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Artwork & Screenshots / Re: January 2018 Screenshot Thread
« on: Today at 12:58:06 AM »
Going with a border only window decoration for a while -

WM Designs and Discussions / Fluxbox Deco Bitmasks
« on: January 15, 2018, 03:26:19 PM »
This was touched on in the fluxbox styles thread, but I'm separating it out.

This is a very hand thread to have bookmarked as a fluxbox HowTo

In the ~/.fluxbox/init file, there are three main lines to define the fluxbox window decorations:

Code: [Select]
session.screen0.titlebar.left: Shade Stick
session.screen0.titlebar.right: Minimize Maximize Close
session.screen0.defaultDeco: NORMAL

The first two lines define the position of the window buttons you want to use - so you can put them upper right/left, whatever you're comfortable with.

The last line deines the decor to use - NORMAL is the default, and note it's all caps and, I believe, case sensative.

Reading the man page for fluxbox-apps you'll come across this:

Code: [Select]
[Deco] {value}

           Specify the decoration state. There are several predefined value

                   Standard decorations

                   No decorations

                   Like NONE except keep the X window border

                   Like BORDER except keep external tabs (if enabled)

                   Titlebar with only an iconify button

                   Titlebar only

               The value may also be a bitmask for finer-grained control. The
               bits are, from (1<<0) to (1<<10): Titlebar, Handle/Grips,
               Border, Iconify Button, Maximize Button, Close Button, Menu
               Button, Sticky Button, Shade Button, External Tabs, Focus

Note there are several options other than NORMAL to use in the ~/.fluxbox/init file for the default decor; or you can override the default decor by setting decor on a per-app basis in the ~/.fluxbox/apps file.

But what exactly does this mean:

Code: [Select]
The value may also be a bitmask for finer-grained control. The
bits are, from (1<<0) to (1<<10): Titlebar, Handle/Grips,
Border, Iconify Button, Maximize Button, Close Button, Menu
Button, Sticky Button, Shade Button, External Tabs, Focus

That's where the above link comes in handy -

Code: [Select]
Each bit-property is given a value that's based on a power of 2 in ascending order:
Property                                            Value
titlebar                                                  1
handle/grips                                         2
border                                                   4
minimize button (called iconify)         8
maximize button                                 16
close button                                         32
enable window menu                          64
sticky button                                       128
shade button                                       256
enable tabbing                                    512
enable focus                                       1024

So the user can decide how a particular window shoud be decorated, adds up the values and uses it with [Deco] in the apps file. So if all you want is tab and borders: 512 + 4 = 516, in the ~/.fluxbox/apps file:

Code: [Select]
[Deco] {516}
Adding in some other window decor and per app settings yields an entry similar to:

Code: [Select]
[app] (name=win) (class=Xpdf)
  [Dimensions] {80% 90%}
  [Position] (UPPERLEFT) {10% 5%}
  [Deco] {1647}
  [Minimized] {no}
  [Maximized] {no}
  [Fullscreen] {no}
  [Layer] {8}
  [Alpha] {255}

Note than when you log out/in to fluxbox the deco bitmask gets converted to so code (hex?) so the apps entry changes to:

Code: [Select]
[app] (name=win) (class=Xpdf)
  [Dimensions] {80% 90%}
  [Position] (UPPERLEFT) {1% 2%}
  [Shaded] {no}
  [Deco] {0x66f}
  [Sticky] {no}
  [Minimized] {no}
  [Maximized] {no}
  [Fullscreen] {no}
  [Layer] {8}
  [Alpha] {255}

If the user has a preferred Deco it can be used as default in the ~/.fluxbox/init file

Code: [Select]
session.screen0.defaultDeco: 0x66f
instead of individually in the ~/.fluxbox/apps file.


