to a live session and got a warning that blah blah blah nouveau wasnt found or couldnt be located and then I got this screen

(http://en.zimagez.com/miniature/imag012014.jpg) (http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/imag012014.php)

Thats when JedsDesk stepped in and gave me some ideas that included but were not limited to adding

Code: [Select]
to the initial bootup and that got me booted properly but at a horrible resolution.

Finally I was able to install and everything from there on went just as expected until I was installing Nvidia via smxi.
The normal Nvidia install will error and then a reboot and reinstall of Nvidia is necessary because of nouveau being installed. This time it didnt error. Why would that be? Is that the reason behind my boot issues? Maybe something from nouveau is missing? Just an idea.

Once I got fully updated with the right drivers I restored my backed up Xorg.conf and installed what I needed installed. Boot up with  Velociraptor/Liquorix is as fast as original VSIDO was with systemd. Memory usage  with Nvidia installed is right around 150mb and cpu idles at 0-1% with the latest Liquorix kernel.

From there I went to my laptop ( Asus G73JH) with ATI and installed without a single issue at all.

As always, VSIDO just gets better and better. Keep up the amazing work VastOne!


Did I say I love it? I DO I DO!
Title: Re: VSIDO ll Velociraptor
Post by: PackRat on September 17, 2013, 11:22:05 PM
Without looking at the smxi script, I would say you're correct and nouveau isn't getting installed/loaded properly. I suspect the script is similar to what I have to do which is:

1. blacklist nouveau modules
2. reboot to non-nouveau
3. Install nvidia drivers

good you got it working.

My only hitch was an install hang at the grub installation section. second try was no issues.