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VSIDO Discussions / Icedove 'de-branded'
« on: February 18, 2017, 11:59:57 PM »
So no more Icedove?  Mine went ahead and updated and migrated my Icedove settings.  (Once I had done an 'UP', the next restart of icedove resulted in the migration)  Sure enough, it says 'Thunderbird' in the window title...

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: February 20017 Screenshot Thread
« on: February 14, 2017, 12:38:19 AM »
Definitely got a wood stove!  A pic of it below

We also have an oil burning furnace.  The oil has been cheaper than wood this year.

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: February 20017 Screenshot Thread
« on: February 12, 2017, 07:31:14 AM »
@VastOne, very nice looking desktop there...

Yep it's terrible cold up here.  Never understood how the "realfeel" temp in the '()' can be warmer than the actual temp?  I was just in the garage and it is bitter.  Calling for another 10-12 inches by Monday night...   :'(

appx. 2 hours or so later...   :'(

I've Got a Life / Re: Current lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
« on: February 07, 2017, 07:53:33 PM »
Not my painting. That is a piece of "splatter art" by Beau Black.
Wow PackRat, I thought for sure that was a Jackson Pollock!  Color me educated...

I've Got a Life / Re: Current lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
« on: February 07, 2017, 04:28:40 AM »
Yes indeed, adapt or die so I adapted!   8)

 ??? Never got the Pollock thing...  ???  Something tells me that the learning process for it would be a drip, drip, drip affair...   ::)

The exact same recliner I was sitting in when the second HA happened.  (hmmm, wonder if that is saying something about my reclining abilities? I was not dead that I know of!  The second one got me the stent.)

I had been admitted on Sunday Feb 4th 2007 with what they thought was a heart attack. (it wasn't though it should have been as my Indianapolis Colts won the SB) My family doctor/primary care physician comes into the hospital room and just goes off on me.  He'd known me since I was 14.  Said it was all in my head, blah, blah, blah.  So, Aug 2011 rolls around, and I'm out in the garage when I started having some terrible chest pain.  Came in the house and suffered through about 6 hours of indescribable agony.  Decided I probably should go to hospital.  Got the car backed out of the driveway (yes, I am sometimes an idiot) and suddenly had the urge to regurgitate.  As soon as I did, I immediately felt better, drove the car back into the garage and came back in the house and went to bed.  That time, it wasn't all in my head.  2 years later, when the second HA happened, they told me about the first one.  I immediately knew exactly when it happened.  It totally destroyed my lower right coronary artery.  By the time of the second HA my heart had compensated for the loss of the artery by diverting the blood flow through different vessels in my heart.  Because it was "all in my head", I now can't walk through the house without panting. ( :D not to be mistaken by 'painting'!)  I'm extraordinarily lucky to be here according to the surgeon who put in the stent for the second HA.  He said that even if they had to do a 'bypass', they would not be able to repair that artery ever.

And yes, if your wondering, my first HA I never even went to the emergency room.  The second HA was caused by one of the arteries at the top left of my heart, which was repaired with a stent.  It was then that they discovered the large amount of damage to my heart that occurred when the first had happened.

Most memorable event of the second HA;  A giant of a man comes into the hospital room and informs me that he was there to shave me.  No, not my face!  Anyone wondering, humility serves well during the time of a HA!

C'est la vie...

I've Got a Life / Re: Current lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
« on: February 06, 2017, 09:03:49 PM »
Hey, I'm a 'twofer' as well!!!  :'(  First one in Aug of 2011, second one in June 2013.  (@PackRat, I also am "retired", since Mar 2005!)

 ??? Sitting in a recliner aint all it's knocked up to be!  Everyone you know is at work, so you end up alone most of the time!  Luckily for me, I treasure my own company.  ::)

Scripts / Re: vsido-exit (systemd based logout script for VSIDO)
« on: February 06, 2017, 08:49:44 PM »
This is a cleaned up version of V2 that hakerdefo created that has all the buttons and no icons and a cancel.. I also changed the title

Looks like this - Plain Jane Version - 34 Lines of code with 821 characters and all functional - A thing of beauty IMO thank you hakerdefo!

This is now the default for VSIDO

Very Nice VastOne!!!  Just added love the looks of it.  Small is nice!  Works as advertised.  Thanks to everyone who worked on this...