Artwork & Screenshots / Re: January 2018 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 14, 2018, 12:23:59 AM »
screenshot day -

General Support / Re: Live-Config issues on Stock ISO
« on: January 13, 2018, 11:22:28 PM »
The bullshit part of it is that it's systemd stopping this on an endless loop... Why?  You would think it should be allowed to error out just to get to some logging to see what the hell is happening

I cannot even get to another tty which means X is not starting at all

One would think. The good old days when it drop you out to runlevel 1 so you could fix the system.

Is there something you can do at the grub menu after hitting "e" - some parameter to boot to the console; suspend the lightdm service?

General Support / Re: Live-Config issues on Stock ISO
« on: January 13, 2018, 09:07:35 PM »
That wouldn't surprise me at all - lightdm seems to break a lot. Been beta testing ArchLabs for Matt, lightdm is wonky in that distro too (Arch overall, I suspect).

General Support / Re: Live-Config issues on Stock ISO
« on: January 13, 2018, 05:26:06 PM »
The sha256sum checked out ok, but the live-session boot hangs with that error message. I let it go for 2min 30sec then powered off.

Reverted back to the other iso so it would boot, still sat for about 20 sec then completed.

On both boots, it hangs right after I get the message about Bluetooth patch not applying. I checked the dmesg output after a successful boot, and Bluetooth is followed by a bunch of networking messages for eth0 (the wired interface on this laptop). Is the dmesg output in order, so maybe a networking/dhcp issue?

General Support / Re: Live-Config issues on Stock ISO
« on: January 13, 2018, 04:55:09 PM »
downloading .......

General Support / Re: Live-Config issues on Stock ISO
« on: January 13, 2018, 04:38:12 PM »
OK, I should be able to get to it sometime today.

General Support / Re: Live-Config issues on Stock ISO
« on: January 13, 2018, 04:35:16 PM »
I burned this image:


that's a lite image?

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: January 2018 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 13, 2018, 04:30:16 PM »
live session, current release with some minor tweaks:

Download went fine and dd to usb no problems.

Booted the live session - got the error you mentioned in the other thread for ~20 seconds then the live session booted to the desktop.

1. the upper tint2 panel is missing
2. no compton
3. no volume icon
4. no wicd-gtk

All by design?

I used ceni to connect to wireless without issue (well, ok, I screwed up the password on the first try  :-[)

Everything seems to be working as intended.

General Support / Re: Live-Config issues on Stock ISO
« on: January 13, 2018, 04:24:26 PM »
I just booted the live CD.

I had that message for ~20 seconds then it completed booting to the desktop.

Intel i3 chip and graphics.

General Support / Re: Live-Config issues on Stock ISO
« on: January 13, 2018, 01:48:53 AM »
Only item I found is a sloution for Kali Linux - which is also Debian based:

kali linux live usb stuck

graphics issue.

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: January 2018 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 13, 2018, 01:04:42 AM »
Welcome back -

Will check out the 64-bit; definite update of my rescue thumbdrive. May get to a metal install sometime next week:

openbox, no titlebars and some tiling via key bindings.

WM Designs and Discussions / Re: Fluxbox Styles
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:12:33 PM »

Code: [Select]
! fluxbox style - blue skimmer
! created by PackRat
! creation date - 01-08-2018
! This work is licensed under the Creative Commons
! Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

*.font: Rubik-10:Regular
toolbar.workspace.font:         Inconsolata LGC-10:Regular
toolbar.clock.font:             Inconsolata LGC-10:Regular
!toolbar.iconbar.focused.font:    Lato-10:Regular
!toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.font: Sans-9:Regular
!window.font:                    <font>
!window.label.focus.font:         Lato-10:Regular
!window.label.unfocus.font:       Lato-10:Regular
!menu.frame.font:                <font>
!menu.hilite.font:               nova round-10:Book
!menu.title.font:                <font>

toolbar: flat gradient vertical
toolbar.height:                 24
toolbar.bevelWidth:             1
toolbar.color:                  #E4E4E4
toolbar.colorTo:                #E4E4E4
toolbar.borderColor:            #242424
toolbar.borderWidth:            1
toolbar.shaped:                 false
!toolbar.pixmap:                 <filename>

