VSIDO Debian II ISO’s updated 28-Sept-2013 10:10 CST

Both ISO’s were updated, built, installed, tested and uploaded today with no issues

  • Did a complete revamp of the 64 bit ISO removing mass amount of cruft and getting it down to 537 MiB.  Thanks to entropy for his dedicated scrubbing of the data and the push to get it done!
  • Installed, configured and made lxpanel the default panel. Again a thank you to ectropy for the push to a configurable panel setup. Tint2 is still there and available for anyone to use
  • Installed plait – Digit!
  • Installed vrms – Digit!
  • Added apt-xapian-index to VSIDO-Welcome – ectropy
  • Corrected Synaptic config settings – ectropy
  • Added Geany back – Forum feedback
  • Added Lxterminal – ectropy
  • Added Tea – ectropy
  • Removed Puddletag – ectropy
  • Added ncdu – ectropy
  • Changed fonts to smaller non Kindergarten sizes – ectropy
  • Corrected image sizes
  • Changed the download locations to https://sourceforge.net/projects/vsido/files/?source=navbar