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Artwork & Screenshots / Re: April 2017 Screenshot Thread
« on: April 11, 2017, 06:48:28 AM »
C'mon, nobody really thought I'd stick with the green...

Notice the temps? hehe, my old goto still hangin' in!

Based on a theme from a while back called DarkCold.  Tolerable for working through a migraine if need be!

I'm not aware of any problems with nixnut.  ???

Let me know...

 ???  Yes my 'garage' is definitely Kush.  My den, man-cave, secret hideout, etc.  It is especially Kush this weekend!  Totally unbelievable!!  ???


Log looks perfectly fine. No errors, and most importantly GRUB is corectly installed and updated ( btw, going by the log, there shouldn't be a need to update it manualy on first boot! ):

Installer doesn't support the swapfile at all, so unless we're looking at another "mkfs"-like wierdness, it couldn't have came from installer itself. :)

@filip, yes it went perfectly.  As you saw in the log, there was indeed no need of any grub finessing   With the 02Apr ISO it warned me about not choosing a swap file but that it was fine to proceed.  On the 04Apr ISO, this did not happen, and the line in fstab did not show up either. (mkfs? beats me) All in all, a pretty impressive result and jump forward for VSIDO...

My initial testing with the 02Apr ISO should probably be totally disregarded.  I did most of it in the garage.  Never a conducive work environment.  Turns out it's a lonely winter up here!  I really need some Spring...

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: April 2017 Screenshot Thread
« on: April 06, 2017, 07:40:26 AM »
Like it never even happened.  New install of VSIDO.  My new goto VSIDO...

Nice job...

Edit from the garage; A quick note to self, temps are much higher with this kernel...  ???

Oh yeah, IT BOOTS INSTANTLY!!!!   8)

So while VSIDO is my default goto OS,  ??? I'm now switching to the "Testing" version of VSIDO! bwahahahahahaha...  :D

I've Got a Life / Re: Fishing appears to be popular with this group
« on: April 06, 2017, 02:39:24 AM »
Still frozen in up here.  Snow everywhere, and the lake is still froze over.  MOF, I still have over 2 feet of snow in places in my own yard!   :'(

There is an extended forecast that says 57F next week!  A sauna!!!


Thanks for testing mate! :)

Please do post the installation log for me to take a look at. It's at "/var/log/installation.log".

Attached is the log file Filip.

To be clear; Using the 02Apr ISO was very "painfully" installed.  The attached log file is from the successful install tonight of the 04Apr ISO.  This time the install went A LOT smoother.  It DID create the new UEFI entry in the NVRAM/BIOS. (vsido_x64 is the name of the uefi entry)  This worked at the first shot tonight on the new install.  Last time not so much.  In short, the install went perfectly (exceptions already mentioned by VastOne, and totally expected) including installing grub-efi-amd64 or grub-efi correctly.  Yes I did setup drives with gparted BEFORE running the installer to avoid the mkfs error.  After reboot, the expected 90 sec delay occurred.  Again, easily fixed.  I noticed a difference this time with the installer when choosing not to specify a swap partition.  On reboot, the 'swapfile' line was NOT in fstab as it was last time on the 02Apr ISO.

you can probably axe the 'proc' line as well.  I simply deleted the swapfile line in fstab and it solved the 90 sec issue...

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: April 2017 Screenshot Thread
« on: April 05, 2017, 01:03:03 AM »
And now for your viewing pleasure, my "Green Machine"!

Too see how it all looks in green...

Does the efi partition need to be anything special other than fat16? Does it need to be sda or sda1? Does it need to be flagged as a boot device from gparted? I can go into the v-box settings of efi and switch around the boot order but the only thing that seems to consistently boot efi is the ISO and NOT the installed VSIDO with efi

Just wanted to be sure on the correct ISO to be testing.  It is the one I'm using as well.  A Ctrl-D after the 90 sec's does indeed get me to the login screen...

Yes the /boot/efi partition should be fat32 imo, however if fat16 works thats cool too.  It should also be noted that that partition will need the boot flags 'esp' and 'boot' selected.  Not sure if that'll fix the V-box issues though...

I updated grub after booting into the new install the second time and it was successful.  However on reboot there is no entry for it in the UEFI boot list.  My regular GoTo grub menu got me back here to the new install.  Will keep puzzling for a little while.  Been a while since I had any fun...

Successfully installed and now seeing the issues you reported clearly... I created the partitions in Gparted before the installation so I did not see the mkfs issue .. I will test that on net test install

Which ISO? the 02Apr one?  I did see the mkfs error.  Reran and did gparted first solved that.  Tried the install with /boot/efi mounted and not mounted.  Same result both times.  Did not work.  Install worked just didn't do the grub part...

Once I've rebooted into my VSIDO_GoTo and updated grub, then the new install boots from the VSIDO_GoTo grub menu.  Issues with the install.  I get the fstab problem of old where the sys hangs for a minute and a half which is an easy fix on this end. (I can see a new user getting a little frustrated about this)  Though this has probably been resolved here, still getting two speakers on the volume icon.  After the minute and a half hang, I had to Ctrl-D to continue.  It said that the login password was wrong?  ???

Just updated grub from this new install and a reboot will tell the tale...

I've Got a Life / Re: Fishing appears to be popular with this group
« on: April 03, 2017, 04:50:56 AM »
Spectacular pics PackRat!  I lived in the swamps of Mississippi for a few years.  Some creepy kayak and canoe rides I can tell stories of no one believes...

Unfortunately up here in the frozen tundra, the ice is still 2 to 3 feet thick in most places...  :'(

Edit: (39 seconds later) Heck, I still have at least 2 feet of snow blanketing my property.  ???
Edit 2: (maybe a minute later than the last edit)  ^$#(*46 4 feet still in places close up to the house...

VSIDO Discussions / Re: uefi Test ISO
« on: April 03, 2017, 04:43:54 AM »
Very nice!  Though I must say, I'm quite happy with my bloat loaded (yes all hdd's and ssd's and NVRAMM or whatever else you can store files on are huge now) version of  ;D VSIDO I'm running now!  Over 3200 packages installed on this one.  The .fsa's are getting rather larger...  (of my system)  Still boots in seconds, loads and runs multiple apps, including the latest games (yeah, thanks Steam) and never ever crashes!  8)
(ok, sorry, had to run out to the garage for a moment)
 ??? This ISO will get installed on partition 4.  I now currently have over 7 Tb's of storage/install space, just on my personal laptop.  :o

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: April 2017 Screenshot Thread
« on: April 02, 2017, 03:04:13 AM »
So a plethora of scrots here.  This is my goto VSIDO laptop.  It's had other partitions with other OS's, but has always been my VSIDO goto distro.  Full disclosure aamof, I have a Manjaro KDE Plasma install on it as well.  Kept up-to-date.  However in reality only the VSIDO partition is ever used.

In the next day or two, I'll have the latest ISO installed onto my Thinkpad T400.  Going to have a killer media center in my bedroom with my new flat screen 42 inch screen!  (open to sugestions here btw...)

Clean after completing the eset security stuff...  (eset is one of the actual purchases of software I make every two years.  It is imo the best at what it does, runs well cross-platform, etc...)

Having a good read...

And in a slightly different theme for the Calibre ebook viewer...

A little activity on the desktop...

The End

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