toolbar.clock:                  flat gradient vertical
toolbar.clock.borderColor:      #242424
toolbar.clock.borderWidth:      0
toolbar.clock.justify:          Center
!toolbar.clock.pixmap:           <filename>
toolbar.clock.color:            #E4E4E4
toolbar.clock.colorTo:          #E4E4E4
toolbar.clock.textColor:        #191919

toolbar.systray: parentrelative
!toolbar.systray.color: #0D1114
!toolbar.systray.colorTo: #0D1114

toolbar.workspace:              flat gradient vertical
toolbar.workspace.color:        #E4E4E4
toolbar.workspace.colorTo:      #E4E4E4
toolbar.workspace.justify:      Center
toolbar.workspace.textColor:    #191919
toolbar.workspace.borderColor:  #242424
toolbar.workspace.borderWidth:  0
!toolbar.workspace.pixmap:       <filename>

toolbar.button: parentrelative
toolbar.button.PicColor: #404040
toolbar.button.scale: 0.5

toolbar.iconbar.empty:          flat gradient vertical
toolbar.iconbar.empty.color:    #E4E4E4
toolbar.iconbar.empty.colorTo:  #E4E4E4
toolbar.iconbar.borderColor:    #404040
toolbar.iconbar.borderWidth:    1
!toolbar.iconbar.empty.pixmap:   <filename>

toolbar.iconbar.focused:        flat gradient vertical
toolbar.iconbar.focused.color: #455A68
toolbar.iconbar.focused.colorTo: #455A68
toolbar.iconbar.focused.borderColor: #404040
toolbar.iconbar.focused.borderWidth:    0
toolbar.iconbar.focused.justify:        Center
toolbar.iconbar.focused.textColor: #FBFBFB
!toolbar.iconbar.focused.pixmap: yellow-black.png

toolbar.iconbar.unfocused:        flat gradient vertical
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.color:   #E4E4E4
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.colorTo: #E4E4E4
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.borderColor: #404040
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.borderWidth:  0
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.justify:      Center
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.textColor:  #191919
!toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.pixmap: <filename>

window.title.height:            20
window.justify:                 Center
window.bevelWidth:              1
window.borderColor:             #424242
window.borderWidth:             1
!window.roundCorners:            <{Top|Bottom}{Left|Right}>
!window.frame.focusColor:        <color>
!window.frame.unfocusColor:      <color>

window.title.focus:             flat gradient vertical
window.title.focus.color:       #E4E4E4
window.title.focus.colorTo:     #E4E4E4
!window.title.focus.pixmap:      <filename>
window.title.unfocus:           flat gradient vertical
window.title.unfocus.color:     #E4E4E4
window.title.unfocus.colorTo:   #E4E4E4
!window.title.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>

!            flat gradient vertical gradient horizontal
!  #E5E5E5

window.label.focus:             flat gradient horizontal
window.label.focus.color:       #455A68
window.label.focus.colorTo:     #455A68
window.label.focus.textColor:   #FBFBFB
!window.label.focus.pixmap:      <filename>

window.label.unfocus:           flat gradient vertical
window.label.unfocus.color:     #E4E4E4
window.label.unfocus.colorTo:   #E4E4E4
!window.label.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>
window.label.unfocus.textColor: #191919

window.button.focus:            flat gradient vertical
window.button.focus.color:      #E4E4E4
window.button.focus.colorTo:    #E4E4E4
window.button.focus.picColor:   #191919
!window.button.focus.pixmap:     <filename>
window.button.pressed: sunken bevel2
window.button.pressed.color:    #BFBFBF
window.button.pressed.colorTo:  #BFBFBF
!window.button.pressed.pixmap:   <filename>
window.button.unfocus:          flat gradient vertical
window.button.unfocus.color:    #E4E4E4
window.button.unfocus.colorTo:  #E4E4E4
window.button.unfocus.picColor: #191919

