Forum Netiquette Guide


Think carefully about your subject line - If your thread subject gives no clue to it's contents, it will probably be renamed.

Think about the category - If you put your thread in the right category to begin with, it won't be moved elsewhere by the moderating team

Remember to use paragraphs - If you are going to post a long message, put some paragraphs in so it breaks it up and makes it easier to read!.

Try not to write in all capital letters or use lots of TXT abbreviations - Some members may find your thread too hard to read and be put off replying.

Disagree with the post, not the poster - It doesn't matter if you do not agree with another poster's point of view. It is fine for you to disagree with the subject matter, but you should never personally attack the poster. And try not to be offended if someone disagrees with your opinion .

Are you posting while angry? - If you post a message when you are angry, chances are you might accidentally reveal something personal that you may regret the next day - or you may inadvertently post a message which could cause offence to others (who may not share your views), be in bad taste, off-topic or inappropriate.

Re-read other people's posts carefully - Before you type a reply to another member's message, why not read their message through again just to be sure you are reading it in the context it was intended. It can be way too easy to take offence at another person's message especially if you are unsure exactly how their comment was meant. .

Think before you post - Before you hit the submit button, re-read and think about what you are posting. Read it from another's point of view. It can be easy to take things the wrong way on-line. .
Keep it clean. - Please keep this site "PG" rated. This site is aimed at vsido linux users, some with children, others are children-  of all ages so material which is not suitable for children should not be posted. Obscene or sexual references will not be tolerated. Our forum has a word censor which filters out the majority of swear words.

Please do not waste time - Ensure that replies are on topic Only start a new thread if the topic, or something very similar, has not been covered elsewhere. If you look at the old threads you may find that your question or point has already covered If you do start a new thread, make sure that the title is descriptive and that the topic will add value to the forum, and not just repeat or slightly deviate from another thread. Do not post purely for the sake of posting.

Do not post off-topic comments or disrupt threads - You do not have to post in every thread. So if you do not like a topic, if it does not interest you or if you have nothing constructive to post, simply leave it and find one to which you wish to contribute constructively.

Report it - If you think something shouldn't be on our forum boards, then please report it.

If you are in doubt? Don't do it....
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