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: February 20017 Screenshot Thread
« on: February 04, 2017, 11:53:32 AM »
Thanks PackRat...

Cold days up here, and colder nights...

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: February 20017 Screenshot Thread
« on: February 02, 2017, 01:22:37 PM »
For Feb.  Here's to 6 more weeks of winter according to Punxsutawney Phil.  >:(  I'd like to put that miserable ground hog out of my misery...  :(

Now off to bed to sleep the winter away...   :'(

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: January 2017 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 30, 2017, 09:59:33 AM »
 :o When I came out of the garage, two whole days had passed.  ???

Artwork & Screenshots / Re: January 2017 Screenshot Thread
« on: January 29, 2017, 01:17:42 AM »
 8) If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times; I have no idea why everyone isn't using VSIDO!  Less than 10 minutes and my system is completely restored.  Nothing lost, nothing to change or install, no hair to pull out!  It just does what it is supposed to do.  Very grateful VastOne!  Thanks again...

Anybody notice in the Conky up top the memory usage?  With Chrome open with two tabs at that, plus the terminal, not to mention all the stuff running in the background...

Code Challenges / Re: Mount Chroot script request
« on: January 25, 2017, 08:24:30 PM »
^That was the reason xterm was used. Just a something different to remind you where you are.
BTW V4 is coming, may be on sunday. Some more safety measures and an option to automagically install-reinstall GRUB in either UEFI or BIOS mode. The script will (hopefully) select the appropriate mode automagically so user doesn't have to worry too much.

 ???  Are you God?  ???

That will be the most perfect script of all time! Your a mind reader if your not God.

VSIDO Discussions / Re: VSIDO Build 2017
« on: January 25, 2017, 06:39:50 PM »
Never used it.   ;D

How To's / How To: Recover that ext4 drive that Windows killed
« on: January 25, 2017, 06:17:36 PM »
So if you've ever had to attach an ext4 drive to windows and then install (on windows) a tool for it to read, or "GASP", write to that ext4 drive, good luck with the data on it next time you boot it in Linux.  Turns out that every time Windows boots it screws with the 'superblock' on the hdd.  Even though it doesn't recognize the ext2, ext3, or ext4 formats.  This totally confuses the 'you know what' out of Linux.  (everything Winders does confuses Linux)

Here's hopefully, a fix for that drive and getting your data back.  This is all done via terminal, and all the things you need are "OBVIOUSLY" already installed on VSIDO.

At any point in this process if it asks you if you want to repair something, which it undoubtedly will, you'll want to say yes.  I've done this procedure several times, and never regretted it.  Besides if you are following this 'howto' then something terrible has already happened to the drive right?  So good luck and no warranties with this.

So open terminal, and to determine partition/drive names type the following;

Code: [Select]
sudo fdisk -l
This will give you the names you need for next.  Still in the same terminal, you'll need to find out if it is the 'superblock' that is the issue so you need to do an 'fsck' on that drive.  Heres how:

Code: [Select]
sudo fsck.ext4 -v /dev/sda
That represents my hdd on my machine.  Yours may be and probably will be different.  Just be sure you have the correct /dev/xxx for your particular drive.  This will take a few minutes.  My 1TB internal storage drive takes less than 5 minutes to complete this start to finish.

If the 'superblock' is indeed the culprit you can restore a previous 'superblock' backup.  In the same terminal, type the following to find your 'superblock' backups and accomplish this:

Code: [Select]
sudo mke2fs -n /dev/sda
This command gives you a list of the backed up 'superblocks' on the bad drive.  Choose one from the beginning of the list is my general rule of thumb.  It may even recommend which to choose.  Safe to pick the choice it offers you, if indeed it does give you a choice.  To restore the backed up 'superblock' type the following in the terminal;

Remember, throughout this process you may have to decide whether you want to say (Y) to a repair question.  I've never regretted it.  Matter of fact, if you get tired of typing in (Y) for yes every time, you can also type (A) and it will do all the repairs without questioning you for each one.

(replace 'block-number-here' in the command below with the block number recommended to you by the program or a block number of your choosing from the list provided by the command above)

Code: [Select]
sudo e2fsck -b block-number-here /dev/sda
Reboot and enjoy your recovered drive.

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