window.grip.focus:              flat
window.grip.focus.color:        #4E4E4E
window.grip.focus.colorTo:      #4E4E4E
!window.grip.focus.pixmap:       <filename>
window.grip.unfocus:            flat
window.grip.unfocus.color:      #E4E4E4
window.grip.unfocus.colorTo:    #E4E4E4
!window.grip.unfocus.pixmap:     <filename>
window.handle.focus:            flat gradient vertical
window.handle.focus.color:      #E4E4E4
window.handle.focus.colorTo:    #E4E4E4
!window.handle.focus.pixmap:     <filename>
window.handle.unfocus:          flat gradient vertical
window.handle.unfocus.color:    #E4E4E4
window.handle.unfocus.colorTo:  #E4E4E4
!window.handle.unfocus.pixmap:   <filename>
window.handleWidth:             2
!window.iconify.pixmap:          <filename>
!window.iconify.pressed.pixmap:  <filename>
!window.iconify.unfocus.pixmap:  <filename>

!! Window decoration pixmaps
!window.button.unfocus.pixmap:   <filename>
!window.close.pixmap:            close-prelight.xpm
!window.close.pressed.pixmap:    close-pressed.xpm
!window.close.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.maximize.pixmap:         maximize-prelight.xpm
!window.maximize.pressed.pixmap: <filename>
!window.maximize.unfocus.pixmap: <filename>
!window.iconify.pixmap:         maximize-prelight.xpm
!window.iconify.pressed.pixmap: maximize-pressed.xpm
!window.iconify.unfocus.pixmap: <filename>
!window.shade.pixmap:            maximize-prelight.xpm
!window.shade.pressed.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.shade.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.stick.pixmap:            maximize-prelight.xpm
!window.stick.pressed.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.stick.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.stuck.pixmap:            <filename>
!window.stuck.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.lhalf.pixmap:            <filename>
!window.lhalf.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>
!window.rhalf.pixmap:            <filename>
!window.rhalf.unfocus.pixmap:    <filename>

!menu.roundCorners:              <{Top|Bottom}{Left|Right}>
menu.itemHeight:                22
menu.bevelWidth:                0
menu.borderColor:               #191919
menu.borderWidth:               1
!menu.bullet:                    <{empty|square|triangle|diamond}>
menu.bullet: triangle
menu.bullet.position:           right
menu.frame:                     flat
menu.frame.color:               #E4E4E4
menu.frame.colorTo:             #E4E4E4
menu.frame.disableColor:        #3E3E3E
menu.frame.justify:             Left
!menu.frame.pixmap:              <filename>
menu.frame.textColor:           #191919
menu.hilite:                    flat
menu.hilite.color:              #455A68
menu.hilite.colorTo:            #455A68
menu.hilite.justify:            Left
!menu.hilite.pixmap:             <filename>
menu.hilite.textColor:          #FBFBFB

menu.title:                     flat
menu.title.color:               #2F424E
menu.title.colorTo:             #2F424E
!menu.title.pixmap:              <filename>
menu.title.textColor:           #FBFBFB
menu.title.justify:             Center
menu.titleHeight:               20

!menu.selected.pixmap:           <filename>
!menu.submenu.pixmap:            <filename>
!menu.unselected.pixmap:         <filename>

! usually do not change background and slit

! Every style must specify the background option. If you don’t want your
! style to change the user’s background, then use ‘background: none’.
! background: centered|aspect|tiled|fullscreen|random|solid|gradient <texture>|mod|none|unset
! background.pixmap: <file or directory>
! background.color: <color>
! background.colorTo: <color>
! background.modX: <integer>
! background.modY: <integer>
! background: none

slit: flat
slit.bevelWidth: 0
slit.borderColor: #000001
slit.borderWidth: 0
slit.color:         #000001
slit.colorTo:       #000001
!slit.pixmap: <filename>

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